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Since the Mother is all-embracing and all religions are Her Sons, missionary activity is never at the expense of others. On the contrary, the Mother is bringing all religions together. She never tries to interfere with existing beliefs, practises or even dogma's. For instance, the main pillar of Islamic belief: "There is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet" is being fully underlined. The Mother isn't a God, thus She is neither competitor nor threat to monotheistic religion. Every member of Mother Worship/The Original Great Mother Tradition may belong to another religion as well. The Mother brings in an extra quality through which existing beliefs become more transparant. Those wo have suffered from religious or other forms of intolerance - such as indigenous peoples - can count on selfless assistence - if asked - by members of our Worship. Helping to restore local beliefs, empowering local communities and re-integrating local cultures is one of our tasks. The Reborn Order may take the lead here. Its duty includes Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. Members may become members of the Reborn Order as well.

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