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balamkanche-7.jpg (12301 bytes) I had never been in a cave like the one in Balamkanché. You enter it and then follow a path into the deep Underworld. While walking I imagined Maya's occupying the sidelines, in all seriousness folowing the funeral ceremony. It was hot in the cave. After 20 minutes or so, I suddenly reached the sanctuary: a hill with in its center a huge "World Tree" (formed by stalagnites) surrounded by urns, decorated with intrigueing faces.

I assure you. I am not a person who tries to put reality into super-imposed fixed ideas. But once again, this couldn't be a coincidence. The faces on the pottery were clearly Tlaloc images.....Actually, it doesn't come as a surprise. Isn't the Cave the ultimate symbol of the Underworld, the Center of the Universe, Mother's Womb? I felt so grateful to be at one of the holiest places of the Maya, where they performed their greatest mystery: Mother Worship, to accompany the members of their tribe back to their Origin  


Gratitude for some of the pictures to an unknown Japanese tourist

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