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Giving back your ego to the Cosmic Mother



Mothers are the most discriminated group in society. At the same time mankind is depending on their unreserved dedication. Mothers determine the spiritual, psychological and physical welbeing of future generations. And exactly THEY face almost unsurmountable problems. So isn't it time to focus on Mother Empowerment? Symptomatic approaches are tried everywhere. Without too much result. Therefore, we have to start with the Source of All (Mother) Power: the Universal Cosmic Mother. It is a program of some 20 different steps!

Mission of "Green Man"

Of all people claiming to be reborn (hardly) anyone relates this to a (the) Mother, but always identify with a male person/deity. Isn't that strange? In archaic times this was different. Dionysos is said to have been "twice mothered". My life is comparable. Only a Mother can give birth! She "lifted Her veil to me" by granting me the incredible priviledge of being "born twice". First as a human being through my biological mother, later as an Enlightened One through the Cosmic Womb. This explains why my knowledge about Her isn't based on concepts, ideas, images or even experience, but on direct Revelation of Her Reality

From that moment on my Mission was to tell people about Her True Nature and the meaning it has for our times. It is like the Grail Legend. There the matriarchal Hero - Parcival - restores the Divine Feminine as Ultimate Reality. It is also my life story. The personal part is my worldly mother, who couldn't cope with the burden of motherhood. She therefore kept me under a very rigid regime, against which I had to revolt, in order to make my development as a person possible. This struggle lasted for more than 50 years! Therefore, I feel myself indebted to my mother to do everything to ease the burden of mothers, worldwide

The cultural part is patriarchy under which women have suffered for millennia. Despite my fights with my mother I have been always very sensitive to this issue. Later, the Cosmic Mother gave me definitive insight into the matter. That's why I am a warrior, a teacher, a healer and a visionary to the benefit of everyone - women and men - who suffer from oppression and injustice. Mothers are the key, (matriarchal) women are the guides and men are the executives. All three are equally important. Only if men accept and support the Cosmic Mother, life on earth will change for the better. Contrary to the Goddess, who is a role-model for women-only, which of course is very favourable with regard to female identity, to the Mother Her sons and daughters are equally dear!

As a man I feel connected to the Tradition of those Gods - "Green Men" like Tammuz, Osiris, Baal, Attis, Dionysos and....Jesus - who, in archaic times, were servants to the Mother i.e. the Whole. In Buddhism this is Maitreya Buddha, in Taoism Lao Tze, accompanied by countless other Heros from other Traditions worldwide

See: "Green Man Pilgrim Network"

Universal Mother Teaching

In modern times, many of us hoped for an end to discrimination and exploitation of mothers. Especially the waning of patriarchal religions with their open misogynist strategies gave rise to optimism. "Reason" we thought, will certainly give mothers more justice and chances. The opposite happened. Increasing greed for more created a socio-economic system, that is putting so much strain on its members, that the latter are on the verge of breakdown. Mothers are worst off, they are trapped between inner growth, motherhood, partnership and the desire i.e. the necessity of taking a job. Many have neither enough money nor a job. Additional problem: Others are using mothers as their refuge, but the mothers themselves have nothing to fall back on. Generally, to become a mother isn't "popular". Nowadays, women are realizing their (masculine) ego's, while looking down on motherhood

In times of decay like ours - where nothing is really helping us anymore - we have to go back to the Source for renewal. Mothers worldwide, I have phantastic news for you. This Source proves to be a Cosmic Womb. A long time ago people called it "Great Mother" because it was (is) She who is giving birth to the Light (the Divine, God, BuddhaNature, Consciousness) and the universe. The Cosmos appears to be maternal! This puts emphasis on the birthgivers: Cosmic and earthly. Conclusion: For the first time the universe serves the Empowerment of mothers! So mothers, rejoice, you have got a limitless All-Embracing Cosmic Womb to take refuge in! No obedience to a "Father God" anymore 

With the Cosmic Womb as Ultimate Reality the perception of the human womb changes dramatically. Rather than being just a "muscle with a specific function", it becomes women's sacred mystery. Cosmic Womb and women's wombs are like macrocosmos and microcosmos. That's why "Womb Worship" is the foundation of a new spirituality 

The Queen of Heaven

- and the people said to Jeremiah:

"We will NOT listen to the message you have spoken to us in the name of the "Lord"! We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to Her just as we and our fathers, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to Her, we have lacked everything and have been perishing by sword and famine"

Jeremiah: 44, 15-18

Installing A Cosmic Mother
Healing Shrine

Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb Mandala
(Essence of the Mother)

Light, God, BuddhaNature, Consciousness (white/yellow) and the universe (green) are born out of the Cosmic Womb (black, Darkness), the former continuous returning to their Origin

"Black Madonna", a personified manifestation (image) of the Cosmic Mother
(Compassion Body of the Mother)

The Cosmic Womb itself is empty, just like the human womb. It is hidden, dark and inaccessible, even for mothers (except during menstruation and pregnancy). It is therefore difficult to visualize. How fortunately I was to receive an inner Vision about how to express the Cosmic Womb. It resulted in the Universal Mother Mandala, which has been put in the left sideline. Never before a truer picture has been made of the Cosmos' Essence. It is really a great gift, for without a sacred image taking refuge is difficult. You need it for yourself, for your family and your community. It serves as a Power Center. So I took the consequences and with the help of the Mother I started the "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine" initiative

Once your inner Core is touched by the Cosmic Mother - what some call a calling - then take action immediately. Meant are mothers. They constitute the foundation of the Healing Project. The first step is to invite the "Green Man" to talk about it to your family, your friends, your neighbors, colleagues and other community members. The second step is to assess your commitment, your abilities and your possibilities. Together we have to go through deep meditation in order to know how authentic your calling is. It would be optimal, when the Mother Herself would give us a sign of approval. If not, mutual trust will also do. If agreed upon two things have to be done first: to find a space at a favorable location, while starting to create (children are welcome to participate!) the images of the Cosmic Womb and Her manifestation as Black Madonna, subsequently to be installed at the Healing Shrine. Mothers then determine how much time they want to be available. Shrines can be open all day to a few hours every week

See: "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrines"

Instructions for Worship
(Day Course)

In the Healing Shrine we directly connect to Reality, not to our own projections, concepts, images or ideas. The Revelation of the Cosmic Mother (in 1977) guarantees that*. The secret is that the Womb is a Cosmic Vacuum. It destroys everything old, sick, accumulated, ugly and evil, while at the same time giving birth to the new, fresh, healthy, beautiful and whole. Surrendering to the Mother means you put yourself in this Her context i.e. let Her do Her work which She is doing from Eternity: continuously regenerating the whole of "creation". Putting it in a personal context: She destroys your ego, while giving birth to your True Self! Everything with the aim of becoming part of Mother's "Web of Life", once again. You once again become part of Cosmic Balance, something that no other "Deity" can do for you. Therefore, praise the Mother as Ultimate Reality. In order for this to "work", a couple of guidelines are a "conditio sine qua non". These guidelines will be valid for all Shrines worldwide, because people worldwide should find the same kind of surroundings in which they can feel at home. Our greatest goal should be to create an atmosphere in which healing of as many people as possible is facilitated. Mothers become the main healers/ mediators guiding the searchers, supported by non-mother women and men (see below)

* See: "Threefold Realization"

It is a common fact that "faith" is a superior foundation upon which healing takes place. "Faith Alone" the Buddhist JodoShinShu sect claims, can perform miracles. Equally, "healing ministries" in the USA stress that relying on the "word of God" or Jesus is enough to get healed. Their testimonies about miracle healing are very impressive, indeed. The South Indian Amma - a woman - heals in the name of Allah....It thus seems that it doesn't matter so much to whom or what you surrender, the only thing that counts is the degree of your (own) belief. That's why followers of various religions claim the same successes. With the Cosmic Mother this is put totally upside down, though. What turns the scales is twofold. The closer your "object of reverence" is to Ultimate Reality, the greater the Healing Power that is bestowed upon you! Secondly, what is decisive is the character of that Reality

The less is in between you and the Ultimate the greater the guarantee, that the latter's Full Power will be granted to you. Anything that is in between blocks the communication, including religious "truths", "creeds" and "scriptures". If healers rely on "the word" or a "sacred book", then they operate with a secondary, rather than with the Source Itself. The "word of God" is not eternal (because written by humans), only God "Himself" is*. Actually, God is longing for us just as we are - naked - without any accumulated (religious) mind-stuff in between. It means that, if we surrender directly to the Source, the expected benefits are multiplied by many times. Secondly, the character of the Vacuum - destroying all old, sick and evil, while giving (simultaneously) birth to the new, healthy and good, that is how She is uninterruptedly renewing Her "Web of Life", the interconnectedness of All and Everything, including you and me - is determining the chance of real and lasting cure. Something I call "Cosmic Regeneration". That explains why the Mother "is making a difference". Contrary to God, where you hope that He will hear i.e. answer your prayers.....the Mother will automatically take back your burden, because it is Her True Nature to do so. Her Bottomlessness is taking everything - your burden, sorrow, pain, illness, problems in before you even have given them back to Her - through Her centripetal Force, which is there from Eternity. This Force is everywhere: beyond the galaxies as well penetrating your own bodymind! So knowing about the Vacuum will already liberate i.e. heal you! A favorite time to give back your anguish to Her is the evening when you are in the bed. A simple "please take my.......back" , visualizing (while clearly watching!) that it will disappear into Her unfathomable Darkness is enough to feel immediately relieved!

* Religions say "they are preaching God". In reality they preach the Bible, the Koran or the Upanishads. Ultimately, it is (often) all about self-promotion of the clergy

If we do so faith turns into knowing. Faith is still something that comes from "without". An arduous mind (!) process is needed to identify with passages of the Bible f.i., in order to "make them your own". However, the inner reference - ego - remains the same, only the content changes. Contrary to that, through direct surrender to the Ultimate Itself, the latter let you share its Divine Nature. Faith turns into knowing, unshakable insight, the New Self being part of the Living Truth. This happens when you "give yourself back" to where you came from: to the Cosmic Mother. It is easy, for deep down we all have the memory of the Mother in our innermost Core. We all have an umbilical cord to the Ultimate. Moreover, your earthly mother has carried you for nine months, loved you, cared for you, nurtured and protected you. Everything ultimately taking place in the "Lap" of the Cosmic Mother! Both these our memories are resonating with each other. It is the deepest possible imprint on our lives. Hence, we neither have to do effort to identify with any "word", "creed" or with "scriptures", nor do we have to rely on accompanying religious authorities i.e. mediators, for our wisdom is inherent. The only guides we need are those who preceded us in direct and immediate knowledge of the Divine*

* There is thus a crucial difference between those who guide you directly toward God Realization and those who are merely conveying the "Word of God"     

  The Healing Power of the Cosmic Mother is Supreme. "Mother of God, by Your Void, please, take "Ellen's migraine" away" or ...."take the world's violence away" touches the core of the matter. "Her Void" is what we ultimately find, when we go within. Therefore, Her Essence is your Essence....Deep down you are Divine. If you rely on that, the Mother will mobilize Her Power to once again include your body-mind into Her Reality. "I take refuge in the All-Embracing Cosmic Mother: my Origin, Savioress and Healer" is another example. By the way: because God is the Light Body (Son!) of the Cosmic Mother (therefore, "Mother of God" should be taken literally!) and Jesus part of our ancient Tradition of "dying and resurrecting Gods", I very much respect, promote and am grateful for the healing work done by Christians. The "Maternal Dimension of God" - something many Christians are cherishing nowadays - is on their side, as well. Healing through the Mother has the following pre-requisites: 1) Realizing that we all live in the absolute security of the Cosmic Womb 2) That through Her bottomless Void regeneration of all life - of which you are a part - is taking place without interruption 3) That through going back to the Darkness of Her Womb Eternal Light is born

The "principles" have been further elaborated on, having resulted in the guidelines to the Cosmic Mother Healing Shrines. The emphasis lies on "Mother for Mothers", the Shrine as the spiritual center of the local community, its function as a place of contemplation and silence, a sanctuary and refuge for everyone, with multiple purposes like "praying for the world", individual salvation i.e. liberation and yes, a place of regeneration and healing. The latter is focussing mainly on stress, pain, angst, depression, fatigue, deprivation and burn-out (although other more physical inflictions are not excluded), having put the quest for the meaning of life in the forefront of its endeavors, this in stark contrast to Christian Faith Healing, where one is almost exclusively praying for people with all kinds of (severe) chronic diseases. However, our practice still has to begin and I am looking forward to it with great expectation

Mothers are the leaders of the Shrine. They identify with the Cosmic Mother by being Her priestesses*. They are NOT "Divine Mothers" themselves (like some guru's in India claim f.i.). I am very confident, that most of the mothers don't feel any need to bringing their ego's into play. What helps is the insight, that the Mother is neither a Goddess nor an "energy": She is beyond everything and all. She is the Cosmic Vacuum, a Bottomless Emptiness, what archaic people have called the Cosmic Womb. She is a Mystery, Cosmic and Universal, embracing the whole of existence, giving birth to the Divine and the entire universe. No human can ever become equal to Her

* A very inspiring example is Enheduanna, priestess of
Cosmic Mother Inanna (Sumeria, 2000 BCE)

At the same time She is All-Embracing, including all living and non-living beings. Therefore She is closer to you "than your own skin". That's why Her motherly Love can be felt in your innermost Core

Mother Healing

Home altar

The "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrines" are first of all meant for mothers. It is a place in which the Cosmic Mother heals their wounds, takes away their worries, while empowering them. It is in the nature of mothers that they spontaneously feel themselves part of a larger whole, though. So, slowly the Shrines may become open to people of the larger community and beyond. For being healed unconditional surrender is the gate. The Mother knows you better than you know yourself. Total honesty about your weaknesses, your problems, your desires and hopes is crucial. Because you have to convince the Mother of your sincerity. It is a matter of resonance. You have to be on Mother's wavelength, only then She can respond. To facilitate this a brochure will be available with recommendations for healing worship i.e. trust, surrender, contemplation, prayer (pleading), mantra and celebration*

* See: "Prayer, Contemplation and Mantra"

In principle, people with all kinds of problems can come to the Mother Healing Shrine. The limiting factor is the ability of the mothers who are taking care. Not everybody is trained or has enough experience. Despite that, truly motivated mothers who have put their lives in the hands ("lap") of the Cosmic Mother should not hesitate to just starting a Shrine. It is the Cosmic Mother after all, Who heals. Maybe in the beginning exceptions should be made for people with all kinds of chronic i.e. severe physical and psychological disorders, while burn-out - a problem with which mothers themselves often struggle - and pain syndromes could be allowed right from the start. Anyway, in the course of time mothers have the possibility of receiving further training (see below), through which they can broaden their views and experience. They may support the Mother Healing by additional practices like Mandala Healing (through the hands), Purification (through Chinese Guasha therapy), Mamma Drainage for breast cancer prevention and more....

See: "Mother Healing"

Personal Health Plan

This effort is supported by our Personal Health Plan. It is a four to six weeks program for optimizing your health. Health is a major concern nowadays. Despite all medical, pharmaceutical and technological innovations health is further deteriorating. Chronic diseases are increasing with alarming speed, while appearing at an ever earlier moment in life. Young children with diabetes, hypertension, serious allergies, asthma, osteoporosis, migraine, cancer etc. etc. are the rule rather than the exception. On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle can prevent i.e. cure around 70% of all chronic disorders. You have thus your health in your own hands. Mothers play a crucial role here. Therefore, our aim is to empower you as much as we can. Once you and your family have successfully tried it, the Personal Health Plan can be shared with the entire community. Do it together once a year!


Day Course Regeneration

Through unprejudiced observation more and more people recognize the disastrous impact the existing socio-economic system has on personal health, happiness, relationships, families, our youth, work-satisfaction, community life, social welfare, including the wellbeing of entire peoples and nature. Especially mothers and their partners are affected. It seems as if they have to carry the whole burden of society. In many families members are on the verge of collapse. Therefore, I paid much attention to the problem of burn-out*. First I planned to become a "burn-out coach" myself; however, considering the extension of the problem I decided to transfer my expertise to everyone involved. Self-help is the best method, after all. So, I started with writing an introduction to the problem*. Please, study it. The next step could be to participate in our Day Course. This will focus on the practical aspects i.e. solutions**. Please, let us know when you are ready!

* See: "Burn-Out, the Gate toward Renewal"
** See: "Stress, Burn-out & Regeneration"  

Retreat "The Universal Way"

Once the "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine" is installed Her Presence will gradually be felt in the entire Community. She is the Center of the Cyclone, the Eternal Depth in the midst of your daily tribulations. Gradually, a new level of balance will be realized on all levels: personally, relationally and communally. The response of your people will become more intense. The kind of questions will be more Essence-oriented. F.i. "Who am I", "where do I come from" and "where am I going". The mothers at the Shrine will be confronted with those questions. Although they will redirect those questions to the Cosmic Mother, encouraging people to deepen their surrender and prayer (pleading), some coaching will prove to be inevitable. The requirement, of course is, that you must grow together with your people. To support you in this regard we offer the possibility of a spiritual Retreat. It is based on The Universal Way and includes all major steps on the Path*

* See: "The Universal Way"

The Sunday Celebrations (optional)

One option is to also use elements of The Universal Way to celebrate life together with others in the Community. Step one "Awakening" is inviting you to "go within" in order to find your inner watching there. Once you found it you can let go of your thinking: "I am here and my thinking is there" (in front of you). It is the first step toward liberation. This is followed by "Personal Integration" or co-counseling, in which two partners tell each other about their efforts to become more Whole. "Being rooted in Heaven & Earth" include (absolutely) unique qigong exercises, through which inner balance, clarity of mind and unity with nature (therefore also called "Sanctifying Nature") is achieved. "Breakthrough of the Light" intensifies this through Ma-Zen or silent meditation. Then, in the "break", somebody takes the lead in teaching about the Cosmic Mother. After that offerings to the Mother can be made, including mantra-singing and Mother dance. After the celebration there is sharing, a chance to strengthen the relationships i.e. mutuality in the community/ neighborhood

Mother Circles (optional)

If your emphasis lies on learning and study my website offers almost unlimited possibilities. Information can subsequently be shared in the Mother Circles

* See: "Mother Circles"

The Earth Ceremony
Youth for Youth

It is often painful to see how young people lost perspective in life. Equally painful is to see how little influence mothers (and fathers) have on their children. Especially the impact of the "virtual" world - electronics of all kinds - have often alienate kids from reality. Many of them are addicted to the computer, developing all kinds of modern autisms. Moreover, the incidence of health disorders are developing at an alarming speed. Food-intolerance, allergies, hyperactivity, irritability, depression, fatigue up to full blown burn-out are on the increase. Not to speak of those who have become involved in drug abuse and/or violence. We have to confess that it were us who neglected our own children. We simple "had no time" for them. Therefore, I am happy to announce a project especially designed to help young people in finding (new) meaning to their life

Originally, I had planned to go on world tour with it myself. But thanks to the grace I received from the Cosmic Mother I integrated The Earth Ceremonyinto the "Mother for Mothers" project. Here it serves even better in supporting youth to find their way in life. It gives them perspective, vision and power. I called the subtitle "Youth for Youth". It emphasizes self-initiative. So, preferably, the Ritual should be designed, set-up and managed by young people themselves*

* See: "The Earth Ceremony"

Mothers initiating Men and Women

The Mother is giving birth to the Divine and the universe. This has the following implications. First of all: She is birthgiver of Eternal Light. Surrendering to Her may therefore grant you spiritual Enlightenment. This Light is your Divine Spark within, identical with both women and men. Secondly, She is the birthgiver of the whole of creation. Therefore, both women and men are Her children, without any discrimination. Unfortunately, Western feminists claimed the Mother for their own purposes, excluding men. As has been said above, this is appropriate as long as it concerns Goddesses. The latter are indeed role-models for women, only. The Mother and Goddesses aren't of the same nature, though. Insight into the Essence of the Mother has to rectify this grave error. The Mother is no one's possession, She is All-Inclusive. This is crucial, for if men are not going to support the Cosmic Mother, the expected leap in evolution will not take place. In our Shrine, it is therefore important, that indeed men will become part of the staff, as well

  Thus, sooner or later the Mothers will seek people, with whom they can share the work. The latter can be women or/and men. Mothers decide unanimously about their choices. Without consent the candidate cannot be accepted. The first and foremost criteria is the inner attitude toward the Cosmic Womb. All staff should deeply revere Her. The Womb is sacred, that's why all practice "Womb Worship". For mothers the Womb is sacred because they "served their womb" through bringing children into the world; matriarchal women because their womb is their temple (Grail!), they care for it and cherish it; men because their mission is to protect and defend it. All worship Her. If this "Unity in Diversity" can be achieved among the staff miracles will certainly occur!

Special Guasha Healer Course

I love to introduce my dear wife MeiMei to you. She was born in Beijing, China and came to Holland in order to finish her university studies (MA Sociology). Before and during her studies she involved herself in health, TCM and epidemiology. After graduation she decided to devote herself entirely to health, prevention and therapy. We spent a.o. one year on Madeira to set up a Spa Clinic and half a year in Brazil, working in a hospital for the poor. After return to our country we restarted our Clinic "Optimaal Vitaal", where she did the nutrition, ear-acupuncture and health education part. In 1998 she visited China and "discovered" Guasha therapy there. Soon afterwards she put it into practice and was overwhelmed by its successes. It encouraged her to further develop it to such an extent, that after 12 years she has treated innumerable patients and trained around one thousand students

As a M.D. I have a pretty good idea about Guasha, how it works and its benefits. We call it sometimes "Stone Age therapy for Modern (Wo)Man". The technique is simple and can be learned by everybody. Oil is put on the skin, then the therapist starts "scraping" that area with a Jade Stone. Where red spots appear are blockades, connected to certain inner functions i.e. organs. Through treating these areas blockades will subsequently disappear and healthy regulatory functions restored. It works miraculously. But there is even more. Guasha is promoting blood circulation, de-acidifies, detoxifies, removes all kinds of pain and is one of the few therapies that is convincingly stimulating the immune-system. In a time where our immune-system is under much strain, this is of utmost importance!

Moreover, Guasha causes clarity of mind, releasing emotional blockades, while giving the body-mind an energy boost. This combination of spiritual, psychological and physical regeneration makes Guasha very suitable as an additional method to our Cosmic Mother Healing. MeiMei therefore offers a Basic Guasha Healer Course to all interested mothers and their staff


Mothers: Leaders of the Community

In the course of time the 24 hour's Presence of the Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine will increasingly be felt by everybody involved. Mothers may experience an "upgrading" i.e. become more and more inspiring and compassionate as priestesses, healers and visionaries. It is like in ancient times, where they were the leaders of the Community. Nowadays, this is once again confirmed by Cosmic Insight that says, that mothers and women embody Mother's "Web of Life", the interconnectedness of everything and all. Mothers are Community Leaders by nature.

Patriarchy destroyed this natural order. The State claimed all authority at the expense of the sovereign Community. With it mothers were degraded to housewives, subjected beings who had to serve husband and children, only. It is therefore fully understandable, that nowadays (young) women are taking the chance of developing their abilities. They just should not do this in the realm of the current rat race. It has already been proven that such a career destroys women. Women on the other hand, flower in surroundings that are compatible to their nature. Because the State is losing overall control, initiatives toward a sovereign Community ("Community Democracy") are on the rise. Within the framework of those Communities women have a new chance i.e. the same opportunities for developing their skills. They can be experts in leadership, management, finance, security, sustainability, care, coaching....this time everything to the benefit of the Whole...

This is not only a matter of "opportunity", but also of necessity. The near future is looking gloomy. There will be more fragmentation, disorientation, confusion, chaos and violence. Women and children are the vulnerable group here. Neither "God" nor the "State" will come up with sufficient protection. Therefore, mothers of the Mother Shrine (especially those who already entered a "second life", with children who already left their elderly home), take the lead and start actions toward (step by step) solidarizing your Community. The support of men is crucial in this regard. How to organize this you can find in the highly inspiring story of the Mosuo, a "matriarchal" tribe in South China    

See for further information:
"The Mosuo Model"
(An answer to increasing violence)

Universal Mother Council

Every society is a reflection of its underlying "God concept". If God is a patriarchal male, then authoritarianism, (technological) oppression, exploitation, violence, injustice and the destruction of nature will continue to be the dominant forces of society*. As we all know now, this will be suicidal. Hence, the necessity of a great turning. Religions are urged to go on a search for the "feminine" aspects of their particular faith. Those aspects of the Divine that emphasize holistic e.g. life-confirming and enhancing values. These are values like interconnectedness, peace, tolerance, reconciliation, love, joy of life, respect, care, community, justice, solidarity, sharing and sustainability. Every religion has to go on its own search. Each of them has the responsibility to bring more balance in their theories and practices. Their driving force should be compassion with the earth. The miserable "state of the world", isn't it also the effect of their doings during the centuries?

* Reconciliation of religions will be one of the key issues of the 21st century.  See: "Letter to Spiritual and Religious Leaders"

The Universal Mother Council* includes all those individuals, groups, organizations, centres, churches, religions, sangha's, temples, mosques and synagoges, that acknowledge the necessity of emphasizing the "Maternal Dimension of God". Our mission is to support those groups, congregations, who seek to deepen their religious life, aiming at strengthening the feminine dimension of religion and spirituality. Our function is to inspire, coordinate and encourage. We do so, because we ourselves are deeply convinced of the value of a "Mother-oriented" society. As coordinator we will not impose our insights on others, though, but facilitate faiths to develop their own inherent values. F.i. in Islam, Allah the Merciful will be emphasized; in Christianity, the "Maternal Aspect of God" or the position of the "Mother of God" will be further elaborated; in Hinduism, the unifying potentiality of the Original MatriDevi will be stressed; in Buddhism, the position of the Eternal Mother e.g. Kuan Yin will be upgraded; Taoism, the Tao as a (Maternal) Valley is something to pay attention to, in Judaism revival of Shekinah and/or Asherah.... etc. etc.

* See:"Universal Mother Council"

For individuals, groups and organizations interested in
the Annual "Universal Mother Council": 

Interreligious Workshop
"Mother & Sons"

The "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine" is a decidedly interreligious initiative. It is open to people emphasizing the "maternal dimension of God" within their own traditions as mentioned above. First of all, the Shrine Images are "neutral" giving everybody the opportunity to project his/her own ideas into "their" Universal Mother. Moreover, we have taken several prayer texts from various religions, making them available to the people who need them. To guide them even better, we offer you a workshop "Mother & Sons"*

* See: "Mother & Sons"

Healing the Planet

Patriarchal religion has desecrated existence - denial of the inner Divine Light, desacralization of nature, contempt for the body, suppression of femininity, love and eroticism, besides disintegration of the Community - in favour of its ersatz-reality. Because people were cut off from their roots, they had no other choice but to fall back on their ego's. "To have is the inability to Be". Ever since our culture is an ego-culture, all later developments included. Now, we face the Ego-Catastrophe. Our Mission is thus not an easy one. It is nothing less but the replacement of the overshooted "male/patriarchal" world view - rationalism, unbridled pursuit of profit, violence and exploitation -  by a "feminine" (holistic) paradigm: connectedness, cooperation, respect, love, justice, peace and harmony with nature. Mothers (and fathers) will take the lead here. Aren't they the ones who are most concerned about the (very insecure) future of their children? Everyone else should support their efforts for A New World!

See: "Healing the Planet in 10 Steps"

Permanent support

As Servant/Messenger ("Sermes", "Green Man") my passion is to "give the Cosmic Mother back" to mothers and through them to all other people worldwide, without exception. The "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrines" are the ideal way to step by step reaching "the whole of mankind". Surrendering to the Mother, while subsequently receiving Her Empowerment is the driving force behind. Additionally, with the help of the Mother, I will do everything to support, guide and encourage you, through the various steps mentioned above. On the other hand, I am very open to your experiences, as well. I am an eager learner! Together we will "launch" the most promising project mankind has ever seen: the Project of the Cosmic Mother HerSelf, initiating A New Era to the benefit of all and everything. It is nothing less than a New Step in Evolution

Are you interested in bringing the Cosmic Mother
to your Community?

Cosmic Mother Healing Shrines
Han Marie Stiekema, New Teacher, "Green Man" and
(holistic) medicalk doctor since 1972 is doing the
following introductions for every interested
group worldwide

Cosmic Mother Teaching
Who is She? How She revealed Herself to the world?
What is the purpose of Her Coming? How can
I know Her? How can She help me?

Cosmic Mother Healing
Spiritually, emotionally, physically, burn-out, pain
syndromes, chronic disorders through individual
sessions/small groups healing//big
meetings or retreats

Cosmic Mother Oracle
Group meeting with serious and less serious Q&A
to every problem, small or big, including
all areas of life

Cosmic Mother Guidance
Individual consultation for advice, guidance
and support on the spiritual Path

Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother
Come ye all unto Me, I Am the All-
Embracing One

Ermita "Madre de Dios"
(Near Utrecht)

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How to establish a Mother Shrine?

Cosmic Regeneration & Reintegration

This text can be ordered as a booklet to give to your family, friends, colleagues...

See also our brochure "The Science of Mother Healing"

"The Mother Heals": Guidelines to "Cosmic Mother Healing" (part 1) have just been finished. They contain all details necessary to start your Healing Shrine. The booklet will be exclusively available to those involved in our Network



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Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb Mandala
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