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Like in Buddhism, Mother Worship emphasizes the perpetual renewal of religion through an ongoing process of Self-realization and revelation.* She therefore doesn't dispute the idea of Jesus being the "Son of God", but only the dogma of the eternal "only begotten one". Instead, all men and women, yes, the entire existence is part of the Divine - everybody is a Child of God - nothing and nobody excluded. Hence, Mother Worship is welcoming the contributions of new prophets. For instance, many Christian mystics were enlightened, which should have given them the "same status" as their teacher Jesus Christ. In one of the Gnostic scriptures Jesus emphatically calls on his disciples to "become like him". In fact, enlightenment isn't that "special" as many of us think it is. Hence, in some traditions it is called "the natural state". The joke of course is, that the outcome of full Enlightenment is transparency - Nothingness - with subsequent "return to the marketplace". Nothing special, nothing holy.   

* See the unique account of God-experiences, mainly from the Christian Tradition - Ecstatic Confessions - collected by Martin Buber

Christ is constantly returning in each of us

The one who revived Mother Worship is Servant/Messenger ("Sermes"), in normal life a medical doctor, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. Totally unexpected and by the grace of the Ultimate, he received a transcendental Vision in 1974, followed by several Great Experiences, starting in 1977 among which the Lightning,  full Enlightenment, the Great Death (rebirth, "resurrection", Tib.delog) and the Great Transparency. During ten years he was wandering around in permanent bliss like "God's fool", after which he suffered the "Dark Night of the Soul", in which he had to integrate his small self into his New Identity. In recent years he "returned to the market place" leading a "normal life" again.

Rejoice, we have no choice

Servant/Messenger finally recognized his "true Origin" by re-evaluation of his "dark experiences". By taking them seriously he came to the conclusion, that the Light is not the Ultimate. Instead, both Light and Darkness originate from "something" beyond: the Vacuum. It is corresponding with the primordial Womb - the Great Mother - out of whom everything is born, while returning to Her in the selfsame Eternal Moment. Sermes (Servant/Messenger) - knowing his descent - is the "son" who "has come" to keep his promise of restoring the Reign of the Mother. His first deed was to establish Mother Worship/ The Original Great Mother Tradition, followed by Great Mother Buddhism.

Cosmic Mother-God-Self-ego-Self-God-Cosmic Mother

The miracle is this. After having completed Enlightenment with subsequent personal integration there is nothing left "to strive for" anymore. Everything is left behind. The outcome is a surprising one. If there is nothing to attain or to work on anymore, the only thing left is serving others. Hence, awakening and selflessness are two sides of the same coin. This means, that the core teaching of Christianity - love thy neighbor - is confirmed by the universal spiritual Path. It is the foundation for a radical renewal - the one from within - of the Christian faith. 

The Church is built on Paul, having created its own dogmas though; Paul was the messenger of Jesus, however bringing a message of his own; Jesus was the messenger of the Father; the Father had stolen his kingdom from the Mother though. Hence, the lineage has become utterly distorted. Through the Servant/Messenger on the other hand the direct link with the Origin - the Cosmic Mother - has been restored once again. 

Renewing the Christian faith from within

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