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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

The Original Tradition

Part 2

Green Man's World Mission

Cosmic Mother has come to Heal the Planet

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"Wenn also ein Sehnen nach der Erhöhung der Gottesmutter durch das Volk geht, so bedeutet diese Tendenz, wenn zu Ende gedacht, den Wunsch, es möge Heilbringer, Friedensstifter geboren werden. Obschon sie im Pleroma immer schon geboren sind, können ihre Geburten in der Zeit nur dadurch zustande kommen, daß sie vom Menschen wahrgenommen, erkannt und erklärt wird".


Es gibt eine stätige Offenbarung sowohl an Männer wie auch an Frauen

Die Liebe der Mutter ist unbegrenzt. Je vollständiger Du Dich hingibst, desto mehr Du davon spürst.

Kümmerst Du Dich um das Ganze, dann kümmert das Ganze sich um Dich

Es heißt nicht daß "sie" im Leben immer Dir zugunsten eingreift

Wissend um Ihre Existenz kannst Du jedoch auch das Unmögliche akzeptieren

Übrigens: bist Du "auserkoren", steht da einer genauso großen Verpflichtung gegenüber

Han Marie Stiekema



The Cosmic Mother has come
to Heal the Planet

Part 1

Dear Friends,

Not too long ago, there was still a refuge for those who wanted to escape the increasing contradictions of a world going crazy. That sanctuary was called spirituality. While being corrupted by a system that had made the ego the center of the universe, the pureness of Enlightenment on the other hand promised a life of Truth. Unfortunately, even that last resort has disappeared under a thick layer of self-centeredness and commercialization. Nowadays, spirituality serves the need for "wellness". "Feeling good" has become the ultimate goal, everything else (the dying trees around you....) is secondary. Even the Dalai Lama has declared "happiness" the ultimate goal of ("his") Buddhism. So, something must be deeply wrong, indeed.

Success in a society that is in decay isn't a good sign. It means that it uses you for its self-centered purposes. Therefore, I always considered not having success as a compliment. I never did anything to please the mood of the moment. I'll take a few examples out of many. Did I join the chorus of those who proclaim that everybody has his or her "own truth?". I didn't. Yes, everybody has his or her own unique way. Eventually, they should arrive at One Truth, though. Did I join the hype of "being yourself?". I didn't. Yes, the search for Self is fundamental. However, it is leading to giving up your self-centeredness, rather than pursuing the latter. Did I join those who made (a lot of) money through "re-integrating" people into a sick system, the same system that made them - and not only them - ill? I didn't and accepted the consequences: a life without material riches. Did I become a guru with followers at my feet? Until this very day I don't have any.

Nowadays, the confusion is complete. Spirituality has become a commodity. Where to find refuge? To guide you through this morass I'll try to give a short overview. After the demasque of the church who's greatest sin is to lead you away from God rather than leading you to Him (IT), the New Age very soon degenerated into a pool of ego-centered practices and attitudes. In fact, they continued the individualistic soul-searching of its predecessor. Spirituality became even more individualistic and materialistic. I had several criteria to judge such situations. After having realized your True Self you become less ego-centric rather than more. Moreover, the True Self - the Divine Spark within you - is bigger than you, so, inclusiveness and compassion should be the outcome of such a process. The opposite happened. Nowadays, the "spiritual world" is more self-addicted - fragmented, deluded, ego-centric, indifferent, greedy and competitive - than any previous moment in time.

The need for clarity can best be illustrated by those who claim to be leaders in this field. A leading star was Echnaton, Egyptian pharao in 1500 BCE. His Enlightenment was all-inclusive. It means that not only his ego had disappeared into Oneness, but the world (around him) as well. His timeless and limitless Space embraced the whole universe. Therefore, his songs express an unsurpassed ode both to God and the world. His poetic utterences about the beauty of the earth, with its plants, trees, birds and other animals, in short the sweetness of "material" existence go deep into one's heart. It would set the example for Western tradition, that only at its best moments..... tried to reconcile inner and outer life. Something that cannot be said of the East. Buddhism e.g. clearly lays emphasis on the inner, while neglecting the outer. Buddha is said to have realized "Full Enlightenment". In a sense this is true.... It means that his whole self had disappeared into Oneness. However, there is one Realization "higher" than that, the one in which the entire world is included, as well, something that didn't happen to him. That's why the Buddha preached personal Enlightenment only, together with freedom from the world, rather than including the latter.

There is one more reason why the Buddha's Realization wasn't complete. He himself acknowledged that. As we all know, he got "his" Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. What was lacking was Complete Annihilation, not only of the self (bodymind), but also of Being, Consciousness. To explain this one can say, that there are two fundamental stages in Awakening. Firstly, the ego "dies" into Oneness (Being, Enlightenment, Relative Emptiness), secondly, this Eternal Light subsequently dies into Absolute Emptiness. Although the Buddha knew about this - calling it "Nirvana" or "Emptiness beyond Emptiness" - he never actually experienced IT. That's why shortly before his physical death he expressed his longing for reaching Nirvana. Now, this is not something to "blame" him for. The point is, that every era experiences its own corresponding Realization. At the time of the Buddha, the new step in evolution was Self-liberation. People were just parts of a choking system of social conventions, one that blocked all further development. So, "just Enlightenment" was enough. Nowadays, "self-liberation" is contra-productive, though. It is fuelling the ego. Enlightenment has been corrupted - an object to have - and has therefore lost all its liberating power.

See also: "To Realize your Maitreya Mind"

And what about Jesus? He was an Enlightened Teacher as well, teaching people to find "the Light within". Precisely this his core characteristic was suppressed by the Church. The latter had no interest in Realized people, but only in "sheep" who followed the Churche's rules without questioning them. That's why the Church even persecuted its own excellence - Gnostics and Mystics. Not to speak of women, who's wisdom went beyond God. The former had memories of the time, where the Great Mother "ruled the universe", with Her "dying and resurrecting Gods" as Son/Lovers. Jesus was one of the last chains in this Tradition. Presumably a Canaanite*, he received his initiation from the High Priestess of the Mother Religion: Mary Magdalene. She anointed Him the New God/King. If you re-organize the "facts" of the New Testament you will be surprised. Everything points in the same direction: Jesus as the Servant/Messenger of the Great Mother. His "death and rebirth" were part of it, although only meant as a ritual e.g. spiritual Experience: death of the ego and rebirth of the New Self. His actual death (if it really happened at all), was just "accidental": a punishment for rebellion against the Roman State. "His physical resurrection from the dead" never took place.... so, the dogma of "Jesus who (physically) died for our sins" etc. etc. etc. etc. can be referred to the realm of fiction

* See also: "Jesus Canaanite"

Both Buddha and Jesus laid the foundation for a New Step in Evolution

"Death and rebirth" is the Core Realization of Spirituality in West and East. The Buddha knew about it, the West knew it from the very beginning. It is the Tradition of Inanna (Ishtar) and Tammuz, Isis and Osiris, Cybele and Attis, Anat (Astarte) and Baal, Dionysos, the Hellenistic Mysteries and....Jesus. Light (the Son) dies into Darkness (the Cosmic Womb) in order to become (continuously) renewed. Later, the Gods (Marduk, Gilgamesh) took power and refused to die for the sake of the Whole, anymore. While previously the God/King ruled "in the Name of the Mother", as is still the case in some African Nations, men derived their power from their own authority. The point is: If you refuse to "die", then your ego is blowing itself up. Two thousand years of patriarchy were enough to prove that this is leading to collective suicide. Even when (some) spiritual teachers (Ramana Maharshi e.g. experienced it, they weren't able to draw the right conclusions from it. Not Realization itself, but the pre-existing philosophy is determining the interpretation of such events. In the case of Ramana, his background was the Advaita, which, as we all know, considers "the Light" as the Ultimate Attainment. So, his crucial Moment of Death was left out, not having any consequences to his teaching. The patriarchal context - which considers Darkness the enemy of Light, rather than the latters' Origin! - was decisive. In our most critical of times death of the ego is of utmost importance, though. If it doesn't "die" it will definitely destroy our beautiful earth, ourselves included.

So, every time had its corresponding "Revelation". Did our times also experience Cosmic Resonance in order to get us out of the mess, making a new leap in evolution possible? The answer is yes. Where all self-attainment proves to be inflational - the more you try the stronger your ego (until it becomes burn-out) - even if you "succeed" then the ego will still identify itself with its "achievement", causing an even bigger ego - the need for a total "dying to the old" is a conditio sine qua non. Nowadays people feel it. They say: "We are facing nothingness". However, ignorance and therefore existential fear make it impossible to enthrust yourself to it. For most (Western) people Nothingness "is the end". It is not. The fact that we have no choice, gives hope. It is giving you the necessary courage. For, if we don't confront Nothingness ourselves, IT will confront us. The Great News is, that Nothingness proves to be a (the) Cosmic Womb, the Source of Regeneration, giving birth to "God" and the universe. Darkness precedes the Light. Through Her Cosmic Forces - destruction and creation - everything old , sick, evil and fixed is constantly dying, while the new, young, fresh, healthy and whole is being born. It means that the Mother is (continuously) taking your burden from you, while giving birth to your New Self. "She" is doing that from Eternity, it only depends on your own willingness to "go with this Her flow".....

In these most critical of times, in order to be "effective" this Realization should surpass every previous Attainment in history. And that is exactly the case here. Suddenly, totally unforseen and unexpected, a Terrible Lightning struck the head of Han Marie Stiekema, spiritual teacher, "Green Man" and (holistic) medical doctor, wiping out his entire Being*. It was a Moment of Absolute Nothingness i.e. Blackness.  Immediately after "he" dissolved into the Eternal Light lasting the whole day, in which IT included the grass, the trees, the birds, the clouds, the people, the houses..... while during the same night he "descended into the Underworld", the experience of ultimate transcendental Angst e.g. Horror in which all faculties (mind-functions, body-awareness, energy) were stripped off, while resurrecting that same morning. That was in 1977. After it he lived in uninterrupted Bliss for ten years. Only to be replaced by the "Dark Night of the Soul", in which he had to integrate aspects of his old self into his New Identitity, a time (more than twenty years!) full of pain, setbacks, obstacles and loneliness. It altogether took around 33 years before he came to the open. His final interpretations: in times where all self-effort has proven idle, only surrender to the Ultimate can bring us a New Consciousness. The Ultimate proves to be a (the) Vacuum or Cosmic Womb. If we tune in to Her Cosmic Powers - Death and Rebirth - we will "be saved". Once the New Self is born we become part of the Whole, once again - with our Spirit in "Heaven", our body in the earth and our "soul" in the (new) community......

* See also: "Threefold Realization"

The Vacuum is the "Mother" of God and the universe

This deepest spiritual insight is confirmed by science*. In particular Vacuum physics and Cosmology. I will translate it in my own words. The Cosmic Vacuum appears to be the Origin of all and everything. It "contains" two opposite Cosmic Forces: Birth and Death ("Light" or "Quanten World" and "Destruction" or "Gravity"). "Normally", these Forces exist parallel ("Branes") to each other, being in a state of dynamic equilibrium ("Zero Point Energy"). However, at the end of each Cosmic Cycle there is a shortcut between the two, causing a "Big Crunch", immediately followed by the "Big Bang". For a Moment there is Absolute Nothingness, within "a split second" giving birth to a Virtual Field. This Intelligent Field - pregnant with with potential patterns of electromagnetic waves - emanates various "layers", eventually resulting in the Cosmic Periods of radiation, matter and "dark energy". "At the same time" the universe expands, due to the Birth (Light) Force. Minor fluctuations of the Cosmic Forces' equilibrium cause "ripples", responsible for the origination of stars, galaxies and planets. After having reached its full stretching, the universe inflates. There is a turning point in which the Death Force (Gravity) takes over, turning expansion into condensation. Through Gravity, particles are stripped of their energy, turning everything into "dark matter", the latter becoming more "heavy". The grip of Gravity on it is in accordance. While the original expansion moved from the "Center" to the "periphery" (centrifugal), condensation moves from the "periphery" back (centripetal). The  Bottomlessness of Absolute Vacuum is the Cause of both these movements. The former is the Ultimate Mystery, hence, in ancient times it was called Dark Night, Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother". "Everything without exception is born out of the Womb, while continuously returning to "Her". That's why the universe is Cyclic, consisting of a repeating process from simple to complicated structures. After having reached a certain limit, these structures start collapsing, returning as "dark matter" to the Abyss of the Womb, eventually leading to the next "Big Crunch"/"Big Bang".

* See also: "The Supreme Design"

Science thus underlines "Death and Rebirth" as the Two Most Elementary Forces in the universe. Spirituality adds a vital understanding to it, namely, that human beings are able to tune in to them, thus renewing themselves. Something I have called "Cosmic Regeneration"*. Through this discovery..... all kinds of new perspectives undreamt-of will be within reach..... It sheds a whole new light on spiritual Realization i.e. Enlightenment. It started with a sudden flash of insight. In a split second I saw the Cosmic Event described above reflected in my "own" spiritual Awakening. Usually, Realization is interpreted as attaining Oneness, the Light, Consciousness. It is considered the alpha and the omega. However, in my experience the latter is part of a much bigger Cosmic Event: "personal Realization" appears to be a reflection of the Origination, Development and Destruction of the universe! So, "my" Lightning is corresponding with the "Big Crunch"/"Big Bang". It is a shortcut between Light - that had concentrated on my skull - with Absolute Nothingness that is everywhere. Cosmic Bang repeating itself in a personal Bang, causing Absolute Blackness. The latter in its turn giving birth to the Eternal Light on the one hand (in me), and the Virtual Field (in the universe) on the other. These Dimensions are essentially the same! Philogenesis repeating itself in ontogenesis..... An Event in which Enlightenment is only a part..... In spiritual tradition greed for Enlightenment isolated the latter from its Cosmic Context**. Attainment of the Light at the expense of Darkness. This reductionist approach has led to a distortion of Reality, though. And the story is still continuing. Because the night after I had my Ocean of Horror Experience, which is corresponding with the Cosmic Destruction Force e.g. Gravity. In the Cosmos this phase is followed by a period in which "radiation" prevails, something I experienced as ten years of uninterrupted Bliss. This subsided, like in the universe, giving way to a period  - of "cooling off" - in which "matter" - Dark Night of the Soul - dominated. With Light still at the background - "withdrawn" and thus perceived as "weak"  - in physics called "dark energy" - I had a difficult time (more than twenty years) integrating old parts of my small self into my New Identity. Resulting in Oneness, a (relative) stable condition reflecting the universe as we know it today.

* See my cyclic interpretation of history. "The Original Tradition". See also: "Science of Mother Healing"

** From now on "Enlightenment" is replaced by "Cosmic Realization", the latter defining the entire Cosmic Event rather than one part only.

Realizing this all caused an outburst of joy: The Cosmos has Realized Itself in Me! What an unprecedented Miracle! Gratitude, gratitude. With the help of science spirituality and religion have been liberated, their biased positions prove to be untenable. This is the breakthrough mankind has been waiting for.* A new foundation has been established, upon which the house of humanity can be rebuilt, once again.

(The Original Tradition)

* This wisdom deserves to spread itself in all directions. To underline it I wrote a polemic essay - "Higher, Higher & Higher" - unmasking attempts to use "evolutionary consciousness" to support the current world order

The most urgent and challenging issue is our current global crisis. It is shocking to see how little "common" people take their own survival seriously. The main reason is that they are addicted to "having". They cling to it because "having" is the only thing they have. Taking this away means taking their life away. To have is the inability to Be, though. It is an ersatz for spiritual fulfillment. Once you found your True Self, then "having" becomes secondary. To find your True Self is synonymous to "dying to the old", to giving up your ego. Giving up your ego confronts you with Nothingness. It is here that existential fear comes in. It is based on ignorance about the True Nature of Nothingness. This fear is deeply rooted in our souls. It is the explanation of our obsession with "progress", "growth", "development", "profit" and thus with exploitation, injustice and violence. Nothing on earth is able to change this. Not even God was able to liberate us from it. It emphasizes the revolutionary Revelation of the Cosmic Mother. "I Am Nothingness, thus All-Embracing". Only motherly love can help you overcoming it. "Only I can give you the security you need for ultimate surrender". Dionysos is said to be "Dimeter" e.g. "twice mothered". This rebirth transforms you from a self-centered, narrow-minded, insecure, wavering and crying off person into one "who knows the All", fearing no death. It makes you worthy of becoming Servant to the Whole, the Mother's Web of Life. This consists of becoming part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again, with additional support and guidance from our "Healing the Planet in 7 Steps" initiative. 

Therefore, after 2000 years of official ignorance I solemny proclaim to
you the most ancient, in-depth Truth on earth..... that God (the Divine, Consciousness, BuddhaNature) has a Mother. With it mankind enters
a New Era in which it will recognize that Darkness is the Birthgiver
of the Light. Let's thus sit together and contemplate about
this Truth, to the benefit of all and everyone

The Revelation of the Cosmic Womb comes exactly at the right time. Only when you die (into Her) you will live. The Mother will be taking care of you. She removes all fear (of Nothingness) giving you confidence that getting rid of the old is replaced by the new. Ego is being replaced by True Self. So, go to Her with your pain, fear, anger, insecurities, stress, depression, burn-out, loneliness and illness. She will renew i.e. heal you. Through the Mother the carterpillar knows that he or she is going to be a butterfly. The result is the deepest Realization possible in life: that of "Nothing IS" e.g. being Nothing you are everything. Nothingness is the Space that contains everything, from your own bodymind to the whole universe. Therefore, once realized "you" will be all-embracing, loving everything "as yourself". You don't identify with one aspect of life only (e.g. Enlightenment), but with everything, without exception. Including everything is compassion. The ego also belongs to that. For, after its "death" the ego comes back, this time not as boss, but as servant to the Whole. These New Hopefuls I have called "Green Men" and "Wise Women". Some Japanese once joked by calling me "Your Wholeness", referring it to "Your Holiness". They were right. Although I have never called myself like that, this is what reflects Reality. To be Whole is to have integrated all levels of existence, from ego to Nothingness and everything in between. Consciousness can be very narrow (ego) or very wide (Oneness), a process that is ongoing. Life therefore appears to be like an opening and closing flower. Wholeness is the goal, and when you realize it, there is simply life as it is: various stages of clarity, inclusiveness, compassion and surrender. The more you let these moments happen, the more you move to Ultimate Oneness. Joy and gratitude to the Mother!

Mother's Blessings to you all

Part 2

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