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Mother Worship considers Mary Magdalene as the foundress of Christian Church, and this for good reasons. As the "apostle of the apostles" Mary Magdalene was Jesus' most important initiate. She was the woman "who knew the All", while the apostles were ignorant: "The latter didn't understand him" (Jesus). Moreover, Jesus had not choosen Mary Magdalene as his spiritual disciple (sister), but the other way around. Mary represented the old Canaanite Mother Religion and had chosen Jesus as Son/Lover of the Mother. Hence, the jalousy of the apostles (Peter hated her). They repeatedly asked "why he (Jesus) loved her more than he loves us?" And: "he often kisses her on her mouth". In the Jewish society of those days "kissing" in public would have been impossible, unless Jesus and Mary Magdalene were Canaanites and not Jews. 

There is evidence that Mary Magdalene was an initiate of the old Mother(goddess) religion. It was she, who could have passed this wisdom to Jesus.* It is not impossible, that she was the driving force behind Jesus' mission. Mary Magdalene always proved to be present at crucial moments. Unlike the apostles (who had betrayed him several times) she was with Jesus, when he was hanging on the cross; she was the first who met him after his resurrection and it was she, who convinced the desperate apostles, that Jesus was still alive, while encouraging them to go out and start preaching. To have a representative of the old religion in their midst was intolerable to Paul and his followers though. Hence, Mary Magdalene to be declared the example of a "sinner", one who's life should be spent in repentence. She was accused of the "seven sins", which stoods for the seven stages of initiation of the goddess religion. The "fathers" even managed to punish her for her initimate relationship with their "Lord", since Mary Magdalene was identified with her past as a "whore"...

* This had been a tradition in the lineage of the House of David. Both the kings David and Solomon were "infected" with goddess worship

Mother Worship firmly believes, that Mary Magdalene was the first and only legitimate successor to Jesus Christ. She was his most important initiate (or viceversa!), the apostle of the apostle, the one who knew the All, mother of the Gnosis, representative of the old Mother Religion, who stood in intimate relationship with Jesus. Two of the three branches - the Church of Jacob in Jerusalem and the (Gnostic) group that had fled to the desert - acknowledged her as their spiritual teacher. However, Paul - representative of the third "hellenistic" branch - detested her, doing everything to eliminate Jesus' original message of love, in which women and femininity had played such a dominant role. They distorted Jesus' message - to become like him, that is to realize the Divine Nature within - in favor of a Church based on power, rules from "above", compulsion, suppression and violence.* The result is known to everybody. While patriarchy established itself, the real Church had to go underground. It was the beginning of persecution of the "Originals" and the institutional suppression of women, which lasted until this very day. The resurrection of Mother Worship, with Mary Magdalene as her foundress is a proof though, that Truth will always prevail.  

* In fact Paul (Enlightenment on his way to Damascus) and Mary Magdalene (The woman who knew the All) were the only ones who understood Jesus from within. Both were convinced of Jesus' Divine Nature. Paul was even referring to the Mother religion, when he made Jesus the "redeemer of all mankind". It was inherent to the role of the Mother gods: they sacrificed themselves for the sake of fertility of the earth. The crucial difference was the axiom of God (the eternal "only begotten Son") in whom everybody was forced to believe on the one hand, and the Enlightened Teacher, who was guiding others to discover their own Divine Nature on the other. Paul used Christ to establish an institute, based on power, making everybody helpless, while Mary Magdalena represented the Path of freedom, emancipation and realization. 


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   NB. No English translation of this unique book could be found.


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