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The Cosmic Mother

The context of Womb Worship is the time in which The Cosmic Mother was revered as the Ultimate Reality. She was the all-embracing Womb of the universe from which all life was born while continuously returning to Her. She represented the Law of the universe: the unity of destruction, rebirth and preservation. Not only the visible world, but also the Divine, the Light is born out of Her. Because It dies and is reborn in the selfsame Eternal Moment, the "result" is the Unchanging, the Absolute. Because Her true nature is Emptiness beyond Emptiness She cannot be attained nor realized, only revered or surrendered to. Taking refuge in the Mother as the all-embracing Void - containing God and the universe equally - is the ultimate spiritual/religious attitude. Complying with Her Law of destruction, preservation and rebirth is the foundation of morality.

The claim of monotheistic religion still remains intact: "there is only one God". What has become different though, that "he" doesn't appear to be the Ultimate. The Light, the Divine proves to be born out of the Cosmic Womb, the Great Mother. "God the Father" proves to be the Son...Because the Mother is Emptiness - the Vacuum - She is Absolute Nothingness, containing everything. She doesn't "exist as Being", hence, She isn't "competing with God" in whatsoever way. Both "exist" on different levels. Therefore, you may still be joining your existing belief, while simultaneously accepting the Mother.  Archaic knowledge, modern (vacuum) physics and ultimate spiritual wisdom are confirming each other here. Isn't that a miracle?  

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