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According to Mother Worship, evil can be defined as "alienation from Heaven" (Self, God) and "isolation from the body and nature", also described as "being thrown upon oneself". It is equal to self-addiction, the state, in which you are dominated by the mind - thoughts, emotions and desires - without being aware of it. More in particular three capital "sins" - ignorance, self-centeredness and greed - can be distinguished. They are considered violations of the Law of the universe. Ignorance is the counterpart of awakening, the birth of the new, beauty, lust for life and joy. Self-centeredness is an offense against interconnectedness, commitment, love, mutuality and solidarity, which is the second part of the Law, while greed is blocking the necessity of continuously dying to the old, thus being the cause of accumulation, exploitation and injustice.

To be cut off from existence is the cause of suffering, which in turn may become the lever to conversion and reform. It may help you making the leap from self-centeredness to becoming part of the Whole again. This kind of existential suffering has a positive connotation and should not be denied, suppressed or otherwise being "treated". One should simply become aware of it, hold out, accept and understand it, feeling it in such a way, that the longing for Wholeness is becoming stronger. Until it reaches a critical point, in which there is nothing left, but to surrender to your innermost Being. It is our experience, that especially the inner motive/longing - more than study, dialogue, meditation etc. - is decisive, while on the inner Path.

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