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It is the spiral of ongoing overproduction and
overconsumption that leads us to the abyss

Those who aim at dictatorship have an interest in chaos

We have only a DECADE to prevent
global disaster

In order to Save the Planet
we need a transformation on
all levels of society

Join our worldwide "Healing
the Planet" Initiative!

Han Marie Stiekema

knight of an old story
king of the Golden Grail
it's much too long ago
that you came
with the sun on your face
as the bearer of the Light
let us share your peace

seven roses in your hair
seven stars in your hand
seven golden candles
their fire always burning
seven bars in the earth
seven words in your mouth
seven chalices, seven swords
make the circle round again
spur your horse
let the earth hear
that you are coming
Parsifal, prince Parsifal

From "Parsifal"
Elly Nieman & Rikkert Zuiderveld
CD 724349378629

Are you A New (Wo) Man?                             
Queen Wilhelmina of  The Netherlands

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Turn On!
Healing the Planet in 7 Steps
To Begin with A New Spirituality


Patriarchal religion has desecrated existence - denial of the inner divine Light, desacralization of nature, contempt for the body, suppression of femininity, love and eroticism, besides disintegration of the community - in favour of its ersatz-reality. Because people were cut off from their roots, they had no other choice but to fall back on their ego's. "To have is the inability to Be". Ever since our culture is an ego-culture, all later developments included. Now we face the Ego-Catastrophe. Our Mission is thus not an easy one. It is nothing less but the replacement of the overshooted "male/patriarchal" world view - rationalism, unbridled pursuit of profit, violence and exploitation -  by a "feminine" (holistic) paradigm: connectedness, cooperation, respect, love, justice, peace and harmony with nature. See also: "The Shattered West".

1. A New Spirituality
The "Eternal-Feminine" as the Foundation of
Spirituality and Religion

Friends! Understanding the times we are in is crucial. These are one of decay. Ultimately, it will lead to chaos, nothingness and suicide. To most people this creates existential fear. That's why they try to put their heads into the sand. Work, distraction, entertainment, money - having rather than Being - power games and other obsessions have to divert them from reality. Nothingness isn't the feared end, though. It proves to be the Cosmic Womb from which everything is born and to which everything is returning. It invites you to return to the Source in order to become renewed. Go to the Depth of it. Become A New (Wo)Man.  In order to save the world we have to become reborn, while subsequently fitting in in "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" once again. Once your New Self is firmly established, you may start dedicating your life to the one cause worth living: "Healing the Planet". 
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2. A New Psychology
The dynamic interaction between awareness, the
reflexion, the various sub-personalities and each other

Insight into yourself is essential. It liberates you from ignorance, self-addiction and indifference. You are not the one psychologists say you are. The real you has a surplus-value. Deep inside you are a Divine Spark. For 2000 years we were forced to live with a false feeling of guilt, inferiority complex and submission. Your identity was affected to its very core. Your stress, depression and burn-out all arise from wrong self-understanding.  Burn-out is the result of ego-inflation, the collapse of your addictive lifestyle. However, you are 1000x more enlightened, loving and strong than you think. Turn On! Re-claim your true identity! Become whole, once again! Once established, start including your beloved, partners, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Our survival depends on our ability to restore the community on all levels.
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3. A New Tradition
(Wo)man rooted in Heaven, Earth and the
(new) Community

Being rooted in "Heaven, earth and the community" is our existential situation. It is inclusive.Whether you are a Christian, Agnostic, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, Taoist, Wicca, a Goddess or Shinto believer or Indigenous person, everyone shares the same basic situation. That everybody uses another name for "Heaven" - God, Allah, the Light, Nothingness - is not so relevant here. We all might agree, that "Heaven" is the best compromise to bridge our differences.  Moreover, we share it with the grass, the trees, the animals, the rocks, the rivers, the oceans and the atmosphere, as well! We have to become part of the "web of life", of the Whole, once again. I call this "Existential Consciousness". Spiritual e.g. Healing Communities could take the lead here. These are small groups of highly motivated people - Wise Women and Green Men - who commit themselves to a "daily monastic schedule", while dedicating themselves to Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. In order to achieve this they will receive a training. See: "Transformatorium"    
Read also: Existential Consciousness/Healing Communities/Green Men/Wise Women/Transformatorium

4. A New Health Care
Based on the three echelons of selfhelp, holistic
and technological medicine

Your body is a treasure. It is part of the "Body of God". Good health is the source of energy, joy and satisfaction. What we need is re-claiming understanding of our own bodies. Liberating us from the sickness industry. We will help you with that! Our (33 years of) expertise has been focusing on health, rather han disease. With astonishing results! Everyone can achieve his or her optimal vitality level. Everyone has the chance to regenerate! Through a healthy lifestyle 70% of your health is in your own hands. That's why self help is crucial. Isn't it logical that you first try your own selfhealing power? This has to become integrated in our health care system. If you don't make it with that, then you take your refuge in holistic medicine: natural medicine, homoeopathy, traditional chinese medicine, antroposophical medicine and many more. Only if this wouldn't help you fall back on the jumping net of technological (chemical/surgical) medicine. PS. We ourselves put a pain therapy ("Mother Healing"), group consultations and a Personal Health Plan, a mail order OVC health check-up and courses in Chinese Guasha therapy, at your disposal.
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5. A New Society
Based on Subsidiarity, Mother Right and
Community Democracy

First everything was privatised. Now - as a consequence of a out of hand running greed for profit - an effect that was to be expected from an economic system that gropes about everything it can get - everything suddenly goes to the state. However, this is just much of a muchness. The foundation of society is not the state ("big brother"), but the living body of the community. Hence, political Sovereignty should be in the hands of the people. We - the people - should have control over all those things that affect us directly. Society, therefore, should be structured bottom-up, to begin with individuals, families, groups, streets, neighborhoods, communes, counties and the commonwealth, everything organized in "organic" layers of mutual cooperation. This is called "community democracy" or "sociocracy". Because women represent the "substance of life" it is only just, that they become the cornerstone of the New Community.  
Read also: Transformation Manifesto for the 21st Century/Sociocracy

6. A New Economy
Economy of balance, Voluntary work
and a Basic income

The New Economy should be centered around inner fulfillment, balance and joy of life rather than having. ("To have is the inability to Be"...). It should serve the people, rather than he other way round. Isn't the rat race suicidal? Set the example by demonstrating that prosperity for all e.g. a life of enough is far more preferable. Show your Being, friendship, love, care, mutual assistence, joy and creativity to your immediate surroundings. It is infectious! How? Read one of the boldest plans ever proposed! In short. We together decide that we will do voluntary work every week half a week for the community. In exchange everybody becomes the same basic income. With that income we can pay our basic costs: home, energy, food, transportation, education and health care*.....This way we kill three birds with one stone: recovery of the community, relief for the environment and a basic security for ourselves. The other half days we may do what we want: from doing nothing to making money....*PS Logical consequence: 1) basic provisions will be controlled by the community.....2) the costs of living will be taken out of the private sphere and adjusted to the basic income.
Read also: Transformation Manifesto for the 21st Century

7. A New Earth
Sustainable energy, Nature conservation
and Organic agriculture

The earth is the alpha and omega. That has become painfully clear nowadays. Again, this has a very positive side, as well. It forces us to focus on the priorities. There is no other way! So, extend your inner achievements to your immediate surroundings. Embrace a "feminine (holistic) world view!" Teach people to respect Mother Earth! She is all-inclusive. F.i. start founding eco-spiritual sanctuaries e.g. sacred groves. Inspired by Her uniqueness, beauty and wonder, let's start putting the Seven Steps into practice, together! Make clear to everyone, that it isn't too late. Introduction of sustainable energy won't help, if we don't bring down our consumption. The current crisis is leading us in the right direction of its own accord. The CO2-crisis speaks clear language. For instance, we have to drastically reduce our distant holidays, because of the high oil prices. To find our happiness closer to home is the motto. A more simple living. To be rather than to have.....PS. What to say of a worldwide campaign for a vegetarian lifestyle. If everybody becomes a vegetarian some 7 times surplus of food is saved in the world......       
Read also: Sacred Earth Project

In these Most Hopeful of Times
Healing the Planet
in 7 Steps

So, what can you do? First, everything depends on your longing for wholeness. What is the use of pursuing your "personal goals", when the trees around you are dying? Very soon we will all be confronted with the wasteland. Even economists say, that we have to turn on NOW (Earth Report 2007). Your wholeness thus depends on the Wholeness of everything else. There is no difference between inner and outer. Many people want to do something, but don't know how. Too many people are stuck in good-willing, but impotent declarations, ideas, concepts, charters and plans. It is all mind-invented. What you need is inspiration from the Origin, though. What you need is spiritual guidance, that can really empower you. You are lucky. Healing the Planet in 7 Steps isn't just another project. On the contrary, it helps you to re-claim your inner fire - your own authentic insight, love and strength - to the benefit of all living beings: people, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, oceans and the atmosphere. And...what is there to be lost?


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