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Very rare: Green Man with black face, emphasizing his Middle East origin as vegetation God....

The Elisabeth Church in Marburg is one of the oldest Gothic Churches of Germany. So I went there with lots of expectation. Because the older the Church is, the greater the chance that memories of the old times will be preserved. From W.Anderson ("The Green Man") I knew that there should be some unique golden leave Green Men. But where? I looked into all corners (because Green Men are mostly rather hidden). Finally I asked a employee of the Church. First he pretended not to understand my question. Subsequently he showed me an arch (pulpitum) on the high altar!


There they were. Not in a back yard but gloriously celebrated at the center of the Christian Eucharist. Its meaning: Green Men have never become forgotten. On the contrary, they seem to be the symbols of an unbroken tradition, Christianity could not ignore. When I left the church I searched in the dozens of (beautiful) brochures, all exposesing the riches of the church. NONE had a photo, description or even mentioning of the Green Men. It complies with an impression I already had for some time. The Catholic Church is very much aware of the presence and meaning of Green Men. Afraid too, apparently. That's why it actively suppresses them.

Taken on a different day e.g. different colors
Green Men as ongoing tradition: some modern images in the streets of Marburg

Not exactly a Green Man (?) but part of
a Green Men setting

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