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The Hermitage



How it looked like

More than 30 years I am "after" the Cosmic Mother. I visited many of Her places, e.g. in Phrygia and Her headquarters in Pessinus (both in Turkey, see "Anatolia"). Only very recently (2013) after having lived here for some 5 years I discovered that She was right "under us". Excavated from the Roman Castellum "Fectio" (now "Vechten"). What a surprise, what a wonderful feeling. Indeed, a special blessing!  

MotherGoddes ("Magna Mater") Kybele from Fectio, sitting on Her throne, with Her left hand on the head of a lion.
(Centraal Museum, Utrecht)

A lime watch tower from Fectio

Some potteries (oil lamps)

Some potteries

Current hamlet "Vechten"

Also from Fectio: Altar for the Celtic Goddess Viradecdis: "the One who honors Truth" (situated directly behind our hermitage.....)

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