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Mother Worship has adopted a working model in order to offer a framework to those who are on the path of personal growth and realization. It is based on the transcendental Vision received by the Servant/Messenger in 1994. His Vision consisted of three parts: awakening, personal integration and selflessness.

The awakening was symbolized by St.John's Wort, personal integration by the Jewish/Canaanite Menorha ("Tree of Life") and selflessness by the Holy Grail, from which a limitless stream of blood was pouring out. These three parts appeared to be a unity. It means a.o. that there is no awakening without personal integration and no personal integration without selflessness.

It is important to realize, that the entire process is "running into" selflessness, compassion, love and surrender. This is depending on the "stage of development" you are in though. In the first stage you have to build up your self-esteem, identity, talents and a position in society. Once these qualities are sufficiently established, the second part will become priority: selfless service to the Great Mother and the universe. This is usually "forgotten" nowadays. People become addicted to a never ending process of "personal growth", which sooner or later will be turning against themselves though.

Another trap is to consider "awakening" as a "process" that is taking place in your mind. Especially Christians seem to suffer from the old taboo, through which it was forbidden to realize their innermost Being, their Divinity within. So instead of Self-realization - finding your True Identity - they endlessly keep moving in circles, avoiding the hot issue, always remaining in the realm of the mind, identifying rather than liberating, searching but never finding, starting but never arriving. Mother Worship is taking you by your hand though, and will guide you to the paradise You have been from Eternity.

"The Light is within you"

"He (Jesus) became human in order for us to become Divine"

"Compared to the Light all human achievements are insignificant"

                                                     Acc.to Thomas of Aquino

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