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Always when civilization is at its lowest ebb,
it is a New Religion that makes a new start

The vitality of the New Faith originates from a
new and deeper understanding of Reality

The Light (God) isn't the Ultimate....

Cosmic Reality, on the other hand, consists of
Absolute Emptiness,
Full Enlightenment and the "Underworld"

The surprise: Cosmic Spirituality and Science
are complementing each other

Only Cosmic Reality has the Power
of Renewal

It is the Beginning of A New Era

Read this crucial text: EVIL



In these most critical of times
The ego-world is (finally) decaying
A new step in evolution of

ongoing Regeneration & Renewal



THE Answer to the World Crisis

source book for
"New Leaders for a New World"

To be published in short notice

Based on Cosmic Experience and Science
Fully reviewed and improved edition.
September 1, 2013

Cosmic Mother



Letter to a beloved friend,

Originally, people lived in harmony with "Heaven, Earth and the Community".

Then Christianity came, destroying this existential foundation.

After centuries of terror (inquisition) people had no other choice but to fall back on the only faculty left untouched: the ego.

The Church thus being responsible for "secularization", materialism and individualism.

Ever since Western "civilization" is dominated by the ego.

Ego thus can be defined as a isolated entity, alienated from its original Wholeness.

This being alienated from the Whole is potentially harmful, it is the "proto-stage" of evil.

Having lost contact with Reality - "thrown upon itself" - means being left to existential angst.

Deep down it realizes that it hasn*t any foundation, therefore, it clings to objects from within (concepts, ideas, ideals, convictions) and without (money, relationships, power)

Because of its inner vulnerability, the ego considers identification with the "objects" a matter of "life and death".

You think that without this your "identity", you are lost.

That's why "the other" is considered a threat towards one's individual existence.

Harming others is then justified as a necessity to "defend" oneself.

It is the first stage of actual evil.

One step further and the ego starts blowing itself up in order to thicken its "protective wall" against its environment.

So people start accumulate more "inner and outer objects" (see above) than is strictly necessary for their survival.

It is the second stage of evil.

Often, the gap between oneself and all others is then widening further and further.

One way to keep all others "out" is to consider oneself as "superior", while the others are "inferior".

Or, by categorizing people as "believers" and "non-believers".

Or, by dividing the world in "good" (oneself) and "evil" (the others).

Still one step further is denouncing these others as Untermenschen, criminals, offscourings or even "animals".....

Please realize: in these cases the underlying mechanism is an ego that deep down feels itself alienated, inferior and vulnerable!!!

Once this last step is made, the ego considers this a licence to persecute, terrorize and kill without any pangs of conscience.

It is the ultimate stage of evil.

Summarizing: evil is the last consequence of the ego separating
itself from the Whole.

Having lost its existential context and thus its inner balance, it knows no limits, blowing itself up more and more.

Increasingly, it considers all others as "standing in its way", eventually
resulting in destroying the whole earth.

Evil thus proves to be an ego- problem.

The solution: to give up the ego, while becoming part of the Whole:
"Heaven, Earth and the (New) Community", once again.

These reborn humans we call "Green Men" and "Wise Women".

Enough for now?


Han Marie Stiekema


The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Cosmic Mother
Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


(Because people enter my website at different places, some key sentences
have to be repeated regularly. I am sorry for that!)

Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service


1. Admit that the ego has made a mess out of your life

2. Especially your addiction to the "virtual world" e.g. media has proven to be highly vicious

3. Feel the pain of it in your innermost Core

4. Do it so often that deep within, you sense a strong longing for Wholeness

5. Start practising ("24 hours a day") "watching and feeling", first of your footsoles with the ground, subsequently of your back in contact with your clothes 

6. Realize that you are "here" and your thinking, emotions and desires "there", in front of you

7. Still, admit that self-effort isn't enough to really solve your problem

8. Accept the idea that only surrender to the Ultimate Reality can liberate you

9. Realize that this Void is the Cosmic Mother, the Origin of Renewal and Regeneration

11. Every day, just before sleeping you whisper: "please, Mother take my ego away"

12. By giving up your ego She grants you your True Self, the latter becoming part of the Whole - Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community - once again



Green Man
(The Divine incarnated)

The Divine
("Son" of the Mother)

Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb Mandala
(Both the Divine (white/yellow) and the universe (green) are born out of the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning
to their Origin)

Black Madonna/

("Daughter" of the Mother)

Wise Woman
(The Madonna incarnated)

Tradition of Green Men & Wise Women


I. Turn On
II. Threefold Cosmic Realization
III. Cosmic Religion
See below
IV. Cosmic Science
V. Existential Consciousness
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VI. The Original Tradition
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VII. Letter to Religious Leaders

VIII. Cosmic Governance

(See the philosophical background:
"Rooted in Heaven & Earth")
IX. Cosmic Mother Healing

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X. "Why a Cosmic Religion?"


My Message to the World:

Dear Friends!
The solution to our global crisis is the recognition of the fact
that we are NOT HAPPY.
Not happy? It is even worse: we are addicted to the things that
are driving us mad. We consider the symptoms of our collective
degeneration as "normal".
So, we don't ask ourselves "WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF OUR MISERY?"
Only one example: How can you be happy, knowing that around
you butterflies, birds, plants, trees, rainforests, small and big
animals, fish etc., etc. rapidly disappear?
How can you be happy, knowing very well, that it is us,
who leave this WASTELAND to our children?
How can you close your eyes to this, and still be “happy?”
Be honest: we are
buried under the daily layer of stress, frustration, insecurity, fear,
depression, illness, conflict, burn-out..... and our response to it:
or/and suffer from a meaningless life
as unemployed without any perspective, not realizing that this
is all a symptom of a lonely, alienated, desperate self,
a self that has lost all contact with Real Life.
We call this self our EGO.
Everything the ego does to become more happy fails, because as an
isolated entity, cut off from the Whole, being "thrown upon itself",
it is itself the cause of all misery.
The harder you try, the greater your despair!
For ego and Wholeness are excluding each other.
It is the concern of all authentic spiritual, religious and ethical effort.
In the mean time ego has grown to monstrous proportions:
There is only one way to restore the Unity with Heaven and Earth:
the ego has to become part of the Whole, once again.
In order to Be, it has to give itself up.

that will totally transform the world.
To the media world-wide

A New UNIVERSAL TEACHER has stand up.
He claims to have experienced
Absolute Nothingness, Full Enlightenment and his Descent
into the "Underworld"
Everything happened in pure innocence, no ego-ambition involved
whatsoever. Nobody before him was granted such an in Depth insight.
God, the Light, he says, is not the Ultimate, there is "something" beyond.
Both God and the universe are born out of Absolute Nothingness,
while continuously returning to their Origin.
He calls the latter "COSMIC WOMB" or "GREAT MOTHER",
the Ultimate Unifying Principle beyond the Whole of Creation.
In ancient times "She" was embodied by the Dark Night, the Mystery
of Life, every day giving birth to the Sun.
The Black Madonna is one of Her manifestations.
Science (physics) calling "Her" the ABSOLUTE VACUUM.
Two major Cosmic Forces are emerging from
the Bottomlessness of the "Womb":
They are opposite, yet complementary. Together they maintain
Cosmic Balance - also called "Mother's Web of Life" -
making life possible.

True religious life is Living according to the Truth.
One main characteristic of the Truth is that it is simple:
"We are part of the earth
The earth is part of the universe
The universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother".

These realms are all penetrating each other, that's why the universe,
including the earth, is sacred.
It means, that the ancient notion is valid beyond measure:
Unless humankind reflects Cosmic Law, there will be
no peace, justice, prosperity for all or harmony with nature.

Furthermore, all levels of existence are ruled by "Birth and Death".
Our existential problem: the ego refusing to fit in ("die") into the Whole.
Instead, it is blowing itself up more and more, eventually destroying
the earth and its inhabitants.
"To have as the inability to Be",
2000 Years of religious teaching were not able to curb its actions.
Only ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS can destroy it.
The Mother just coming at
the right time. 

Dear Friends!
Another definition of the human condition is: we are all part of
In the earliest times "Heaven" was equal to the "Great Mother".
Everything was born out of and returned to Her.
At the same time people felt to be in harmony with the earth.
This was reflected by the structure, rituals and customs of the community.
People and their context were largely one.
In the "AGRARIAN REVOLUTION" women discovered and developed
ways of cultivating cereals and other crops.
Not surprisingly, women (mothers) still held a central position,
symbolized by  "Lady of the Vegetation", "Lady of the Beasts".
(Later "NOTRE DAME"). 
It was a highlight of men, women and nature cooperating on a equal basis.
Ever since, this period was kept in memory as the "Golden Age",
women embodying the Substance of Life, being revered as the Birthgiver,
Source of fertility and prosperity.
Subsequently, the Cosmic Law of "BIRTH AND DEATH" was embodied by
"Vegetation Gods" ("Green Men"), "dying" every autumn in order to be reborn
in spring, promoting fertility, prosperity and balance.
Men manifesting their true Nature: sacrificing themselves
to the benefit of the Whole.
Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother!


Later, this ritual was spiritualized by the Hellenistic Mystery Religions,
where the initiates died to their ego's in order
to be reborn as New Self.
(Not just change of identification, like in fundamentalism, but one of Essence)  
However, two millennia before, Gilgamesh was the first who refused
to submit himself to the COSMIC LAW of "BIRTH and DEATH", while
starting his quest for immortality.
It was the moment, where, for the first time, man left his context of
"Heaven, earth and the community".
One could fairly say, that this was the birth of the ego.
In the previous centuries, one unforeseen development had taken place:
the accumulation of personal wealth and possessions.
In order to protect it, men grew into new functions, like becoming guards.
It was the beginning of disputes, VIOLENCE and wars,
together with the need to manufacture and produce weaponry,
the forerunners of life-denying ("hard") technology.
Very soon men promoted themselves as heads of the clan,
coinciding with the discovery of their role in procreation.
Add to it their invention of writing (the "Word!"), very soon applied
to making rules and laws....extending their power to all areas of life,
and behold PATRIARCHY was born.

From then on the obsession of men became to manipulate,
dominate and control human society:
"One God, one King, one State" (Joshua, 7th century BCE).
Not in the last place to rule over women and their achievements.
The Cosmic Mother as Birthgiver of All was replaced by
"God the Creator", the world "created" through the "Word".
Her Son/Lover thus "emancipated" himself, rejecting his Origin.
Technologies were used to dominate nature,
rather than to cooperate with it.
The LAMENTING WOMEN OF JERUSALEM are a moving example
of the felt loss of common people: 
- and the people said to Jeremiah:
"We will NOT listen to the message you have spoken
to us in the name of the "Lord"! We will certainly do
everything we said we would:
We will burn incense to the
and will pour out drink offerings to Her just as we
and our fathers, our kings and our officials did in the towns
of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time
we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm.
But ever since we stopped burning incense to the
Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to Her,
we have lacked everything and have been
perishing by sword and famine"
Jeremiah: 44, 15-18

It was CHRISTIANITY, that gave this all its "finishing touch".
It both destroyed people AND their context.
First it started persecuting all those who strived for God-Experience
("Heretics", "Gnostics" and later also Mystics).
People who know God in a direct way are a threat to the Church!
While first having benefitted from women's commitment to the faith,
very soon the former were excluded from Church positions.
Mary Magdalene, the true successor of Jesus was demonized,
everything culminating in the WITCH HUNT, with hundreds of thousands
of victims, many burnt on the stake. In total women suffered more than
2000 years of discrimination.
The rage of the Church towards everything "different" was unstoppable.
Right from the start NATURE was considered the "work of the devil",
missionaries ruthlessly destroying trees, forests, sanctuaries,
poisoning wells, "converting" "pagans" by force.
All ancient traditions, rituals, customs, celebrations, religious objects,
were destroyed or "adjusted" to the new faith.
"Heaven, earth and the community", the existential foundation of an
ENTIRE CIVILIZATION, was replaced by the belief in  the "Glad Tidings",
making everybody depending on a "savior".
Outside the Church no redemption!
First destroying everything, in order to subsequently
replace it by "new values" is something
practised until this very day.... 

Like no other Europeans know the "true face" of the faith!
After (too) many centuries of terror and oppression, (Inquisition),
people's spirits were broken, falling back on the one faculty
left untouched: the ego.
The Church itself thus being responsible for "SECULARIZATION",
(Its attempt to be the champion of spirituality versus "a world ruled
by evil" is totally hypocritical).
It was the beginning of the Renaissance, a glorious time,
for people celebrated their liberation from oppression.
They had to pay a price for it, though.
Instead of living in the context of "Heaven, earth and the community",
the culture became centered around the individual self, though,
the faith consisting of "saving your own soul", only.
It was the birth of unlimited self-centeredness: with greed and capitalism
on the one hand, and State and Church power on the other.
The Protestants didn't bring much change, either.
On the contrary, they favored both the State and Capitalism,
having thus been a main pillar under what is now a world ruled by profit.
Crucial to understand is, that all this was in essence
an overcompensation of the ego that deep down feels incompetent.
For what is ego?
It is the self being cut off from its context:
Deep within it feels vulnerable, isolated, alienated, fearful,
"thrown upon itself".


People deprived of their context lead a miserable life, they are not
fed e.g. nurtured by the Whole anymore.
Having lost contact with their DIVINE SPARK within,
ditto with their bodies and nature, living in a culture that is amputated,
suffering from a collective burn-out,
people slowly pine away.
To the ego, with its inherent inferiority-complex, this is unbearable.
Its response is overcompensation.
It chooses the flight forward, turning its existential Angst into
"growth", "progress", "expansion" and "exploitation",
(not very different from Hitler's obsession with "Lebensraum").
Ultimately, the ego is afraid of Nothingness
The irony: dying into Nothingness (spiritually) means being born as a New Self.
What is causing the deepest fear liberates you....
What helps is to understand its dynamics. For that
we first have to go back to the PSYCHOLOGY of EGO-FORMATION.
Our personality appears to be based on exclusivity....
In order "to be somebody", you reject what you don't want to be.
It is the origination of a split-personality,
"me" being "positive" and "not-me" being "negative".
Since we don't like to acknowledge our own shadow-part,
everything ugly, bad and evil is projected
into "the other".

All patriarchal religions are based on the same mechanism.
They distinguish between "believers" and "non-believers".
The former will be saved, while the latter end up in hell.
It will be clear, that they aren't champions of tolerance,
peace and reconciliation......
One minister from the US got it right:
"Considering its numerous crimes against life,
CHRISTIANITY should be repenting every time it claims to be
steward to God's creation".
Ego's poor sense of self-esteem, its inherent meaninglessness,
its "humiliation", first leads to denial e.g. suppression.
It would be an urgent ground for going into therapy.
However, to that the ego isn't motivated.
He projects its insecurities into the opposite.
The initial smallness is overcompensated by blowing itself up.
Its function is to NEVER falling back into its original weakness, ever.
(Dividing the culture in "winners" and "losers").
Hence the ongoing diffuse ANGST within. 
It explains why the ego is fanatically clinging to its "identity".
Sooner or later leading to EGO-EXPANSION,
destroying everything and all, that "stands in its way".
As you will see later, in this situation, there are only two options left:
"Big Brother" or Rebirth through the Mother.

Few will deny, that the decay has deeply affected all
levels of existence, culminating in the virtual world of our times,
where all contact with Reality is lost.
Never before people felt so insignificant as they do today.
In the areas of religion, politics and economy they feel totally powerless.
Life is dominated by the SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and CAPITALISM
complex (Prof. dr. E.Vermeersch).
Our ego's cling to our artificial identity of iPad, internet and video-games.
It is our modern way of overcompensation, indeed a gigantic ego-bubble.
Through consumerism all infantile desires have to be satisfied,
a collective addiction eroding life at a terrible pace.
The ego is thus a CANCER-GROWTH destroying our beautiful
planet and her inhabitants.
It will be clear, that humanity has to renew itself from the ground,
to start with each of us. Increasingly helpless, we turn to the Ultimate
for new inspiration. It is an old wisdom:
"Rescue comes from what you have neglected!!!"
It leads to the recognition of the Destructive Aspect of the Cosmos,
indispensable for curbing the ego, while restoring balance.
(In India represented by the Goddess Kali)
Instead of delegating the CLIMATE CRISIS to technology,
its symptomatic approach leaving the true causes
- greed, profit, growth - untouched, making the situation only worse,
we as (wo)mankind should have the courage to acknowledge
that WE ourselves are the environmental problem.
The core of the crisis: the ego.

The environmental crisis is essentially a spiritual problem.
Religions have been preaching for more than 2000 years against
"sin" as the source of all evil.....they failed.
Ego has never been more vicious as it is today. At the same time
the Church has always been afraid of those who strived for
Therefore, this was cleverly replaced by the "Word of God".
However, the "Word" is only a derivative, a surrogate, powerless.
It is a tool in the hands of Church elites.
Through the "Image of God" the ego will never be curbed.
It always will find ways to identify itself with some lofty "spiritual
concept" or "goal", rather than giving itself up.
Today, people even use Enlightenment for their own ego-purposes!
That's why there is only one conclusion left: in order to save the world
is direly needed, one that is based on Absolute Nothingness
as the only Realm that can destroy the ego.
That's why I founded:
underlining the "Maternal Dimension of God" in all religions.
I call it a Tradition, because - as the most ancient
ECO-SPIRITUAL Tradition on earth -
it was there, long before (patriarchal) religions emerged.

As I said above: because the Cosmic Womb ("Emptiness beyond
Emptiness") is the only one, able to destroy the ego.
The survival of (wo)mankind depends on it!
A global problem needs a global solution....
That's what the Cosmic Mother is: Universal, All-Embracing,
including God and the universe.
God is Her Light Body (first emanation), while the universe is
Her Material Body (second emanation), everything
subjected to Her Cosmic Law of "Birth and Death".
She reflects Cosmic Reality, the True and Only Unifying Principle.
Because of Absolute Nothingness "She" is incorruptible.
Nobody can use Her for his or her own purposes.
As a True Cosmic Religion it is based, not on one's own desires,
ambitions or projections, but on AUTHENTIC REVELATION of the
Divine Itself: the Unity of Absolute Nothingness, Eternal Light
("Creation") and the "Underworld" ("Destruction").
It is the Beginning of a New Era, in which Self,
"God" and our World View are totally transformed.
Replacing the EGO-CATASTROPHE by connectedness, peace,
love, respect, mutual support, justice and
harmony with nature, on all levels of existence,
including all creatures on earth, no-one
and nothing excluded.

Christian: "Beyond God there is Nothing".
My answer: "I agree fully".

Thus, the first step is to give up your ego.
Pre-condition is your having SUFFERED from its actions in the past.
The more set-backs, mistakes, failures, humiliations, problems you have
gone through, the stronger your longing for Renewal.
You may start with self-effort.
Through exercise, contemplation, meditation,
you can achieve a first step towards liberation.
However, nowadays, many of us are too busy, "no time".
While others are too exhausted: "BURN-OUT".
The irony: you even have no energy to relax!
Moreover, you may become confronted with all kinds of
unprocessed "negativity", coming to your surface.
For ego-control, necessary to "keep it under", is weakened by your spiritual
practice, on the one hand, while your New Self is not yet
stable enough, on the other!
A dangerous situation of lifelong remaining between two stools.
Lucky are those who give it up in time.
Realizing, that being part of the Whole, the Whole may also heal them,
they choose the PATH OF SURRENDER.
That's why the Cosmic Mother has Revealed Herself.
Being Absolute Nothingness "She" is the only One,
who can "destroy"/curb/transform the ego.

The main purpose of the NEW COSMIC WORLD RELIGION is to
save the world. That's why it came into existence!
It happened in 1977 through the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother,
through "my" Threefold Cosmic Realization.
To give up your ego, your addictions, including your infantile
mother-complex (....) you have to surrender to the Bottomless Abyss
of the Cosmic Womb.
By taking refuge in the Cosmic Mother, you will subsequently be
reborn as your True Self.
Truly Realized people are Twice-Born ("Dimeter")
All Power (Renewal, Regeneration) arises from the Origin....
In order to become fruitful THE DIVINE WITHIN YOU has to
subsequently incarnate,
your True Self becoming part of the Whole: "Heaven, earth and
the (new) community", once again.
This "EXISTENTIAL CONSCIOUSNESS" is the common denominator
of life, with our Spirit as part of Heaven,
our body as part of the earth and our soul
as part of the community, restoring planetary Wholeness.
Sharing its benefits with all and everything, eventually committing yourself to
to start with your immediate surroundings, extending your wisdom,
love and strength to the street, the neighborhood, the commune,
the city, ultimately to the entire planet.

Those who commit themselves to the Greater Whole
are called "GREEN MEN" and "WISE WOMEN".
They are the Hopefuls to this world,
being part of the Great Tradition of e.g. Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Kybele,
Asherah, Astarte, Gaia, Rhea, Demeter, Artemis, Aphrodite, Mary
Magdalene, Xiwangmu, Wusheng Laomu, Kali, Tammuz, Osiris,
Baal, Attis, Uranos, Adonis, Dionysos, Jesus, Shiva,
Lao-Tse, Al-Khidr, Parzival and Maitreya Buddha....practicing
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service, Earth Service.  
The Teacher is taking the lead here.
Through his Great Experiences he claims to be the
Servant/Messenger ("Sermes") of the Cosmic Mother.
"Being Nothing, he is everything".
Therefore he is playing with several names:
Son-Lover, GREEN MAN, Laughing Buddha or the Friend,
renewing both religion and the world.
(Nothingness as the Mother of God and the universe.....)
Helping existing religions remember their roots as "Sons of the Mother".
An additional surprise: COSMIC SPIRITUALITY and SCIENCE
(Physics, Cosmology) appear to be two sides of the same coin.
Both have a great future in cooperating with each other.
Emphasizing Eco-Spirituality as the Way within and without.
Moreover, to give up your ego, while becoming part of the Whole,
is the foundation of the NEW "NATURAL" ETHICS.
For "Heaven, earth and the (new) community"
is existential, everybody is part of it.

After 33 years of hesitation, realizing his shortcomings
in the past, hence appearing as a common human being,
the Teacher eventually started his mission:
Cosmic Mother
Healing us, Healing society, Healing the earth
Its core principle is to live in harmony with the Cosmos.
This makes all the difference in the world....
Through insight, tuning into it, resonating with it, living according to it,
the Cosmos is pouring its wisdom, trust, joy, strength and compassion
out into you, raising great benefit.
By submitting to the Law of "Birth and Death", ongoing
renewal and regeneration will be your share.
Some practical examples:
valuing the Destructive Force (....) of the Cosmos, breaking down
everything old and sick, is indispensable for
ongoing regeneration....
(Fasting is a supreme example of how nature heals)!
His evolutionary approach to health
("Flow System Therapy")
is a major instrument to cure disease in the post-antibiotic era,
while his NEW HEALTH CARE, based on the three echelons of
Self-Help, Holistic and Technological Medicine,
is the model for the near future.

The universe is based on the Cosmic Mother as the ORIGIN of all.
It is inclusive, this in contrast to patriarchy, which is exclusive.
Therefore, a "feminine" (holistic) world view has to prevail.
Gender roles have to be adapted to it,
not only changing the way we live together, but emphasizing
mothers in key positions to our new community.
With men and women cooperating to Restore the Wholeness of Life.
Our new socio-economic order should reflect COSMIC LAW OF
consisting of a dynamic balance.
Since Emptiness doesn't tolerate accumulation, breaking down every
excess, our ECONOMY should be structured accordingly.
I call this our Spiritual-Political-Economic Order.
Spirituality determines Politics, Politics determines the Economy
(in this sequence). A powerful foundation for an "Economy of Balance":
half a week working as a volunteer for the community.
To make this possible, there should be a BASIC INCOME FOR ALL,
through which basic costs can be paid:
housing, energy, food, health care, education, transportation.
The other half of the week we do as we like, including making money.
The result is "killing three birds with one stone":
both the individual, the community and nature will be benefitting,
replacing "quantity" by "quality": friendship, cooperation,
creativity, leisure, commitment to the Whole.

As said above, since Cosmic Realm penetrates all levels of
existence, human society should reflect it.
Our worn out democracies thus should be transformed according to
Mother's "WEB of LIFE", in which everything is interconnected.
In practice, it means that the Community is
the center of socio-political life.
Just like the quantum world, human communities thus should
be "organically" ("ecologically") structured.
I call this "COMMUNITY DEMOCRACY" with
SUBSIDIARITY as the underlying principle.
In the 17th century it was J.Althusius, who formulated it.
Later, it was very popular in 19th century America. US president Jefferson
very much favored the idea, just like pope Leo XIII, while being
part of the "constitution" of the EU (unfortunately rather "neglected").
It goes like this:
"What can be done by the individual, is being done by him or her.
What cannot be done is delegated to the family or the group.
They commit themselves to a self-chosen task,
delegating to the STREET (community) what they cannot do.
The street is doing what it can, the remainder
is given to the neighborhood.
The neighborhood is carrying out its self-chosen task,
the rest is given to the commune.
This bottom-up model eventually includes the county, the state
and the federal government".

Dear Friends,
CLIMATE CHANGE will inevitably roll over the earth.
As a consequence disasters of great magnitude will overwhelm us.
Floods, droughts, famines, water-shortage, destruction of biodiversity, acid
oceans, epidemics, large-scale migrations, violence, wars....
Our personal situation will be affected too:
Stress, burn-out, unemployment, illness, chaos, crime, fear, panic....
The only way out of coping with them,
is the recognition of the fact that our ego cannot handle this.
Problems can never be solved by the level that caused them.
Instead, the ego will be terrified, revealing its inherent powerlessness.
In order to overcome our (self-inflicted) multi-faceted problems,
superhuman effort will be needed.
This can only come from a Superhuman Source!
As we all know, the existing religions - caught in their inner decay,
their dogma's, the obsessions with themselves...
cannot offer the redemption humanity direly needs.
"ONLY A NEW FAITH CAN SAVE US" (Teilhard de Chardin)
Dag Hammarskjöld (former Secretary General of the United Nations)
has emphasized the same thing.
This Superhuman Source has recently revealed Herself.
As we all know now, this is the Cosmic Mother.

Let's celebrate this historic event, in which the Transcendence,
once again, has interfered in human affairs.
Often, when humanity experiences its gloomiest hours,
salvation isn't far away anymore.
The Mother is the Bottomless "CAULDRON OF ABUNDANCE"
(also called "Holy Grail!").
Her Motherly Love is All-Inclusive and Unconditional.
Her Cosmic Dimension is taking everything sick, old, ugly and evil back,
while giving birth to Her LightBody: the Divine.
Thus: surrender (your ego) to Her and you will be continuously Renewed.
Those who do so are called "Originals".
With your True Self you subsequently become part of the Whole -
HEAVEN, EARTH and the (new) COMMUNITY - once again.
Only then, harmony and balance will be restored.
In particular: Green Men & Wise Women are taking the lead.
They are the New Hopefuls. Join them!
Without our willingness to give up our ego's nothing will work.
Only New Women and Men can create A New World.
is the platform upon which the initiatives will be unfolding.
Its core consists of Spiritual Service, Health Service,
Community Service and Earth Service.


Inevitably, the world grows toward greater unity.
Crucial, however, is the question: “what kind of unity?”
Will it be the uniformity enforced by Science, Technology and Capitalism,
or the UNITY IN DIVERSITY brought about by the people?
Why we suffer so many setbacks nowadays to achieve that goal?
What is the cause of our misery? After having read my
PASSIONATE PLEA, I hope things have become more clear.
A cancer-growth is destroying the Body of Life.
The EGO, that which we call our I, is a separate entity, that has gone berserk.
All suffering originate from its self-centered activities.
Luckily those who suffer from it, for they start longing for Healing.
This consists of Restoring the WHOLENESS OF LIFE on all levels.
My call on you: give up your ego and become part of "Heaven, earth
and the (new) community", once again.

Our mission is to transform the ego into a servant.
emphasizing ECO-SPIRITUALITY as the Way within and without.
The most striking thing in the world is that people
havent the slightest idea of who they really are….
So, the first step in emancipation is to “KNOW YOURSELF”.
It is a first Awakening of utmost importance.
Our NEW WORLD RELIGION is Cosmic Reality coming true.
Central to the Teaching is "The universe is a Birth, not a creation",
"Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet",
including Her True Nature, Her Revelation to the world, Her Cosmic
Forces of Creation and Destruction.
Everything and all is content of Her Cosmic Space,
the world bound together by transcendental MATERNAL LOVE.
Unity celebrating (its) eternal diversity!
The crucial step is TAKING REFUGE in the Mother.
It consists of e.g. Contemplation, Mother Healing, Sanctifying Nature
(“Heaven & Earth Exercises) and the Oracle (Q & A)
The aim is to achieve Wholeness on all levels of existence.
Do you want to commit yourself?
There is the possibility of joining our HEALING COMMUNITIES,
based on worship, a daily “monastic” schedule and
service to the Whole…..

Big Brother or Son Lover (of the Great Mother),
that is the question, nowadays….

The Green Man & Wise Woman Training,
Healing the Planet in 10 Steps
arise from there.

Her Light Body is Everywhere

The self-proclaimed aim of religion is to bring you to God.
Which God they mean?  A Living Reality or its surrogate?

How many people speak out about their Unity with the Real God?
I dare to say, it is negligible. What you do see is God as a projection
of people's hopes and desires. The presumption is "me here and God
there". "Praying to God", "Knowing God", "Put our hopes on God",
"Searching God", "The God of the Bible", "His Kingdom Come" etc.
ALL put God somewhere out there.
They all have as an assumption that you have to SEARCH,
to reach out for "Him". Even with God or Buddhahood "within you",
a search is said to be necessary.
The Reality is different though. We (and everything else) live IN God.
We are all objects in "His" (Its) Divine Space (Mother's Light Body).
Ultimately, I AM the Divine and every "me" has disappeared into IT.
St. Paul came very close to it by saying: "I am in God, and God is in me".
The Churches' major sin is that it suppressed this its own
core doctrine, replacing it by all kinds of (trivial) secondaries.
. The Divine is All-Embracing, it isn't possible NOT to be
in Its Space! If this is true - that you LIVE IN GOD uninterruptedly -
what is the point of searching "Him?" The Original Tradition
rectifies this by restoring the Truth, aiming at giving
God-Realization back to all people.
Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother!

I will illustrate this through my walks in the forest.
Often, I get a VERY clear realization, that I walk in the Space of
the Divine. Everything around (and in) me is totally transparent,
crystal clear, God's Own Presence.
I realize that everything else around me - the shrubs the trees, the birds -
are also part of IT. While I am walking the Divine Presence
remains unchanged. 
Moving towards It is non-sense, because I AM IN IT all the time.
While watching the Space around me, my Mind (observer) becomes
clearer and clearer. Space is watching Space.....
Until an inner "click" happens, where both suddenly are One.
When you REALLY SEE (and FEEL) IT miracles happen.
Contrary to searching, implying that IT is NOT here (hence, the searching),
you are constantly enjoying "Its" Presence.
Yes, sayings like "living like a fish in the water", and the Christian
"God is Omni-Present" all suggest the same thing.
The trouble is only, that practical consequences are never drawn.
Existing religion being a collective effort, NOT to know the Living God....
They all beat about the bush.

PS. Join me in my teaching "Walking in Divine Space".
You can't miss what you already ARE!

Thus, dear Friends, do you feel the inspiration of the Cosmos
already descending on you?
If so, spread this Message, give it the attention it deserves.
It saves the World!
(The Mother Heals!)

Interfaith Initiative
"Every true Renewal of Civilization starts with A New Religion".
"The foundation of the New World Religion is Cosmic,
Inclusive and Universal. The Maternal Dimension
of God, uniting all religions".
The breakthrough:
"The Cosmos is a Womb, everything else is derived from Her".
"A New Era in which Science and Cosmic (Eco) Spirituality are
complementing each other".
"Nowadays, many people would like to join a new religion,
if only it was an authentic, attractive and a promising one.....".

Han Marie Stiekema,
called "Sermes", "Green Man" or "Laughing Buddha".
Holistic medical doctor (pioneer) since 1972 from Holland.
In the first years: Prophesy, Vision of the Grail, Zen-Satori.
1977 "Threefold Cosmic Realization" with 10 years of uninterrupted Bliss.
1987-2000 "Dark Night of the Soul", working (hard) on personal integration,
of which 12 years living as a hermit,
writing his experiences/insights down, resulting in 24 BOOKS,
all published for free in the internet.
From 2000 on living a life in Unity with the Cosmos:
authentic, Self-sufficient, compassionate, simple and joyful.
Going there where the need is (World Tour 2013/14),
sharing his innumerable treasures: meeting, teaching, healing, training.....
Based on Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
and Earth Service.
Everything in the NAME of the COSMIC MOTHER

Hermitage "Madre de Dios", near Utrecht, The Netherlands

World Tour 2013/14
Sermes is coming to your organization, center or group
anywhere in the world. As an introduction he offers his ORACLE to all
of you, where you may ask him your vital - spiritual, religious, scientific,
ethical, psychological and medical - questions. His answers don't come
from himself but out of the Depth of the Cosmic Mother.
Time after time he surprises people with his completely unique,
universal, authentic and original visions on life.
It is a breakthrough in many areas, offering - in these most critical of
times - (wo)mankind a new perspective.
Let him know you are waiting for him!
To the PRESS he is available for (teaching) interviews, (teaching) press-conferences and (teaching) radio and TV performances.
Special ORACLES are offered to UNIVERSITIES, in particular to the
Faculties of Religious Studies & Theology and Science,
e.g. (Astro)physics and Cosmology. To the Sermes it is a challenge to
discover where science and the Living Source meet!

Upon request we love to send our free booklet
(Science & Cosmic Spirituality)
to you.

First of all his website. It is quite voluminous.
The reason: as the founder of a New Tradition he has done
his utmost to preserve all relevant information for the next generations.
Open the website and click on the index page green bold words
and links for 24 Source Books and countless essays.
Furthermore e.g.:
E.O.James "The Cult of the Mother Goddess", 1959 Thames & Hudson"
G. Bott "Die Erfindung der Götter", 2009 BoD
R. Briffault "The Mothers", 1959 Allen & Unwin
A.Baring & J.Cashford "The Myth of the Goddess"
1993 Penguin Books
Eranos Jahrbuch 1938, Vorträge über Gestalt und Kult der
"Grossen Mutter", Rhein-Verlag, Zürich
M.Sjöö & B.Mor "The Great Cosmic Mother", 1991 HarperCollins
James J.Preston "Mother Worship", 1982 University of North Carolina Press
E.Neumann "The Great Mother", 1974 Princeton
(Written from a psychological point of view)
E. Begg "The Cult of the Black Virgin", 1985 Arkana
E.Underhill "Mysticism", 2004 Oneworld
W.Anderson "Green Man", 1990 HarperCollins
A.Sponberg & H.Hardacre "Maitreya, the Future Buddha"
1988 Cambridge University Press

Summarizing, the Mother wants you to know that:

She is Life, Death and Rebirth.
Her color is black, therefore, it is the most sacred color in the universe.

She is the Birthgiver of God and the world.
In order to save the planet She has Revealed Herself to (wo)mankind.

Her Servant/Messengers Mission is to guide you on your way Back to the Origin.
In order for you to recognize Her, She has manifested Herself as the Black Madonna.

Her Vow to you all: give up your ego and you will be Renewed.
She will give birth to the Divine Spark within you.

Come to Her with all your sorrows, problems, conflicts, pain and fear.
She will take all your burden from you!

The Core of Her Teaching:
“Nothing Is”

It means, being Nothing, you are everything.
Everything appears to be the content of (your) infinite Space.

As long you are “something” (somebody) still, this “something” will be
between you and Her, between you and the world.

She guarantees you: once you tune in into Nothingness,
your life will be totally transformed.

Through unity with Her Space, clarity, gentleness, joy, peace, openness,
inclusiveness, compassion and beauty will be your share.

Remember, ego is an isolated entity. Its basic condition is fear.
It is not worthwhile to cling to it any further!

She knows your “tricks”: in order to escape from fear, you cling to all kinds
of objects: materially and religiously.

There is no difference between being identified with your money
or with your concept of God…..

By making God an object, you yourself become an object, as well.
God is dead, you are also dead.

Believers e.g. say: if there would be no God, there would
be Nothing left….Isnt that a joke?

I could go on endlessly.
It is better, that you find Her your way, though.

Only one thing has to be realized….You live
in (are!) Her Space, just like the grass, the flowers and the trees.

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All rights reserved

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