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World Historic Turning Point
"I Am the Origin of both God and the Universe"

World Historic Turning Point
"I Am the Origin of both God and the Universe"

World Historic Turning Point
"I Am the Origin of both God and the Universe"

World Historic Turning Point
"I Am the Origin of both God and the Universe"

World Historic Turning Point
"I Am the Origin of both God and the Universe"

World Historic Turning Point
"I Am the Origin of both God and the Universe"


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My Message

1. Intro

To go around with a "message" is certainly the last thing I thought I would do. The current global crisis has forced me. What kind of meaningful thing can you still do, if everything in and around you is collapsing?  If mankind cannot save the earth e.g. itself, life becomes utterly macabre. Indeed, it would be a death dance. Well, it already looks very much like that. This death dance is called "growth" e.g. "progress". Everyone is caught by this rat race, knowing that it will lead to collective suicide. However, "nobody" is stepping out of it. We have degenerated to most primitive conditionings. Because "our neighbor" is living the way we live, we think our life is "normal". However, reality is telling us the truth of our situation already. Despite all "optimistic" expectations about a rosy techno-future, people suffer on a large scale from stress, depression, fatigue, fear, nervousness, disease, loneliness, meaninglessness, anger..... waiting for the final burn-out. The latter is an epidemic already. It gives us the feeling of "steering towards nothingness". This feeling has an unexpected truth in it.

2. The causes

If we don't face the Truth Now, when? Maybe it hurts, but in comparison to the pain that is waiting for us if we don't, it is still minor. To voluntarily face it is a sign of strength, to wait until it overwhelmes us is weakness. Don't think you still have the luxery of "staying in your own small world". The big world will soon come as a tsunami over us, crushing us all. In order to prevent this we have to go back to the causes. Where went it all wrong? First this. The survival of every living creature depends on its adaptation to its environment. Only if it is part of a bigger whole its existence is secured. In the beginning mankind lived in the Womb of the All. In this Cosmic Womb everything died, with the latter continuously being reborn. Through it the whole universe was interconnected. It was called "Mother's Web of Life". Isn't it a miracle that after thousands of years modern Vacuum Physics and Quanten Mechanics is confirming this most ancient insight? In daily life the mothers were a reflection of Cosmic Truth. Men had a spontaneous veneration for the feminine. It contributed to the fact, that women had the highest status in "society". However, after many thousand years of unconditional dedication, this started to wane... 


Several factors contributed to this. Among nomadic peoples - because of the necessity of grazing cattle at ever changing places - men got the upper hand. In agrarian societies the growing surpluses created a division between wealth and scarcity between families and tribes. Men improved their status by becoming the protectors of possession. Very soon conflicts broke out, which created the necessity of arming themselves. This went very quick. In no time "the world" was imbued in armed conflicts. At the same time men discovered their role in procreation. To secure their position they started to dominate and control women. In order to be sure that their possessions were inherited by their real sons. This coincided with their refusal to serve the MotherGoddess any longer. Previously, they had spontaneously accepted their roles as annual vegetation Gods. Through recurring "death and resurrection" rituals they served the wellbeing of the people, "securing the harvest". With accumulation of wealth the dependency on nature became less. Men saw their chance to change their role from servants to rulers. Spiritually, their deepest desire was to become immortal, escaping from the cycle of birth and death, of which they had been a part for such a long time. It was the birth of patriarchal religion..... 

3. The ego

The first prelude to the formation of the ego was the rule of Josiah, king of Judah (641-609 BC). He was the first representative of "One God, One King and One State" principle. So he encouraged the exclusive worship of Yahweh, while outlawing all other forms of belief, in particular the Canaanite veneration of Asherah and Baal. He destroyed everything that came under his hands, e.g. images, altars, priests. Together with it the idea of the "chosen" people was promoted, leading to a division between "the pure ones" on the one hand and the "pagans" on the other. Many centuries later this pattern was continued by the most catastrophic alliance the world has ever seen: the fusion of Christianity with the Roman Empire. Its underlying driving force was (is!) world dominance. This greed for power soon completely changed the religion. From a religion of love to a most intolerant and cruel system. Everybody who did not submit to the rules of the Church was discriminated, intimidated, terrorized, outlawed, exiled, persecuted, tortured and eventually put to death. On the psychological level this materialized into "us" versus the "other". While the former "live in the light", all others "live in darkness". Identity was thus not built on healthy self-esteem, but on rejecting everything "inferior".


In practice, those who strived for God-Realization (the highest "sin", for only Christ's Nature is divine), called "heretics", those who still had a close relationship with nature ("women", "pagans"), those (still...) belonging to other beliefs (Jews), together with gnostics, mystics, philosophers, scientists....they all, together with their communities, were destroyed or "adapted" in such a way that their original identity got lost. This "Gleichschaltung" lasted many centuries! (Inquisition). At last people's spirits were broken. The only way out was to fall back on the only faculty that wasn't affected: their ego's. It would become the beginning of individualism and materialism, also called the "Renaissance". Freedom from terror was celebrated on a large scale, especially in Italy. "Worldly" activities sprouted, thanks to a completely new elan. Literature, science, architecture, the arts, philosophy, new ways of education all started to flower, very often inspired by the Classics (Greece). Self-interests also materialized into politics (Machiavelli) and early forms of capitalism. This enthusiasm was hiding the fact, that people had lost contact with the Origin, and that everything was based on self-centeredness. Crucial is to understand, that this development was originally caused by a Church that had crushed all forms of inherent religiosity.   

4. The solution

Ever since, nothing has changed much. Except that the situation has become much and much more extreme. That the Church has tried to play the champion of "spiritual life", fighting against the "evil" outside world is a joke. In reality it was the Church who created the ego. And still doing so, for it preaches a very ego-centered attitude of saving your own soul, only. "Jesus died for us all" sounds very sympathetic, but has led to exactly the opposite. BECAUSE he "died for us", everybody could return to "business as usual". Thus the whole effort has been contra-productive, hence, the decay of religion. That is what we see today. In the mean time the ego has grown to monstrous proportions. Because it wasn't able to return to the Orgin, it "had no choice" but blowing itself up. An ever-growing ego is behind greed, profit, "growth", "progress", addiction to power and sex, expoitation and violence. It eventually leads to total chaos and destruction. The fundamental choice is therefore: either our ego's "die" or the world as we know it, will. The problem is how to tackle this. All patriarchal religions have always supported the ego, though. The patriarchal mind - of which increasingly large numbers of women are a part - is linear. It is goal and future-oriented. It's fulfillment is always projected into some ideal: "Wealth, Power, Heaven, Enlightenment". In the mean time the earth is being destroyed....


No any existing spiritual/ religious system can curb the ego. Everything they offer leads to a new form of identification and thus a new ego-trip The stillness of a Buddha statue can be very impressive, but eventually raises the desire for Enlightenment. Only a radical solution can still help us. It is the confrontation with Absolute Emptiness or Nothingness. Who has thought that the latter would become our closest ally? For in the West "nothingness" means "the end". There is nothing liberating about it. For millennia it has been associated with "demonic forces". While in Buddhism it remained largely theoretical. The ego will only disappear if there is Nothing left to identify with, though. Hence Emptiness (beyond Emptiness) is superior to everything else in the entire Cosmos. It is the Truth behind all other truths. So it would be wise to embrace IT as your best friend. The surprise: this is how it was in the beginning. History proves not to be linear, but cyclic. We are back to zero. Like the ancients we may start to realize that life is part of a bigger Whole. Something they called the "Cosmic Womb". In "Her" Bottomlessness everything - including God and the universe - is dying while continuously being reborn. Once we realize this, our fear of death evaporates on the spot. Life proves to be an ongoing "death and rebirth". On all levels of existence. Not only are we subjected to it, but nature as well, even entire civilizations. We have found the ultimate solution to our ego-problem. It is the beginning of a new religious/ spiritual/ ecological/ social/ cultural.... Era.

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