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The Original Tradition (Womb Worship) is the true Home of the Mother, unlike the (Catholic) "Mother Church", which in reality is a Father Church. For us the Mother - the feminine principle - is the alpha and omega. The Mother is all-embracing, including the entire universe in a totally natural way. Contrary to Her the Father is ruling through bans, prohibitions, threats and (institutional) power. He doesn't appear to be the Ultimate Reality though. The Truth is not "God created out of nothingness", but Nothingness - the Womb - gave birth to God. Moreover, the Mother is taking care of the "Law of the universe", in which awakening (rebirth), interconnectedness (preservation) and destruction (of accumulation) are part of a dynamic balance.

The Mother is all-embracing, hence, our Worship is part of the Original Great Mother Tradition. She includes all (great) religions ("Sons"), therefore, our mission is to bring "unity in diversity". Integrating what has been excluded, rejected, destroyed and denied during many centuries of patriarchal oppression is one of our main tasks. Hence, special emphasis is laid on Self-realization and mystical experience, the suffering and the glory of women and "radical" philosophical speculations. Furthermore, guiding people on the Way and taking care of the Community is considered to be of utmost importance to our Worship. Last but not least celebrating life in all its aspects is where Mother Worship is all about.

The Mother is all-embracing, so is Mother Worship. The concrete commitment of the latter is becoming visible in Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. Members of the Reborn Order - our spiritual knights, men and women - are taking the lead here.

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