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It took nine hours by bus from Merida to Palenque. Very comfortable buses by the way. Near Palenque the landscape changes: from flatland into a hilly countryside, full of lush green jungle vegetation. Upon entering the site, I immediately saw the first gem on my right side: the Temple of the Inscriptions together with Tomb of the Red Queen

   For my research Palenque is the site where the hidden spirituality of the Cosmic Mother is manifesting itself in  social life.First of all Palenque was once ruled by Lady Yohl Ik'mal for 20 years, a fact that at least gives some doubt about male supremacy.


After that Pakal, God/King of Palenque came to power. He was granted sovereignty by his mother Zak-Kuk, something that resulted from early death of his father. So, nothing special one would say. However, to legitimate his rule Pakal called Zak-Kuk the Divine Mother, the one Who gave birth to the "Three Gods". If calling her "Mother of the Gods" is promoting his status, then, logically, it implies that women occupied a very important position in society 

Zak-Kuk, mother of Pakal, passing power to her son

Pakal, the "Green Man"

The Red Queen, wife of Pakal

It makes Pakal himself a God, Son of the Divine Mother.....This corresponds exactly with the universal "archetype" of the Son/Lover of the Cosmic Mother, something that originated in Sumeria and includes an entire tradition of "Green Men", from Osiris, Tammuz, Baal to Attis, Dionysos, Christ to Parcival....Add to it the status of his wife - the Red Queen - red being the color of royal power (like in China!), then one cannot avoid the impression that women influence was decisive in Palenque. It may be the reason for Pakal's 60 years long, succesful and beneficial rule. Not surprisingly thus, that his death is explicitly portrayed as going back to the Underworld through the Mouth of the Cosmic Womb

Pakal sarcophage

Pakal's descent into the Underworld

This image shows Pakal during his descent into the Underworld. The latter symbolized by the World Tree and the Monster's Mouth at his feet. It is very similar to the Tablet of the Cross, as drawn by early researchers like Armendariz and Castaneda. Two royal persons (K'inich Kan Balam and son) are offering with in their center the Xibalba (Cross), the Maya symbol for the Cosmic Womb in the Milky Way. On top a supernatural bird representing heavenly rebirth.

Temple of the Sun

Front of the Temple of the Sun

The Palace

Ball Court

Hills, jungle and roaring monkey's

I meditated under the sacred Ceiba tree

Lush vegetation on the road to and from the site

Including these beautiful tropical flowers

The Northern Group of temples, including a carving of the God Tlaloc

Again, through findings of the God Tlaloc it is proved that the original Mother-oriented culture of Teotihuacan also had penetrated Palenque. Pakal thus could refer to the tradition, when he emphasized the Divine Mother. Her Sons - the Three Gods - may have symbolized the three planes of existence: the Underworld, the Earth and the Heavens

Cascades in the bush

Many hidden ruins in the jungle

At last a surprise. While pondering about my discoveries e.g. theses about Pakal and "his" women, I climbed the Temple of the Foliate Cross. Behind the fence was a very vage image of.....once again Mother/Tlaloc (last picture). Eureka! Not surprisingly thus, that I left Palenque with a feeling of great joy, gratitude and satisfaction. Mission accomplished!.  

Cosmic Mother/Tlaloc

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