The Original (Great Mother) Tradition
Mother Worship






In rare moments of history, when mankind experiences its gloomiest hours, "Divine intervention" often dramatically changes the course of events.

Current times distinguish themselves from all others in that the very survival of the world as we know it, is at stake.

Despite all technological advances, it becomes increasingly clear, that mankind cannot solve the problems, that it has inflicted upon itself.

Alienated from the Source, people are "thrown upon themselves", identified with the ego, self-centeredness and greed.

"To have is the inability to Be". That's why craving for more, more and more can never satisfy Being, thus becoming an obsession.

Materialism and individualism rule the world. Its engine is a ruthless science, technology and capitalism complex, about to destroy the entire planet.

A mankind, that has fallen under the spell of a "collective self-addiction" is not able to save itself by its own efforts only, anymore.

It characterizes the seriousness of the situation. However, the "Father" is not going to save us. He is part of the problem, rather than the solution.

Therefore the Ultimate of Ultimates has interfered. She proves to be a Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb, also called The Great Mother.

Not "God" created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is continuously giving birth to both the Divine and the world.

The current turning point therefore exceeds all previous events. It marks the beginning of A New World View, based on "feminine" values.

Feminine (holistic) values being a.o. wholeness, interconnectedness, inclusiveness, being rooted, cooperation, mutuality, love, prosperity for all and justice.

By emphasizing the feminine aspect of life e.g. existing religions, the Mother is paving the way to Unity in Diversity. 

In 1974/'77 She Revealed Herself to Han Marie Stiekema, first in the Vision of the Grail, subsequently in "his" Threefold Realization.

It took him more than 33 years of trial and error, before he eventually surrendered to Her, making himself Her instrument.

From that moment on Her Spirit descended upon him, giving him all the inspiration he needed to writing the MatriTalks.

Rather than being separate from "the world", the Mother is All-Embracing, hence including the entire universe e.g. all sectors of society.

She is doing this by reminding mankind of its existential context: Her "Law of the Universe", consisting of death, rebirth and interconnectedness.

By complying with this Her Law, mankind will be able to throw off its state of addiction, renewing itself as A New (Wo)Man.

Realizing its "being cut off from reality" as its core problem, mankind will subsequently becoming part of the Whole again.

This Whole being "Heaven, earth and the (new) community".

It is the beginning of a worldwide movement, aiming at Transformation of Self and Society, to the benefit of all.

The MatriTalks* could be of great help here, because of their inspired, authentic and truthful account of the Mother's concern with each of us.

Continuously going back to the Source in order to be reborn is essential, though. Hence, Mother Worship being the foundation to all our efforts.

The Message of the Mother:
"Awaken!", re-structure your life and serve others". 



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