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Paradise lost

Whither has Paradise gone, O people of the world? Whither has your innermost Treasure turned, that we may seek IT with you?

Your Divine Self has retired to the background, unrecognizable, turning the gardens with the spices and the lilies into wasteland.

I am my Self and my Self is mine; I know it from memory long ago.

You are beautiful as a Goddess, my love, comely as a Valley, terrible as an army with banners.

Turn away your Depth from me, for it disturbs me. Too long I dwelled in the grey suburbs of our mega-cities.

Your third eye is like a shining lake, but alas, it doesn't serve me anymore. It has extinguished before I started my miserable life.

I desperately search you behind your veil.

There used to be many queens and concubines, and maidens without number. They guarded the wells, sharing its abundance with everybody, without exception.

O, I know too well, I grabbed the land as if it were mine. I forgot about you. Soon the streams dried out, the earth became barren, the skies empty and the people "thrown upon themselves".  

My dove, my Perfect One, was the darling of her Mother, flawless to her that bore her. The maidens saw her and called her happy; the queens and concubines also, and they praised her.

"Who is this that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?"

I went down to my memory, and I saw the nut orchard, the blossoms of the valley,  the budding vines, the pomegranates in bloom, lamenting about the losses.

The ego has turned everything ugly.

Before I was born, everything used to be Perfect. What happened to me and the world? Will we ever laugh, dance and celebrate again? 

Return, return, O Paradise, return, return, that we may once again be part of your beauty.


And (wo)man, roaming through the wasteland, came with a shock to him(her) Self. What did I bring about? My spirit woozy, my heart cold like ice and my body under the spell of greediness.

I must have been obsessed. While everything looked so normal. We did our duty, took the children to school, visited cultural events and supported Greenpeace.

When I look into the mirror, I get scared of my own eyes.

Oh, mother, at the time you bore me, you were so happy with your sprout. Hadn't you a delightful future in mind for me?

Was it a "law", that I first had to build up my "ego", at the expense of all and everything? To be honest: I don't know. 

What I do know is that the price is high, too high. I now stand with my back against the wall. All my options have been gambled away. Who is going to save me from my anxiety?

I was forced to Remember. Through the banks of the ever-present fog, moments of clarity appeared. Tears sprung up from my eyes. Am I thus not yet lost?

Mother hasn't forgotten me. What a miracle that She still cares about me. Her Love is inexhaustible.

When I look around myself, I notice that I am not alone. Everywhere the spark in the eyes of the people returns. The hearts are opening up, one recognizes each other, once again.

All of a sudden I realize the immense task that lies before me. Back to the Source, that is the first step. To get rid of all those artificial skins. Until standing naked before the Truth.

Just like Inanna, THE great example of all mankind. What an incredible courage to descend*. Love was Her great driving force. Oh, Mother, may I likewise be filled with Love.

* In the Underworld.

I promise mySelf to never revert anymore. Once you know - conscience - there is no way back. However, it would become a Road of trial and error.

Those who have spoilt the earth should heal her again, as well.

Thus, one mustn't speak too soon. Prematureness has to be avoided. Unity is there from eternity, absolutely, it requires integration of everything excluded, suppressed and denied, though.

What you reject, dominates you.

The Mother, out of Her limitless compassion, leads you to still embracing all your inner stepchildren.

I also give back my ego to Her, yes, I put my whole life into Her Lap.  

And look, by doing this, the grass is raising, the flowers are budding, he bees are going around once again, the air is fresh like ozone and the trees are regaining their strength.

Her Light Body radiates through all life. I know I am part of it. Deeply grateful I am accepting Her gift.

Oh, I never thought, that a "second chance" had been possible. I praise the Mother without reservation. Thou, Who are the eternal Source of all life.  

May we commit ourselves to A New Heaven, A New Earth and A New Community.


* Greeting from Sumeria, 3000 BCE. It means "Freedom through the Mother"        



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