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The Land of Death and Rebirth
Chichen Itza, the Site of Cosmic Renewal


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Cenote: Chichen Itza's Sacred
Entrance to the Underworld

Chac Mool in Merida's antropological museum

Main pyramid: a largely Toltec creation

And there it appeared: the Kukulkan (Toltec: Quentzalcoatl) pyramid of Chichen Itza, World Heritage Monument. Immediately I was filled with awe. The pyramid embodies the Maya World as such, the culmination of the excellence of an entire culture. However, several "Chichen Itza's" exist, depending on the interpretation of the ones who studied it. The most exciting is an outsider's view: Chichen Itza as center of Cosmic Mother worship.....

First of all John Major Jenkins has to be mentioned. He revolutionarized the entire concept of Chichen Itza. According to him it was the center of the 2012 Maya Calendar prophesy. His approach deserves it to be accepted by the world of science. I at least will support it wherever I can. The core of the teaching is the galactic alignment, in which the sun (God) will appear "exactly" above the Mouth of Xibalba (Cosmic Womb) in the Milky Way. This phenomenon was prophesized thousands of years ago

Face of Kukulkan on top of the pyramid: the Toltec Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Snake/Dragon)

Venus Temple with the Snakes as guardians

It means that the Cosmic Mother is the Dark Abyss in which the Old God (world) will die in order for the New to be born. It reflects Reality As-It-Is. Everything, without exception, is continuously dying and being (re)born. Life is cyclic e.g. reflects a Cosmic Spiral. That's why Her Son is a Serpent (originally a Dragon). So, Chichen Itza is the Death and Rebirth cult site per excellence. It is reflected by its name: "Sacred Well". The latter being the "cenote", the Mouth to the Underworld, in its deep water the mystery of rebirth taking place

Suddenly, I realized that if it is true that Chichen Itza is a cult place for Mother Worship, then there should be other visible clues. And yes, they were there. It is called the Venus temple....What immediately struck me were the feminine looking carvings on all sides. Some say this is Tlaloc the Teotihuacan Rain God. First of all it proves that Teatihuacan culture had penetrated Chichen Itza. Secondly, Tlaloc is the Son of the (Teotihuacan) Great Mother. He is Her dynamic aspect. This is excactly what the carvings try to suggest

Cosmic Mother and Son (Tlaloc)

Cosmic Mother and Son (Tlaloc)

Mother's Web of Life

One more striking thing. The Maya parallel to Tlaloc is the Rain God Chac Mool. In Chichen Itza he can be seen in the Temple of the Warriors. His typical pose: leaning behind with a Vessel between his legs. The Rain God represents abundance. The Vessel is the Womb of the Mother from where this abundance originates*. (Oppositely, the Vessel served as container for sacrifices). Not surprisingly thus, that the Chac Mool originally did not belong to the Temple of the Warriors but the Venus Temple!
There seem to be some twenty Chac Mool images on the Chichen Itza site.....

* It makes Chac Mool the "Mayan Parcival!"

Cosmic Mother and Son (Tlaloc)

Cosmic Mother and Son (Tlaloc)

Venus Star

On my way to another highlight - the Ball Court - I passed a structure with countless skulls. Later I read in a Chichen Itza booklet, that these skulls were only symbolic, obviously there had been no ritual killings in Chichen Itza! Is this an attempt to "pacify" the past, just because "death" is impopular nowadays? Ritual death reflected Cosmic "Death and Rebirth". It was a ritual in which the victims (usually) felt like choosen ones, on their way to being born again. Cruel? Certainly, but such was the conviction of the people in those days
In the Ball Court this Cosmic Drama of "Death and Rebirth" was ritualized. A rubber ball had to be thrown through a ring on the wall. Loosers were beheaded and thus enjoyed the entry into the Underworld where they would be transformed into new (celestial) Beings

Jaguar Temple with Ball Court

Ball Court

Ball Court

In order to feel the full potential of "Death and Rebirth" I took position in the center of the Ball Court enjoying a short moment of silence and meditation

Ball Court ring

Image of a beheaded man

Temple of the Warriors

Cosmic Mother/Tlaloc

The Temple of the Warriors: an exclusive male domain? Not so. While high on the walls the Rain God Chac Mool is flaunting, in the steles around the compound I (again) found carvings which indicated a clear Tlaloc/Mother presence. It is indicative for Maya culture in general. While the Son places himself in the forefront, he cannot erase his Origin, the Cosmic Mother. Those who have eyes see it. (most don't). 

Cosmic Mother/Tlaloc

Chac Mool on the wall

Chac Mool masks

The Rain God Chac Mool with the Cosmic Vessel

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