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Through inner contemplation, Mother Worship has come to an interpretation of the life of Jesus, that is as closest as possible to the truth. Since there is no concrete evidence of the "historical Jesus", every attempt - even an inner approach as ours - is a reconstruction. Hence, we call it the "Jesus Myth". As a Myth Jesus proves to be a highlight in spirituality though. It embodies the alpha and the omega of religion. For two thousand years the Father Church has dominated the world through its myth of Jesus.* It was designed by Paul, with the aim of using it as a tool to establish a (dominating) world religion. With the result, that the "historical Jesus" and the Jesus of the Father Church became two totally different and competing myths. Since the "offical myth" has proved false, Mother Worship is doing every effort to come closer to the real Jesus.

* "This Christ myth has been very useful to us" (Pope Leo X, 16th century)...

We believe that Jesus was a gifted spiritual teacher, a healer and a social reformer. He may have been a member of the Essenes, a Jewish sect, that was known for its esoteric practices. In countless sayings ** Jesus proves to be a teacher, guiding people on the spiritual Path. One of his talents was to adjust his teaching to the level of those who listened to him. More than once he even openly distinguished between those "who had eyes to see" and who did not. In the first cases his teachings were very direct - "The Kingdom of Heaven is within and around you" - and right to the point, while in the second case he used to speak in parables. Looking at the depths of his sayings, Jesus certainly was an Enlightened One, indeed one of the great world teachers. This state of Being is characterized by the recognition of the Divine - the Light - as your innermost core.

** Especially in the apocryphe (gnostic) gospels, a.o. found at Nag Hammadi.   

What makes the Jesus Myth unique though, is the fact that he went beyond his Self-realization. Somehow, he must have sensed the limitations of his state of limitless Being. This was certainly due to the fact, that he lived in a time in which the old religion of the Mother(goddess) was still omni-present. Jesus himself was a very woman-friendly man, one who publicly as well as in private life defended the rights of women. Without doubt, he must have been (increasingly) sensitive for a feminine interpretation of reality. In the Mother religion the Light is not the Ultimate. From the very beginning the Gods were born out of Her Womb and had to return to it, according to the (Her) Law of the universe. This myth was deeply engraved in the culture. One example is that of Tammuz, who died, stayed in the grave for three days, after which he arose from death. The GodSon takes suffering upon him on behalf of the people, rejuvenizes life through his death and journey in the underworld and gains victory over the dark forces through his rebirth. The fact, that Jesus predicted his own death and resurrection, points at the possibility, that Jesus considered himself an adept of the Great Mother.

Current speculations point at the fact, that Jesus might not have died on the cross. Some even claim, that the whole thing has been put on. They say, that his death and resurrection was only "symbolically". This doesn't contradict our point of view. Other than the Father Church, for whom the physical death of Jesus is essential, because of its dogma of "Jesus having saved mankind through his death on the cross", Mother Worship emphasizes the fact, that Jesus - physically or symbolically - acknowledged "death and rebirth" as being the ultimate Law of the universe. This way of looking at Jesus sheds a totally different light on the beginning of Christianity. Jesus embodies the spiritual Path in its utmost consequence, in which he emphasizes the original cosmogony, in which the "Light is born out of Darkness". His whole effort had been to reconcile the old Mother religion with the patriarchal Logos! This makes him a "conservative revolutionary", indeed both the heir of the old as well the beginning of the new.

The irony is this. Because of the myth of the Father Church, the entire Western civilization has been deprived of the possibility of "death and rebirth". Jesus has been doing this "for us", after all. The result is an ego, that has been cut off of the possibility of reuniting with the Self ("die"), in order to regenerate itself. Hence, there was no other way, but blowing itself up. The way back Home - pursuing Self-realization - was being blocked, therefore, the entire culture had no choice, but going after material goals. The myth of Mother Worship, however, contains an explosive actuality. To us Jesus is the representative of the Great Mother, emphasizing the need for everyone to comply with the Law of the universe. Isn't the accumulation on all levels of existence: spiritually, psychologically, socially and materially the disease of modern times? Again Jesus proves the be the savoir here, however, this time not by "dying for us", but teaching each of us the necessity of dying, in order to become reborn. Isn't that a miracle?


* Margret E.Arminger "Die verrätene Päpstin", 1997 Paul List Verlag (German).


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