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Great Mother Poster
Poster Transformation


The Dom with almost no Green Men on the exterior

Only at the entrance I could locate two very beautiful ones

The Rider with Green Man on the right side under


Some call him the most famous of all Green Men, the "archetype" so to speak. He is situated under the statue of the Rider. He doesn't look very happy. Instead, he is a little shy, or, ponders about escape. Maybe he was forced to serve the Rider, while his true mission lies elswhere... 


(Small square near the Dom)

Several Green Men on the facade of a teahouse

bamberg-9.jpg (15323 bytes)



The Gem of Bamberg

Green Men scattered on the outside of the Mother sanctuary
bamberg-13.jpg (22139 bytes)
Inside the Virgin with Child
The Liebfrauenkirche of Bamberg is a treasure. It shows the original relationship of the Great Mother and Her Son/Lovers. While inside the altar is totally occupied by a very mythical Virgin and Child, the outer wall is covered with many most magnificent Green Men. They are Her guardians. Unfortunately the inside of the church has been "barockisized". An attempt to remove the traces of a much more meaningful, but "dangerous" past? We can only guess.
This mixture of devotion, medieval faces and incredible beautiful art moves me time and again. Moreover, I am sure they have reconciled me with my manhood as well. A manhood, that was for some time dominated by the "ugly white man" syndrome. Although loving my body as "gift of God" and nurturing it with my "feeling awareness" in those times the social aspect of my manhood had nothing to be proud of. With the re-discovery of the Green Men this all changed completely. Looking at them I look at myself, feeling the primordial energy flowing within me. Green Men give Western men their true identity back! Joy, gratitude! 

The Great Mother with Her Son/Lovers, incredible! 

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