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Womb Worship

Everyone who is "taking refuge in the Mother, Heaven and earth" may become member of Mother Worship. However, "membership" is not considered a formal obligation. Mother Worship consists of a free association of people, who share taking refuge in the Mother. The Mother is All-Embracing, hence She can be worshipped at any time, at any place and in all kinds of ways. Hence, Mother Worship cannot be compared to a church. It is rather a loose commitment, like in networking.

For instance, membership of "another religion" or congregation isn't considered an obstacle at all. All major religions are "Sons" of the Mother, after all. There is no competition. Rather, the Mother symbolizes Unity in diversity, reconciling various fractions. Members of Mother Worship call themselves "Originals", since they are taking refuge in the Origin, the Great Mother. To each other they are "brothers and sisters", which may be freely extended to everybody, since all people are "children of the Mother".

Nowadays there are some who claim to know the "Womb". Instead of having authentic insight into Her True Nature - the Mother of God and the universe - they typically in a New Age way use Her as an "archetype". The aim is to reduce Her to an image/concept so that you can instrumentalize Her according to your own petty aims. Instead of She healing them, they heal others with Her as a tool. Be alert!

Every local community tries to be self-sufficient. Only when the local community cannot manage its problems it may call for help to a "higher" level. This is usualy the "regional council". Various regional councils are united in the supreme council. Note: the organization is entirely built up according to the bottom-top principle. See also "Organization".

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