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This gorgeous site - called in Maya "Zama" or "dawn" - is dominated by carvings of the "Descending God". Most scholars assume that this God is symbolizing dawn, since the front side of the temples are facing the east.

It is easy to be tempted to....the assumption that there is more behind it. Some carvings show the God having something in his hands. That could mean that he is descending from Heaven in order to bring something to mankind. This would make him a Savior God....

Left: the Temple of the Descending God

El Castillo: the Main Temple

It is equally tempting to further connecting him to the 2012 Maya Calendar prophesies. There the Old God dies, while a New is being born. The New One subsequently descending to the Earthly Plane??? tulum-9.jpg (11167 bytes)

In the niche: once again a Descending God

A close-up

Again: the Temple of the Descending God

A God or a clown?


Such clear blue water I had never seen before

Temple of the frescoes

Image of Chac Mool, the Rain God

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