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Land of Death and Rebirth
Ek-Balam, the Site of the Cosmic (Jaguar) Mother
(Valladolid, Yucatan)


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Green Man in Mexico

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At the entry

When I entered the compound seeing the first ruins in front of me, I couldn't help but crying. It was a recognition of something deep within coming to me through an outer world, one that I only had known from stories. Now, I all saw it in front of me. Still, I hadn't any idea about the uniqueness of Ek Balam. The choice was entirely situational. Ek Balam was the closest ruin near the place where I first stayed after my arrival in Yucatan: Valladolid

A kind of "ziggurat" on the right side

The ball court with the main temple behind it

Staircase with roofs, below those over
the two hieroglyphs

It was a moving moment to be at the foot of these magnificent staircase, (apparently one of the highest in Yucatan). Before I started climbing it, I saw two hieroglyphs, one on the left and one of the right side. "Some image" it was said. For which science has a blind eye? Immediately, my excitement was boiling over. The first temple and immediately meeting something essential? Could these images symbolize the Cosmic Womb?

Cosmic Womb?

 Then, climbing the staircase halfway I entered the third thatched space, this time a monumental door with excuberant carvings around it. I had never seen this before. No book had given any explanation whatsoever. Some say it is the Entry to the Underworld symbolized by the Mouth of a Serpent. Especially, the figures on top are still a mystery. Called "Maya Angels" by some. I shared my amazement with an American couple. Totally spontaneous I started telling them my vision on the scene in front of us. Within seconds insight after insight came to the surface of my Mind. And I knew I was right.

Cosmic Womb?

Clearly, this was the Maya Cosmic Womb, symbolized by the Mouth of a Jaguar (not by a Serpent). ("Balam" means "Jaguar"). The three planes of existence: the Underworld, the Earthly World and the Heavenly World all come out of it, while continuously returning to Her. It starts with the skulls under the lower jaw. These are the dead going back to their Origin.
Left: a close-up of a skull, on the right side a future "victim" of the Mother....
Leaving the Plane of the Underworld and halfway the big door on both sides of it, two huge masks appear. They are the faces of very alive and powerful GodKings. Clearly, two figures belonging to the Earthly Plane, occupying important functions. One such a God is Tlaloc or its Mayan counterpart Chac Mool, the Rain God. It is the God of abundance, distributing Mother's! gifts among the people. He is in accordance with the Vegetation Gods of ancient Sumeria, later called "Green Men". I exploded with joy, because with them the circle has been closed. "Green Men" are universal, having "migrated" from the Old to the New World.....
The upper jaw is carrying heavenly creatures, like the ones above, under, on the left and right side. They belong to the Heavenly Realm. Some of these are giving birth to men, symbolizing the rebirth power of the Heavens. Although pictured as men - likely shamans - they could have been Goddesses of pre-patriarchal times. The belt these figures have is clearly a birth belt, something women used to have around their waist to support the birth process. The last figure siting on its (her) side (under/left) very much reminds of a South-East Asian Apsara, a heavenly female being, "higher than Buddha's" 


The Cosmic Mother as the Origin of the Three Planes of Existence, isn't that absolutely flabberghasting? It means, that Ek Balam (as one of countless other sites) connects the most ancient insight of humanity with the Leap in Evolution, about to happen in very short time. This shortcut causes many sparks to jump over, enlightening our consciousness. It supports the Maya Calendar 2012 predictions

Overview over the site

My American friends

Ziggurat behind me

After this conclusion I happily continued my tour on the site. While stepping down the staircase I saw my American friends sitting in the shadow. I saw the "ziggurat"* from the other side, a striking similarity, indeed! Including the arch gate at the entrance/exit. With greatest gratefulness I looked back to the main temple, for sure a great treasure

* A ziggurat is a ancient Sumerian temple, in the shape of a "tower of Babylon"



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