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Driving to Frankenberg (North Hessen) I said to my wife MeiMei: "I feel, that there will be Green Men over there". Once arrived at the Marienkapelle of the Liebfrauenkirche (13th century, "Sweet Women Church", a link to Pre-christian Goddesses) I couldn't believe my eyes. The outer wall containing some 30! Green Men, all apparently original and old. I shouted with joy. Because it confirmed my suspicions that Germany (and not only Britain) is a treasure house of Green Men, about to become discovered.
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I have never visited a church that is so consistently breathing the atmosphere of "paganism". It is almost certain that the church is built on a very ancient sacred place. When the missionaries came they did build a church but could not prevent that the people packed it with the central theme of the Original Tradition: the Cosmic Mother (Liebfrauen) and Her Son/Lover (Green Man). Apart from the images lush vegetation - a Tree of Life, symbol of the Cosmic Mother and lots of green leaves - abound. This makes Frankenberg one of the most special places on the continent of Europe. Incredible! 

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Tree of Life/Great Mother

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