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Seven Cardinal Sins of Christianity

1. The establishing of the institution, its hierarchy, the consistent falsification of its past and its scriptures, its greed for power over individual souls and all crimes that have resulted from it. Rather than making itself the "centre of the universe", the Church should be a selfless facilitator guiding people on the Path to God, acknowledging the fact, that God has designed many ways to come to Him,

2. The denial of the Origin, the Great Mother, as the Source of all life, including the Divine ("God") and the universe. The Catholic Church is the only patriarchal institution though, which has in some way acknowledged the central position of the "Eternal Feminine". The problem is, it didn't go far enough. While the people forced the Church to adopt the name "Mother of God" for Mary (431 CE, Ephese); the current pope calling himself the "slave" of the Queen of Heaven, all this - including the Marian dogma's - only seem to distract from the real issue: the Great Mother as the Ultimate Reality, 

3. The denial of the Divine as omni-present, all-pervading and all-embracing, with as a consequence the secularization of existence. Moreover, the suppression of the Divinity within, resulting in the impossibility of returning to the Source, through which the ego had no other choice, but to blow itself up. It is the cause of ego-centeredness, materialism, expansion, secularization and vulgarization of the entire culture and the exploitation and destruction of others,

4. The denounciation of nature, the sacredness of the earth and vital life, having led to ruthless exploitation, the modern "waste land", the destruction of eco-systems, loss of bio-diversity, yes, the destruction of the entire earth,

5. The corruption of "God is Love" through denounciation of "carnal love", the cripling of the soul with regard to sexuality and eroticism. In particular the institutional suppression of women, undermining their selves, self-esteem, identity, integrity, position in society, feelings and emotions, the devaluation e.g. control of the feminine body, its sexuality and reproductive function, the criminal opposition to the use of condoms in general and in particular as a prevention of AIDS,

6. The exclusive claim of the eternal "one-born Son of God", making the entire humanity depending on "his redemption", blocking the awakening of every individual person, of the religion and of society. Through "his death" he has removed the necessity  for everybody else, yes, the entire culture to "die and to become reborn" e.g. to regenerate. Moreover, it is not that "Jesus is the Son of God", which causes the problem. It is the assumption, that he is the only one. The Reality is different. The Divine is pervading the entire existence, no one excluded. Therefore the Light is shining in everybody's heart. During all times many people have reached the State of Perfection, just like Christ had. Hence, the latter's self-understanding: "I teach you to become like me",

7. The cultivation of dualism, that is the separation of Light and Darkness, to mystify the struggle against evil ("devil"), rather than revealing the true causes of it (ignorance, alienation, self-addiction etc.), together with subsequent solutions (e.g. insight, conscious acceptance and trusting God), thus creating a permanent war both within and without, leading to inner dysfunctioning, aggression, fear, paranoia, schizofrenia, discrimination, fanaticism, crusades and wars*.

* In the Koran some 40 verses advocate hatred and violence. In the Bible it is some 1000......

The Church has taken power in its own hand. Since it has corrupted itself,
this power cannot save it. The only way is to repentfully pray for
a major interference of the Divine 


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