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Our International Centre
is unique

* Rotating: every three months a new setting (Europe, the Americas, Asia)

* In order to give (Western) participants the opportunity to experience themselves as part of   nature, locations in beautiful unspoilt areas are preferred

* The theory and practice of the Curriculum is based on Teaching, Healing and Training. Facilities are simple, the use of the internet on the other hand indispensable

* We try to combine this with areas where people are most in need, threatened by ecological disaster, (caused by Western greed)

* We want to give them something back i.e. free participation for locals to our (health) program, to help them empower themselves in the face of future problems

* Or our Trainee's helping them build an ecological project in their village

* Currently we are looking for suitable places. Who helps?

Already in 1981....
the famous Fasting-Meditation
Peace Walks

Earth Report 2007
Wake-Up Call

Every second.....a piece of forest of the size of a football stadion is disappearing*.... In the coming decades lowlands like Florida, London, Hamburg, Bangla Desh, the Netherlands and many more regions will be flooded.....the main agricultural area of Australia of the size of France and Spain together has already been totally dried out.....40-60% of all animals and plants are about to become Africa alone there are currently 60 million environmental refugees.....even in Europe one fifth of the population suffers from a shortage of water.....

* At the same time you are enjoying your football match a total of 90x60 football stadions of forest has disappeared from this earth.....

The Report concludes that there is a window of opportunity for avoiding the most damaging climate change impacts, but that the time frame is less than a decade to change course and to take actions that will have a profound bearing on the future course of human development.

It is urgent
Turn On Now!  

The cause? The spiral of ongoing overproduction and overconsumption ("To have is the inability to Be"). We have to stop exploiting the earth in order to replace it by a life of balance on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, socially, economically.....It is urgent.....Therefore, in these most critical of times, Green Man will be travelling the world, settling down for some days/weeks/months at various places, creating a sanctuary for all those who want to consult him. Together we will find solutions to the crisis we are in....

Spread the Message
Please, send this website ( to your neighbors, friends and colleagues, with the request to pass it through to their friends etc.... moreover, to your local news paper, radio and/or TV your
local spiritual, religious, community and political leaders....


It would be a great honour to the Green Man to be the guest speaker at your (annual) meetings, assemblies, conferences, forums, synods, seminars, events, sessions and councils








A Three (Six) Month's Training of Spiritual Leaders -
Green Men & Wise Women - for a New World

"Together, building a New Civilization is the
greatest challenge, possible"

(Based on Ashram system)
Inspiring, renewing, enlightening, empowering,
connecting, confronting, humerous.....

Our Eco-Spiritual Initiative

Kicking the habit
Everybody is addicted to the ego. It is the core of today's global crisis and therefore of great concern. Hence, the first step is to acknowledge this fact. Followed by some days of a "kicking the habit" e.g. detox program. Those who successfully completed it are invited to join our:
"Stress, Burn-out & Regeneration"

Daily "monastic" schedule
Healing Communities
Theory and practice based on three pillars:1. Back to the Origin, 2. a "monastic" daily schedule and 3. serving others. Every candidate spends an additional three months in a Healing Community.
See: "Sovereign Living", "The First Steps" (overview) and "Healing Communities"

The Original Tradition
In these most critical of times * In which everything is in decay * we go back to the Origin in order to Become Renewed * Once our True Self is born we will be Part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again! Development of a New Ethics e.g. Values based on holistic principles.
See: "MatriTalks", "Cosmic Mother Healing",
"Existential Consciousness"

Study of the Tradition of the Universal Cosmic Mother e.g. Essence and Evolution of "Green Man" and "Wise Woman" in various religions and cultures. Guidelines e.g. The Parzival myth and the Maitreya Mind Training.
See: "Restoring the Wholeness of Life", "The Original Tradition", "Twelve Religions", "Great Mother Buddhism"

Retreat Intensive

Based on the Universal Way e.g. 1. Awaken!, (mindfulness training) 2. Personal integration (a.o. through emotional self-integration) 3. Being rooted in Heaven and earth (Heaven and Earth Exercises, tiendi qigong, sanctifying nature) 4. Breakthrough of the Light (Ma-Zen) 5. Purification/Catharsis (Chinese Guasha therapy) 6. Taking refuge in the Ultimate (contemplation and mantra) and 7. Service (to the community)
See: "The Universal Way"

Great Night Initiation
"Final" taking refuge in the Cosmic/Dark Urground. Solitary stay in a Dark Room. Confrontation with the Ego and unprocessed emotional contents. Inner transformation through "Death" and "Rebirth". Birth of the Inner Light or True Self.
See: "The Great Night"

Cosmic Spirituality and Science

Science and spirituality are interwoven. Study of Cosmology (physics) therefore is an integral part of your curriculum.
See: "The Supreme Design", "Universal Teaching"

Spiritual Advisor/Guide. Teacher of the Original Tradition.
Trainer of the Universal Way. Initiator of
Healing Communities

A New Health Care for Everyone

A New Health Care
As model for the near future, consisting of three echelons: selfhelp, holistic and technological medicine

The Principles of Natural/Evolutionary Medicine
"Flow System Therapy"
A breakthrough in holistic-medical thinking and practice, in which basic metabolism (health as the dynamic balance between input, processing and output of nutrients) plays a central role

Mother Healing
To give up the ego is the most crucial step in healing yourself, each other and the planet. Including the "Mother for Mothers" Project
See: "Mother Healing", "Mother for Mothers"

Personal Health Plan
Self-help health program, consisting of 10 steps during 6 weeks. An indispensable experience on the road to optimal health.

Pain Therapist
Spiritual, emotional & physical through training in the unique Chinese Guasha therapy ("Stone Age Therapy for Modern (Wo)Man") 

Head of the Department
Master MeiMei Yu, MA, teacher & therapist
from Beijing, China

See: &

Advisor New Health Care. Holistic Health consultant. Chinese
Guasha Therapist, Leader "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine".
Emphasis: "To help people helping themselves"

Once you commit yourself to the Whole, the Whole
will commit itself to you

Self Study Culture Renewal
Recommended are the 10 Steps of our "Healing the Planet" initiative: The New Cosmology, The New Tradition, The New Integration, The New Economy, The New Health Care, The New Society, The New Woman/Man, The New Education and The New Earth
E-learning, see: "Healing the Planet"

Initiator/facilitator of social change
in the community, focussing on peace, justice and sustainability

In which all previous learning is integrated

Evaluation of the Training through spending at least one month participating in organic agriculture, with sustainable energy projects, nature conservation i.e. sacred landscape initiatives, helping people survive in environmental disaster area's, etc.
See:"Healing the Planet" & "Sacred Heritage"

Supported by e.g.

Mother Quest in the Wilderness
Restoring unity with Cosmic Mother, the Light, the earth, yourself and the world. F.i. Body-aware walking. Fasting. Sanctifying nature (Heaven & Earth Exercises/Tiendi Qigong). To develop compassion
In the summer in the mountains; in winter in tropical rainforest; sometimes in the desert..... (

Sanctifying Nature
Inner balancing through "Heaven & Earth Exercises" (Tiendi Qigong), the only Qigong that achieves Oneness with nature, through wu-wei (effort through no-effort)

Depending on your experience

Founding Principle
"(Wo)Man Rooted in Heaven, Earth and the
(new) Community"
In Bali called "Tri Hita Karana"



Candidates may apply by letter
Contact us

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to study under the guidance of
a fully Enlightened One

Based upon direct transmission between
Master and pupil
(Ashram System)

In which your own Realisation is central

Supported by a "monastic daily schedule"
(The Universal Way)

Open to highly motivated students i.e.
those who want to commit themselves

Training in Spiritual Service, Health Service,
Community Service and Earth Service

Becoming affiliated to the Great Tradition of
Green Men & a Wise Women

Helping people on the Road Within and
the Road Without

Working with others to Save the Planet

See: Previous page "How to become a Green Man or a Wise Woman"

Han Marie Stiekema, physician 1972 University of Groningen, NL. Specialization in German Holistic (natural) Medicine (Ganzheitsmedizin). Pioneer in Holland. Internationally renowned clinical center (1972-1978) very succesfully treating major chronic disease. Additional emphasis on fasting therapy, inner body cleansing, regeneration, health, lifestyle and prevention. Organic garden. Later psychotherapy and spirituality, as well. Introduced action for peace through fasting-meditation peace-walks (1981-1984). Founded the Living Zen School (1981). Numerous articles, radio and TV performances. Co-editor health magazine. Teaching Christian mysticism (Hadewych, Eckhart, Suso, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila a.o.). Teaching fasting and meditation to Trappist monks. Worldwide lecturing a.o. Europe, USA, Caribbean, Dubai, China. Stayed one year in Japan (teaching Zen-meditation to Japanese), one year in HongKong (1990). Director of School for Natural Medicine (1992).Founded Earth Care, an eco-spiritual initiative. Initiated and
developed Spa Centre in 5 star hotel on Madeira, Portugal. Worked half a year in ahospital for the poor in Curitiba, Brazil (1998), besides a hypertension project, in collaboration with WHO Healthy Cities, together with his Chinese wife MeiMei, a talented MA regional development/ epidemiologist. Author of (spiritual) poetry ("Omni-verses"). Re-openened health clinic, his wife taking care of teaching/treatments Traditional Chinese Medicine (specialized in Chinese guasha therapy, nutrition) (1998). Wrote handbook holistic health - Flow System Therapy - a breakthrough in medical theory and practice (1999). Again, focus on spirituality, ecology and culture renewal. Published some 12 books - a.o. on spirituality, ethics, philosophy, anthropology, health, cosmology, sociology - and numerous articles on various topics for free in the internet (The Great Learning) (2000). Initiator PilgrimCare along the Camino de Santiago, Spain. Senior teacher. Lecturing in Santa Monica and Hollywood (USA). Initiated culture renewal through the "European Sacred Heritage" project. Has found his life-mission with the The Original Tradition/Healing the Planet/One World Community project.
See also: "Spiritual autobiography"

Neuer Lehrer und "Grüner Mann"
+ Ganzheitlicher Arzt (seit 1972 aus Holland) * *

Can we still be saved?

Culture Renewal Manifesto for the 21st Century

,Founding and operating of the "Transformatorium" will need quite some investments. "Normally" companies are approached for sponsoring. This is not our style, though. "Healing the Planet" is a non-commercial eco-spiritual- health initiative, serving the community. It concerns us all, hence, our confidence that especially foundations and "common" people will be supporting us us.Your contributions  - financially, materially, organizational and otherwise - are very much welcome!

The Transformatorium is Non-Commercial.
Our income - apart from the costs of simple living - goes to the Common Good/Healing

the Planet project.