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The Global Crisis

Modern times are characterized by increasing polarisation. It is partly due to the structure of our personality, based on acceptance of certain parts ("me") and rejection of others ("not me"). The rejected parts are being projected into other people, thus creating the foundations of discrimination and conflict. Religions of the dualistic type (a.o. Vedanta, Zoroaster, Gnosis and Christianity) have subsequently provided a philosophical basis to this, in which they divide existence in Light and Darkness, God and the world, man and female, good and evil, us and them. Every religion identifies itself with the good, the light, with "truth" etc., while calling others "evil", "pagans", "non-believers", "heretics" etc. It is because of this exclusive attitude, that the world is getting more and more into trouble.

The clashes are not only between the traditional religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) though. Materialism has proven to be the most successful modern religion. Its message is unlimited self-interest at the expense of everybody else. In order to "expand their markets" extensive conversion activity to promote Western lifestyle is being made, destroying local beliefs, religions, cultures and social structures. The agressiveness with which this is taking place is unheard of. All tools of modern communication, political pressure, intimidation and force are brought into action to achieve the objective.

The consequence of all this is a modern form of dualism, that between rich and poor, and that between materialism and spirituality. Since the 11.9 events this process has only been accelerated. The identification with "good" against "evil" has divided humanity in two camps. Religion - the identification with a particular "truth", while excluding everything else - has to deeply transform itself in order to become part of the solution. The all-embracing Mother can take the lead here, reconciling and bringing parties together. Our Womb Worship has thus a special responsibility here.

Mother Worship believes in the cycle of life. Coming and going of civilizations is a part of it.* The label "progressive, modern etc." is a standard exclusively of lineair time consciousness. Which will prove to be illusionary. The current desintegration is a proof, that the climax of materialism is already behind us. The existing society will collaps - implode - and return to "earlier stages of evolution" (according to a materialistic point of view). Patriarchy is part of the problem though. So we don't expect the solutions coming from there. Returning to the wisdom of the Mother, is the only way to restore the Wholeness of life.

As the crisis is becoming more and more acute, the "Father" is not going to save you. Take
refuge in the Cosmic Mother and Her Law of the Universe, free yourself of self-addiction,
restore the unity with Heaven and earth, seek solidarity with other
people and step out of the system

* A number of outstanding scholars agrees with us. See: A.Toynbee "A Study of History", 1947 Oxford University Press

* J.Kovel "The Enemy of Nature": The End of Capitalism or the End of the World", 2002 Zed ooks


* Vision of a New Culture


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