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Looking inward
Deep tenderness
A smile
Hollow pollard willows
Misty morning
Such a pleasant place
Clear azure blue
Waves playing
Heaven breaks open
In the arms of my silence
The bottomless depth
One great life


See her beaming at me
The grass, the flowers, the trees
Sweet glow of love
Caressing the grass
Joining the trees in their
All is plentiful
With wonderment I
To the soles of my feet
When clarity breaks
Such refreshing awakening
Billions of lives
The secret of existence
Joy of the herenow
Opening your heart
The dirty water in the ditch
Transcending oneself

Dedicated to the Earth

For Dutch readers



cow in the meadow
a smile

goose with its young

duckweed in the ditch

looking inward
I don't survive it

behold the serene beauty
the waterlily wordlessly
offering itself to me
this deep tenderness around me

hear the wind beckoned by the reed
the smell of cow cake all around
how light my steps
in this small moment of eternity

bowing down in reverence for the fish
everything falls into place
the grass which remembers itself in me
a new earth which is heaven

the quietude of
the universe
a smile

the subtle force which
makes life

selfsame silence which
sends people and ducks alike

hollow pollard willows
pregnant autumn air blanketing
the chilly wet land

bobbing heads on splashing water
traffic light on red
when the drawbridge descends

dreary rain
innumerable swans in
the faint green meadow

misty morning
barren trees
ducks quacking in the canal

quiet streets
cold feet
while cycling through town

the smell of coffee
thrumming music
chatting people in cafés

soles of feet
breath at a minimum
all around such wondrous silence

The transparency of existence

gazing past the copper-plated roof
I see
the wintry branches above
ripples of water in the canal
looming up above the same roof
dense grey clouds
the house-fronts strung together
like a string of beads
while around me the buzz
of people relishing lunch
such a pleasant place this world

The extraordinary ordinary life

the rustling of the silent sea
warm wind from the east
dune tops outlined against clear azure blue
elderberry blossoms sprinkled
with sunlight

It speaks for itself

gentle breeze
blue light on the waves
within me

watching my hands
I look at the waves
watching hands and waves

everything is part of seeing
the sound of the waves

I reflect
the waves playing with

listening to the waves
the transparency

the ecstasy
of the waves dancing
nothing is moving

subtle beauty
of my limitless Heart
waves come and go

of a sudden
heaven breaks open
and out of the blue
land the earth in my lap

as through an invisible
gate I quietly entered
the blessing of
the Eternal Moment

a sanctuary which
is infinite
myself dissolved in
the pure Origin

overwhelming joy thanks to
what I see and know
this is my body
dunes, sky and trees

nature - all that is
originates from Me
and yet
she is not of me

I surround and permeate
her fully and with tenderness
and yet she
is a world onto herself

with rapture
she fills me
she is like one a child
in the arms of my silence

when the one and only reality
breaks open all worlds then
all falls into place
and what remains is
one translucent clarity
the bottomless depth

All there is to hold on to
is intangible

in the clear transparency of
Nothingness all comes into blossom
when in touch with my body
everything around me is within reach
through my touch
It continually touches itself
since my coming to life
Its garden is my garden
my body, the oleanders, the
bare mountains
the simmering sun, the green lettuce,
my friendly
host and in the distance the sea -
all is part of this one great life

Within the Inexpressible is held
the sensuality of enjoyment


autumn has found in me
its heart
and mourns

just observe these shrubs
their silent resignation
has moved me

the leaves who
lost their lustre
console each other in the earth

and the sun in
its rustywarm glow
takes leave

all around is dying

in Me


coming home
I walk
not of this world
in the splendour which
I am Myself

how fine are
the crowns of all those
wintergreen fir trees
in contrast with
the bluecool sky

intoxicated by divine
drunk joy I do not
know anymore
what to do
I am Alive


how inexpressibly
perfect is this
endless moment

the warm spring sun
so incredibly

and aye now
I suddenly perceive
that blossom here
everything is transcended

see I am
the essence of
the bricks next to me

how inconceivably
new rest the
hands in my lap

the silence that
I Am
whispers Itself in
the things around me


with my feet in
the summersoft soil
everything becomes
a transparent mystery

I bewitch the
trees with my silence
never they smiled
to me like this

the trees are
just like my gait
gentle gestures from
the same Source

without Me
no gait no trees
I am the one who
is behind everything

I completely and all
the whole existence
a smile 

I see creation through
Its eyes
how great must be Its rapture
Its glow is held in all
that meets the eye
my transparency radiates
all from Nothingness
yonder the marigold in her
yellow-warm glow
see her beaming at me!

The marigold, cuckooflowers,
the duckweed in the ditch and
myself in the light of the
selfsame Reality. What a

the more you become yourSelf
the more undefinable you are
your clear presence
is in itself without substance

retreated into the Unknowable
the world
is once again open to you
what is visible blossoms as
never before through your invisible

Everything - the grass, the flowers,
the trees, clouds, sea and people in
the street - everything is the joy of
your presence

living silence
sweet glow of love
all blending into the One
so consistent
all around dissolved
nothing able to permeate it
imperturbably open

The fulfilment of your life is
always with you

of a sudden
sweet as nectar and o so
the illuminating brilliance
purifying my body

the body laden and I
so luminous
returning it
from whence it came
to the earth

freed by her embrace
I am part
of everything
caressing the grass

joining the trees in their dance
drunk with the water from the brook
beckoned by the valley
descending with joyful leaps
celebrating the at-oneness of body
hands joined in reverence
encountering creation within Myself
and spreading it about!

The Origin abounds in rapture

all is plentiful
ready am I to receive
riches are there for those
who know themselves not

all is empty
to comprehend requires nothing
the scent of jasmine wafts in as
the wingbeats of my soul

As you are nothing you are everything

incessantly I see everything
for the first time

joy comes from
feeling no matter what

with wonderment I contemplate
things already familiar

the most deeply am I touched
by I don't know what

The more deeply you grasp
something the less you are
impressed by it

feeling the soles of my feet
it dawns on me

I shed my body
like a bridal cloth

immersed in the infinite freshness
of the invisible
everything comes directly to me

what endless wonderment
without exception all is
moved by the silence

That one string of awareness has
me join in Its endless melody

when clarity breaks through me
that self-same instant
blissful liveliness
overwhelms me

in the transparency
the beauty of all colours is unsurpassed
all about blossom the poppies
in the distance the song of a lark

I am in all and all is in Me

the mystery
in the dew drops
beneath the morning sun
such refreshing awakening

the unspeakable
in the fragile beauty
of the spring-blossom
such merry joy

the silently present
among the splashing wavelets
on the water's edge
how infinitely playful it is

the all-pervading
in the butterflies
along the row of trees
what a delightful sight

the eternally infinite
seeks itself in Me
spreading out
I am in It and all


billions of lives in

tons of stone as
light as a feather

the rays of the sun
bleached by the Light

the greatest folly

it is all just
a trifle different

Normally the world is upside down

the secret of existence
is held in her solution

the incomprehensible
the basis of knowing

nothing more conducive to growth
than emptiness

from the silence
the leaves playfully dance
in the wind

I am but one of the innumerable
expressions of Myself

latched unto but one
single thought
what a humble life
your mind leads

time and again going
this way and that
will there ever be an end
to your restlessness

caught up in the
cycle of weariness
there is yet
more suffering to come

burdened by all
which you exclude
when will joy
truly befall you

if in order to know
but a glimpse will suffice
why not
open up to the now

The joy of the herenow is greater
than the sum total of all

how special the taste of this wine
the rice which was just the right kind
how welcome this refreshing breeze
my silence which well endures all
this noise
people enjoying themselves around me
the smell of blossom which
opens my senses
the curt answer which was just
what I needed

and with my feet on the ground
my mind remains constantly clear
how kindly life is disposed towards me
watch out drunkard, or else you may fall

Opening your heart without exception

I am the grass at my feet
as well as the dirty water in the ditch
the sun-turned blossom of the wild rose
as well as the sun
both the quarrelling ducks
and the quarrel
the roadside picnickers brawling on
the water's edge and the water's
edge itself
I am also the row of trees
the rustling as well as the evening breeze
just as much as the lock of massive concrete is part of me

All joy and all sorrow am I. At all
times amidst all that is

without giving it a thought
you fetch the child from the water

without a trace of fatigue
you search all night for the missing one

with super-human effort
you spend hours extinguishing the fire

with endless patience
you listen to the person in need

with great self-sacrifice
you offer your life to your child

Transcending yourself is the most
normal thing in the world

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