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Serve others/Come, Heed the Call!

January 11, 2000
(Arte TV about matrilinear Khampa Nomads/Tibet)

Step 1 "Healing yourself"

Part 1

Today I started a new exercise. I called it "spiritual walking". You probably have heard about "nordic walking". People had to buy sticks in order to move their arms, while walking. Why buying sticks for it? Can't you move your arms without them? Another disadvantage: with sticks your movements are very limited, indeed! Another sales trick, I thought.

I took my "Heaven & Earth Exercises" as a starting point. The foundation is feeling awareness. You re-connect to the earth and sooner or later movements start by themselves. They go very slow, though. "Spiritual walking" is the active "yang" variant. You feel your feet in contact with the soil; equally so with your breathing in and out, and start walking.

While keeping contact with your body, you start making movements with your arms. They don't come out of your mind, but emerge from your aware body ("center"). The only criteria are, that they are always felt, while moved energetically and symmetrically. Any movement is okay. There are also breaks in between. Then you walk, while having your hands folded in "namasté" or clap them, greeting nature around you*

* Taking the opportunity of breathing deeply through your nose.  

Depending on your mood, you may emphasize either the sports aspect or the spiritual aspect of your walk. The latter may (spontaneously) turn into "celebrating life" or "blessing the world". In that case your arms automatically will express "primordial" gestures, like "giving from the heart", "invocation of heaven", "embracing nature" or "gratefulness".

This exercise is so great, that I would like to walk around the world like that. Who joins (haha)?

We will make a video of it and publish it on YouTube.

See also: "City Awakening"

Part 2

Let me tell you about Parsifal. In his life he made two major mistakes. The first is that he "forgot about his mother". He left her because of the challenge of becoming a knight. It symbolizes the quest of the ego. It is part of a "man's (woman's) path towards independence". Thereupon, his mother dies of sorrow. It means, that he had totally forgotten her. It corresponds with today's alienation. In its arrogance, the partriarchal mind has cut the bonds with the nurturing soil, the primordial Maternal Realm. That's why everything is in decay. In the legend this is called the "wasteland".

The second mistake had to do with his visit to the Grail Castle. It is the Castle of the overflowing Cauldron (or Stone). It symbolizes the Eternal Feminine or Cosmic Womb, from which everything originates and to which everything returns. It is guarded by a King, the Fisher King. "Fisher" because he already belongs to patriarchy. In his conceit he had separated himself from the Source. That's why he fell ill. Parsifal, upon seeing the Grail (Enlightenment) was so fascinated, that he forgot about asking about the King's health, something he would bitterly pay for.

It sheds a whole new light on the problem of guilt. By rejecting Christianity, many people have also rejected the former's guilt obsession. As we all know, the Church made us feel guilty about everything. It was our very existence that they said was sinful: the "original sin"*. To live was living in darkness. Only Christ e.g. the Church had the power to liberate us from it. Subsequently, they had worked up an immense list with all kinds of sins. No shortage of imagination, this time. Fortunately, many modern people have totally and for ever rid themselves of this kind of oppression.

* Spiritually, it symbolizes our alienation from the Divine. Sin means, that you have turned your back to God. It thus describes a personal situation, only. The Church, however, extended it to a "universal law". 

They are not to blame for the fact, that guilt altogether has disappeared from our vocabularies. It has re-emerged with the Grail Legend, though. The latter operates a very positive approach, indeed! How can guilt be positive, you would say. It is all about "forgetting": to forget to cherish, guarding and developing the Best in you. In daily life, we have thousands and one excuses not to go for the ultimate thing. In most cases, we are totally involved with the details of our everyday lives. We are already very proud, when there is a niche for "something extra", left.

Our situation has changed dramatically, though. Our very existence is at stake. We have to change our life-style completely and drastically. Where to find the courage to do this? Of course, it is preferable to have an abundance of commitment, already. However, not everybody is so fortunate. In this situation, a new concept of personal guilt may very well bring help. It is about negligence e.g. omission. It is the unwillingness - either through laziness, worries, distractions, self-centeredness or indifference - to give the Best of you. Contrary to common practice, it means, that you first should start serving the Whole, while subsequently organizing everything else around it.

First you feel remorse; later this will turn into joy, commitment and strength, though.

May we thus painfully become aware of our guilt!

Part 3

That night I had the following "reality dream". I was bitten by a dog. The owner categorically refused to compensate me for the damage.....

January 12, 2000

Part 1

There has been hardly anybody, who understood the situation we are in so well. It is the British historian A.Toynbee. His aim was to explain the rise and fall of civilizations. He studied some twenty of them. What he discovered was that they behave almost like nature: birth, budding, growing, flowering, becoming fruitful, degeneration, decay and death. What is relevant to our situation is, that we find ourselves in the phase of decay.

Isn't society disintegrating from the individual to relationships, from the community to politics, from health care to the educational system, to nature...?

People would react in three ways to this threatening situation, Toynbee says. While the majority fears about its security e.g. survival*, the privileged elite tries to maintain its position at all costs. In order to achieve it, they will stop at nothing. From corruption, deceit, exploitation, oppression, police brutality to military threats, attacks and occupation. How familiar this sounds! The good news is that these symptoms aren't proof of real strength.They are rather like the desperate fire of a battleship about to sink.    

* Which may very well lead to (right-wing)fundamentalist putsch attempts....

At the same time, small groups are preparing the start of a new era. Because existing norms and values all have become inflated, they have no choice but to first going back to the Source in order to become renewed. (Not an easy task in a time (ours) in which spirituality itself has become corrupted). Hence, every true beginning is a spiritual/religious one! It is this how we understand ourselves. The aim is "Healing the Planet", while the first step is "To Begin with A New Spirituality".

Question: to which group do you belong?

Part 2

The key to healing yourself is The Universal Way, in particular chapter 2 "Personal Integration". Because the extensive elaboration in MotherBlog 2, I will leave out the story here. Instead, I will focus on the health aspect.

In my life, I allow myself small "sins" (haha). This morning I woke up with pressure in my head. The cause: after three months of abstinence I again drank a (very) small cup of coffee. I so much felt like having it. Although I knew about the adverse reaction of my body. Two positive effects: I don't regret it, while having my resolve to refrain from it in the future, strengthened.

It brings me to the subject of the relationship between food on the one hand and wellbeing on the other. This time the focus is on vegetarianism.

Obviously, vegetarianism is the answer to many of our current problems. Take the environment. For every kilo of meat, seven kilo of plant protein is wasted. With regard to the hunger in the world, this is totally irresponsible. Add the mass torture of animals in the bio-industry to it, and the picture becomes rather gloomy, indeed. Recently, two other factors have made it only worse. First, there is the huge amount of methane, produced by (cow, pig) manure. Through it global warming is accelerated. Secondly, the overfishing of the oceans.

The effect on our health is considerable. In the West, the main problem is overconsumption (of animal protein). Again the moral issue. The irony is, that we become sick of the too much, while the Third World is starving from too little. What is the case? If we eat too much animal protein, our metabolism (already weakened by our sitting life-style e.g. a low combustion) may not process it properly, anymore. Breakdown products like collagen are then stored in the bloodvessel (capillary) wall, rather than being eliminated from the body. Through which the walls thicken and the pores, gates for the nutrients on their way to the cells, are clogged.

circulation.gif (10090 bytes)
The capillary, the nutrients, the pores, the connective tissue and the cells.
A. Normal passage B. Obstructed passage

The consequences are grave. Nutrients accumulate in the blood, on the one hand giving rise to "abnormal serum values" like too high protein, fats, cholesterol, sugars and others, while on the other hand the cells are starving (deficiencies). The irony: because we eat too much, our cells receive too little. Do you grasp the logic? The key is overconsumption of meat, through which the passage to the cells is obstructed. The Germans call this "Verschlackung". If the process goes on, not only the capillary wall will be clogged, but the connective tissue, as well.

The first consequence is a too high cholesterol. Why? Because it is a very big molecule. So, when pores slowly become obstructed (it is a process of many years), it is cholesterol that first faces the consequences. It is going to stick on the inside of the bloodvessel wall. "Cholesterol" thus isn't a "fat problem". On the contrary, it is a side-effect of a protein problem! Proof? Start a protein fast for one month - no meat, fish, egg, all dairy products and soy - and your cholesterol - sometimes after a first rise (cholesterol is freed and temporarily accumulates in the blood), will return to normal.*

Why? Because the body, deprived from external protein, starts breaking down its own storage, thereby restoring the permeability of the pores.

* In severe cases, this process should be controlled by a physician.

See:, handbook "Flow System Therapy", chapter "Transportation".

To be continued.

January 13, 2000

Note: in regular medicine, these utterly logic relationships are not known! They f.i. deny that protein can be stored in the body. Hence, my Flow System Therapy, based on medical system theory and practice is a real breakthrough. We need a health-oriented health care! The difference it would make is tremendous. By putting it on the internet I made it available to everybody, worldwide. It should be taught in schools, hospitals, universities and on TV, as well. (The above mentioned approach I owe to prof.dr.L.Wendt, though. He was a genius, dedicating his whole life to "protein storage diseases".)

Recapitulating. While nutrients are stagnating e.g. accumulating in the blood, cells are starving. Cells don't like to die, so they send "mayday signals" to the brain through chemical and neuronal ways. How do you think the brain could help the cells? Causing hunger, a student once said to me. Not bad. In many cases people do feel "starvation". So, they start eating more. O, irony, as you will understand, it will only worsen the situation. Wasn't overeating the cause of it all? They thus become part of a vicious circle.

Again visualize the situation. Think! One of you said it, already. Indeed, through driving up the pressure!!! Something we call "hypertension". I talk about the common "essential" hypertension here, good for 80% of all cases. ("Essential" means, they don't know the cause!). By putting more pressure behind the diffusion process, nutrients that couldn't find their way through the pores, now will. Thus, "hypertension" is an attempt of the body to re-balance, indeed, a rescue operation to save the cells. At least this is a temporary relief. If protein storage goes on, then "hypertension" won't help anymore.     

What happens, if your "hypertension" is "treated" with anti-hypertension drugs? Right, then the pressure is brought down, through which the nutrients, once again, stagnate*. Not amused? Unfortunately, the story isn't over, yet. The more the pores become clogged, the smaller molecules will also be obstructed. One of those smaller molecules is....sugar or glucose. So, sooner or later sugar will also accumulate in the blood, while the cells receive less and less of it. High blood sugar causes a crazy around he clock secretion of insuline from the pancreas.

* If your pressure is acutely very high, then we also treat with drugs first. Simultaneously, we will start treating the causes,  though. In practice, most cases will return to normal astonishingly quick.

It mostly takes several decades, before the pancreas gives up. Note: poor pancreas has to digest our overall overconsumption, as well!* Isn't it time that we care about it more? The first symtoms of pancreatic fatigue we call "pre-diabetes". Often, a carbohydrate limited diet is prescribed. This limits the intake of sugar a little. The cause - protein storage - remains untreated, though. Thus, the show goes on. Until one of our most important glands kicks the bucket. It is then, that suddenly large scale clinical research is mobilized. Then it is even discovered, that the capillary wall is thickened.

* From our fasting experience, we know, that averagely people eat a surplus of two or three times. And that every day, three times a day, during twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty and more years.....

The key question: is the thickened capillary wall the effect of diabetes or is diabetes the effect of a thickened capillary wall?  

Still surprised about the complex of overweight, too high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes? Many questions emerge. Why in times of scarcity (WW II f.i.) hardly any hypertension e.g. diabetes occurs? What has gone up dramatically, ever since? (Right, the consumption of animal protein!) Why f.i. in poor countries only the overfed elite is affected?

See:, Personal Health Plan, Step 1.

Shall we start a worldwide public information campaign? Isn't that a very worthwhile thing to do? You would? I am your man.

Tomorrow, I will resume the talk about vegetarianism.

January 14, 2000

Part 1

Yesterday, I saw a film on TV about he sixties. I realized how wonderful it was to share a common world view. One had the feeling of having many friends. Something I am missing today. The same day, I visited a Carmelite nun. She is a very good friend of mine, an exception to the rule. Our joint dedication to Teresa of Avila brought us together. We talked about some spiritual issues. In the past, she still did effort to "spread the message" to people. Not anymore, she said. She has learned, that it works the other way round:  "God is sending the right people to her".

Is the need for friends the drive behind my "missionary" activities? Is it the fact, that only a few really contact me? Or is it more? Indeed, sharing the Essence with people is the most fulfilling thing on earth. My Carmelite friend has the advantage, that everybody knows her role. So, when people have certain spiritual needs, they easily know how to find her. I don't have that luxery. I am not part of an existing tradition; I am the beginning of one. If I don't want to be a missionary (and I don't), then, the least I can do is making myself known.

That is what I try to do with this website. The rest (if there is any) I leave to the Mother. Or is She expecting more of me?

Part 2

I still have to finish my talk about vegetarianism. Obviously, there are plenty of reasons for changing your eating habits. The environment, animal protection, your own health all tip the scale in its favour. With regard to health: especially those, who always have eaten more than minimal amounts of protein, have the greatest benefit from it. In that case it is recommendable, that you do a protein fast first. Note: in that period you also refrain from dairy products and soy. After that month you may add them to your diet, once again*.

* See:, Personal Health Plan, Step 1.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Apart from clinical cases, starving people (in the Third World), and recently, unexpected risks have popped up. First, some background information. My first specialization as a M.D. (1972) was fasting therapy. I guided people with all kinds of disorders. Fasts could be as long as five weeks, depending on the situation. Thus, no shortage of experience! These fast were mostly followed by a vegetarian life-style. The first setback was the observation, that some vegetarian people showed symptoms of (chronic) indigestion, due to overconsumption of fruits, potatoes, raw salads and vegetables.*

* Often suffering from aditional bloating belly, candida, self-poisoning and hypoglycemia.

However, these problems are minor. They can be compensated by a separation of carbohydrates and proteins and by reducing your evening meal. Another problem may arise, when you eat too much cereals and beans.Your metabolism may become too acid. Furthermore, many people with digestion problems don't know, that they might have a gluten intolerance. The fact is, that an increasing number - some talk about 10-20% of the population! - is suffering from it. In that case, vegetarianism doesn't help. On the contrary. If you suffer from it a long time already, then there is every chance, that your bowel is degenerated*.

* In that case, often small amounts of animal protein maybe necessary to regenerate. See:, Personal Health Plan, Step 1.

Another setback is the following. People, who eat vegetarian or vegan, generally, not only become more healthy, but also more sensitive. Initially, this is felt as being positive. You become more open, due to a heightened sensory awareness. Very joyful, indeed. The shadow part has become evident, only recently, though: sensitivity to negative influences, as well. The cause: electro-magnetic radiation, due to our GSM/UMTS/G3/G4/DECT-telephone systems. It appears, that especially vegetarians are the first victims. Symptoms: (extreme) fatigue, headache, loss of memory, sleeplessless, palpitations of the heart, "weakness", poor immunological response, pain in the bones, joints and muscles (fibromyalgia) and worse.

In those cases, animal protein intake may be unavoidable. It provides a "buffer", through which electro-magnetic resonance is subdued. Mostly, two or three times a week a small amount may be enough. It proves, that promoting vegetarianism as a "system, good for all" doesn't always have the right effect. Every individual is unique and has to make his or her own choices. It also touches a moral aspect. Although largely a very sympathetic, nay, necessary issue, vegetarianism should never become a dogma e.g. reason for conceit.

People, who have to eat meat, should not be burdened by guilt feelings. If you have to eat meat, then you should do it with gratitude in your heart. South American Indians, before they start plowing the soil, first apologize to Mother Earth for having to hurt Her. Lesson: our very existence implies, that we have to eat other forms of living. Plants also have feelings, some say. So, how far are you prepared to go? Understand me (very) well. I am an ardent promotor of vegetarianism. However, the freedom gained on one side should not lead to discrimination on the other. People, who don't have a choice but eating meat, may develop an "alternative" way of respect to the animals.

It is based on the insight, that life serves life. It starts with your self. My core teaching is, that everything is part of he "Law of the Universe". It consists of "death, rebirth and permanence" on all levels of existence. In order to renew yourself (and with you your direct surroundings) death is an everyday experience. It manifests itself on all levels: spiritually, psychologically and physically. 25% of all your cells are continuously dying, 25% are renewing themselves, while 50% are in a more or less stable condition. The secret: the dying cells are secreting a substance, that promotes the birth and growth of new cells. Death is the pre-condition for new life to emerge....

If you have no choice, but eating meat, you may develop a different attitude to life. Not necessarily an inferior one! It even has a moral advantage. While dogma may degenerate into conceit: "look what I am doing for the animals", you may develop an attitude of intense gratitude. Every time before you start eating (cooking), you contemplate a few minutes on the interdependency of life - the Law of the Universe - expressing your gratitude to both plants and animals*.

* Obviously, eating only the necessary minimum, buying only organic meat, while vehemently opposing/fighting the bio-industry, genetic manipulation e.g. the existing electro-magnetic pollution.           

It may go even further, though. Aren't the animals a great example with regard to the necessity of sacrificing yourself to the benefit of all? Yes, they are. You may adopt it as the ultimate justification. "I will only eat meat, as long as I dedicate myself to the Whole". By realizing this, you may develop a whole new sense of solidarity with all "sentient and non-sentient beings".     

Ode to animals and plants
"May I dedicate myself to the Whole, like you sacrifice yourself to me (us)"  

Enough for today?

January 15, 2000

Part 1      

The topic of vegetarianism clearly raised my passion. It shows, that talking about (physical) wellbeing is still part of my concern. It even took me in tow, in such a way, that I forgot about the Mother. It mirrors the so-called "normal mind". Isn't the latter continuously lost in thinking, emotions and desires? Compared to that, my situation is totally harmless. I allow myself not to be in the Moment all the time. I am not a perfectionist.

By going back to the Moment, the situation is totally open, once again. By letting go of the old, I am receptive to the new. So, I realize, that a little explanation about the structure of this Blog could help you in understanding my aims.

Did you notice the difference in tone of this Blog, compared to the last two months? The titles are explaining why. Everything has been structured along the lines of the Vision of the Grail: "Awaken!, restructure your life and serve others!" that was granted to me in 1974. These three pillars are the guideline of my work. Hence, the first month is centered about "Returning to the Source" or "Mother Worship", while the second guides you in transforming your daily life: "The Universal Way" in 7 Steps. Together, they provide you a new foundation in life. They are the starting point for fruitful action in the world.

The Three Pillars of my Work: Mother Worship/The Universal Way/Healing the Planet

As you know, the third pillar is called "Healing the Planet". It also consists of 7 Steps. The first is called "Healing yourself". The above section about vegetarianism is a contribution to it. It is important to pay all the necessary attention to self-healing. Hence, I add some links here.

For physical wellbeing: "Personal Health Plan": For psychological balance:  "Emotional Self-integration". For spiritual awakening: "The Universal Way".

The second Step is called: "Healing each other". While I was asking for inspiration, I was startled with the following news. 

Part 2

"Prisons for children?" A German Landesgovernment is seriously considering the possibility to put children under 14 - those who committed a crime - behind bars. As I read it, something within exploded. Have they really gone mad? Obviously, it is symptomatic for a trend in other European countries, as well. What is the case? For many decades, society - the ruling elite - have totally ignored the signals our youth have given to them. It varied from illness, poor school performance, loneliness, meaninglessness, homelessness, unemployment, to drug usage, street gangs and crime. The cause isn't their fault. It is the adults, who - refusing to give up their self-centered materialistic life - blocked the future perspectives of their own children.

The key issue is, that "normality", e.g. the way the older generation has designed its lifestyle, is unrelentingly leading us to self-destruction. Our existing lifestyle is the problem! In what kind of a society are we living, the one that digs the grave for its own offspring? Isn't that incomprehensible? The behavior of our youth should waken us up, not because there is something wrong with them, but because there is something wrong with us. "Neues aus der Anstalt" (News from the Madhouse) is the name of one of the most popular German satirical TV programmes. And indeed, they have found the right tone to describe, what is going on nowadays.

The success of AA (Alcohol Anonymus) is due to the acknowledgement, that you cannot save yourself from alcohol addiction. Our collective self-addiction - based on greed, profit, exploitation, injustice, oppression and destruction of nature - is much worse, though. Society is maintaining a system that is inherently criminal, while putting the victims - its own youth - into prison.

More moderate voices want the parents to take full responsibility (something that is the case, already). Not acknowledging the fact, that a majority of parents got hopelessly entangled in the socio-economic "logic" of the "market-economy": high costs of daily living, increasing prices, not enough income, unemployment, high debts, the necessity for mothers to have a job, scarcity of kindergardens, domestic violence, high incidence of divorce, single parents, disintegrating communities, violence and drug use at schools etc., etc.

The cause behind: the ruthless race for more, more and more.

If you don't take the effort to take your youth seriously, then, sooner or later, they turn against you. Temporary solutions certainly have to be found. However, they will be useless, if not the root cause - a society based on individualism and materialism - is effectively tackled.  

Our society is ruled by primitive instincts. It is totally hypocritical, to say the least, to - at the surface - talk about freedom, democracy and justice, while the underlying reality is based on the law of the jungle. Youth see through that. They cannot be fooled. Their way of revolt is anti-social behavior. In fact they are desperate, because they will be the ones who have to face the full consequences of the coming global crisis. A crisis, that is not caused by them.

Animals and plants are more intelligent. They know, that survival depends on continuous adaptation to new circumstances. Well, haven't the "circumstances" changed, "recently?" A new awareness should emerge about the fact, that if our youth don't thrive, nobody will. So, what is our youth telling us? Obviously, there are many voices. But there is a common denominator, as well. Deep down youth dream about new perspectives, vision, a meaningful life, spirituality, family, relationships, community, creativity, work, cooperation, solidarity with the poor, a clean environment, an intact nature and a balanced living.

So, stop teaching e.g. rejecting them, instead, learn from them! Our youth have the right to have a decisive voice in shaping their own future.

For obvious reasons....the Germans are said to be afraid of "vision". The past still paralyses us, they say. So, what do you want: your fear or your future?     

Friends! I don't let you down. To help developing your vision, see: "Transformation Manifesto for the 21st Century".

Part 3

Obviously, the crisis of leadership becomes painfully evident. Not only in Germany, of course. People have lost confidence in politics and the politicians. So, who are they, these "our" politicians? Don't we have a right to know by whom we are governed? First of all, politicians are said to "solve problems". This complies with function of company managers. Their life consists of running from one problem to the other. Once one is solved, the other pops up. It seems a never ending dance.

And that is exactly how it is. The reason why never ever a real solution can be achieved is, that politicians are identified with the problems they are supposed to solve. Their minds are part of the problem world. Problems are constantly dominating their thinking and actions. Actually, they are addicted to them. Without problems, politicians wouldn't have a cause to exist. It is thus in their interest to continuously create new problems*. At the expense of whom? You guess it.

* Politicians are part of the problem, rather than the solution. Obviously, the main reason why problems are never solved is, that it serves the greed for power, the true drive behind every politician's career.

There will be always problems. But we don't have to become slaves of them. Albert Einstein once said: "Problems can never be solved on the level from which they originate". Why? For several reasons. How can you solve a problem, if the latter is dominating you? So, the first pre-requisite is that you should have an unbiased inner distance to them. This can only be achieved by becoming aware, by realizing your inner observer. The pre-requisite is spiritual awakening.

In life, "low" levels are integrated in "higher" ones. In order to function, cells f.i. are part of organs, organs are part of regulating systems, while the latter are part of the bodymind as a whole. The vitality of the whole depends on the integration of its various levels. Organs f.i. have greater power than cells etc. It complies with the steps of creation. Emptiness giving birth to the Light, while the Light is giving birth to the universe. The "higher" the level, the stronger its integrating power.

Now, most problems emerge, because they don't have a proper context. If a child suffers pain, rather than "solving the pain", the mother takes it on her lap. And see, the child immediately stops crying. Problems are problems, because they live a life of their own. It is because they are alienated from the whole. On the other hand, arguments stop because of the integrating context of friendship. Suffering ends through love. Crises can be overcome through the solidarity of the people. Trees recover, when the forest as a whole regenerates.

So, in order to solve problems, you need a surplus value. A "platform" that is able to provide a (new) context, in which things can become reshuffled. It is a "vertical approach". Instead of repairing one problem with the other - trying to pull yourself with your own hair out of the swamp - you integrate them into their proper context, transcending them toward a new balance. It exceeds by far the "problem solving", as we know it. It exposes the impotence of the politician. He or she proves to be a slave, rather than a master.

Besides "problem solving", politicians are supposed to "lead the people". It has become painfully clear, that they totally lack this kind of quality. They do nothing but maintaining the status quo e.g. serving dominant interests. Obviously, slaves don't possess the liberating power of vision and leadership. It is a disaster, considering the seriousness of the situation we are in.

The era of the politicians as we know them may thus be soon over. At least, as "leaders", they will not be able to face the enormous problems, humanity is facing. On the other hand, politics has to become part of spirituality, the smaller has to become part of the bigger (rather than the other way round)*. The emphasis has to shift to all those people, who have become aware. They are the hopefuls - the ones who have the necessary vision, clarity, wisdom, overview, strength and compassion - those, who can lead us to a new stage in evolution**.

* All attempts to make spirituality part of politics - like trying to found a "spiritual party" - are based on ignorance about the underlying principles. They are thus doomed to fail.

** By the way, spiritual and religious leaders are two different kinds of people. The former act out of a cosmic world view, openness,   inner freedom and inclusiveness, while the latter represent an established institute based on dogma, coercion, manipulation and exclusivity, co-responsible for the crisis we are in. Hence, the separation between "church and state" should be maintained. Spiritual leadership is a new development, though; it isn't interfering with the existing agreement. See: "Existential Consciousness".       

A new leadership is in the making. It is the people themselves, who are going to take the lead. It can be compared with the "crisis in the church". Increasingly, people asked themselves about the function of its "mediators". Can't you establish a direct contact with God, yourself? Why still needing them? It is the same with politics. Aren't politicians and parties pursuing their own interests, instead of serving the people? People thus ask themselves: why can't we govern ourselves? Indeed, in these most critical of times, worldwide attempts are made to save democracy.

Spiritual leaders are taking the lead here, inspiring, renewing and empowering the people. The aim is to develop a new moral foundation e.g. a new ethical system for a new society.

See: "Transformation Manifesto for the 21st Century".

January 16, 2000

This morning somebody called me. He asked about my political aspirations. His impression was that I had some talents in this regard. Especially, the combination of mildness on the one hand - clearly based on compassion, he said - and telling the truth on the other, could have an impact. I laughed and told him, that I appreciated his commitment, but that for me a political career had not been written in the stars. Honestly, I either don't have the expertise, nor the (verbal) endurance, nor the ambition to set out for the political arena. I just express my concerns, I told him, because that is my responsibility as a citizen, like everybody else should.

That is one side of the story. The other is, that I am a teacher with an inclusive world view. Separating the spirit and the world simply doesn't comply with reality. It is artificial. I, on the other hand, represent reality as it is, I said to him. It has led to initiating "Healing the Planet". It is not a political program, but a curriculum. A self-help program if you like. My mission is to support people in empowering themselves.

An additional reason is....the increasing loss of mind functions. It is a "side-effect" of the spiritual Path. The longer the periods of staying in Emptiness, the weaker the former become. Sometimes I makes jokes about it, calling it "spiritual dementia" (haha). The reality: the ego is dissolving, in order to be replaced by the Original Mind. Hence, as long as my common memory is still vital, I want to share/write down everything that was granted to me. Don't worry, I won't land in a home for the elderly. On the contrary, the outcome is a final liberation from the burden of the common mind, in order to exclusively living in the Eternal Moment.

How do I know that? Well, first of all, my Vision of the Grail showed me the Way. It says, that the third and last phase of my life consists of Oneness with the Ultimate. Secondly, my first blissful ten years were like that. Thirdly, it is an everyday experience, already. It is all about the difference between being identified with the ego or living in the True Self.

F.i. an evening, where I have to talk out of (accumulated) experience - the mind - or one where I can draw directly from the Source. In the first case, I am totally tired after, while in the second case I could go on for hours. So, don't worry about my "handicap". The "loss" will be compensated a thousand times. Actually, it is the crown to the Path.

Thus, in the last phase - something that is about to happen - the mind will cease to dominate my life. Half of February this Blog will be rounded off. I leave it to the winds, to people of all directions. I myself long to be an instrument of the Ultimate, a true "Son of the Mother", imbued in the Way, Truth and Life, available without reservation. 

To become a limitless Heart of Compassion, isn't that the purpose of life? When I look at MeiMei, I say to myself: "here is your guide". Indeed, sometimes I make jokes about the fact, that she has been sent by the Mother to "domesticate me". I assure you, this wasn't an easy task!  

Now, you will better understand, why I can't become a politician. What it will be, only the Mother knows. I look forward to what She still has in store for "me".   

The Mother: the greatest adventure on earth. 

January 17, 2000

Jeroen Bosch 1450-1516

How to solve the inner contradictions of a world that is about to go mad? Jeroen Bosch - a Dutchman - lived in a time, in which everything disintegrated. He found his personal solution through painting. In order not to be swept away by the circumstances, he painted the chaos he saw around him as absurd as possible. A therapeutic approach, so to speak. What you see in his paintings complies with every moment in history, where civilization is in decay. Imagine yourself what you would paint today. Which kind of symbolism would you use for the "globalisation" f.i.?

Take the example of those companies, that settle down somewhere, receiving tens of millions of euro's subsidies (payed by the tax payers), and then, after the contract has ended, simply break up, dumping the employees, while settling down in a cheaper country, where they start the same procedure all over again.

Yes, you can see the absurdities - the crimes - but you don't have to stay paralysed - like the politicians - or escape in some phantasy (virtual) world, like most of us do. "The third way" is to try to understand the meaning of the decay. What is behind it? Two factors are coming together, a personal and a cosmic (not a comic) one. The crisis, obviously, is a punishment for our greed for more. It is the bumerang to the globalisation, the ruthless exploitation of whatever comes in our way. It coincides with a cosmic event, though.

It is a unique moment in history, in which we are confronted with the limits of cosmic expansion. I have to explain it. It starts with the "Vacuum" as the bottomless Abyss of the universe. The core characteristic is, that everything is born out of it, while continuously returning. Thus, there are two opposite forces at work, one centrifugal - from the Center to the periphery - and a centripetal - from the periphery to the Center. Normally, these two - manifestation and destruction - are more or less balanced. However, due to unknown factors, there may occur "fluctuations", through which one force temporarily dominates the other.

This seems the case, rightnow. The outgoing force has expanded to such a degree, that it turned into its opposite. Hence, the current times being dominated by a movement toward the Center. By going back to the Center the emphasis is on destruction, though. Religions - Hinduism f.i. - turned this cosmic event into a moral issue. They say, that the destruction includes everything accumulated, old, life-threatening, ugly, self-centered and sick. It is giving us the chance to "die to the old", in order to become reborn. The concept of the Ultimate as a Vacuum - Cosmic Womb - only supports this*. It gives us the possibility to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

* Actually, it is the other way round. Hinduism borrowed this insight from the prehistoric Mother Religion.

To be continued.  

January 18, 2000 

Part 1

Because of my persisting itching I asked the Mother: "Could You tell me, what is behind it?" She responded through the following dream.

I found myself at the court of Queen Beatrix (of the Netherlands). It seemed I was in a training of some sort. The goal: to become her personal secretary. My stay at the court was alternated with flashes from my childhood. When I thought a promotion was imminent, then I suddenly saw myself shouting at my mother. While Beatrix granted me the honour of visiting my home, I saw my father tearing his jacket, so that he wasn't able to attend. Subsequently, I missed a royal dinner.

Its meaning? Fully serving the Mother is still hindered by obstacles from the past. It is characterized by a tense relationship with my mother, while having internalized a father image, that is undermining his own power and opportunities. This indeed exactly reflects my childhood. Altogether, always when I feel I come closer to the goal, the Mother reminds me of my weaknesses. Reason to stay humble. Next time I am going to concentrate myself on my weaknesses, and look if She is going to put the emphasis on my power (haha).

Part 2

Later this day I met a beggar on the street. Without thinking I gave him some money. Apparently, the amount was beyond his expectations. While he smiled at me, a bright light radiated from his eyes. Something very innocent, like a child, really. I was caught on, leaving a deep sense of gratitude, love and joy within.

To give (obviously, without calculating) is a real miracle!

Part 3

Yesterday I had a short walk in the dunes. When I was a boy, these dunes were my home. Whenever I could I played in their wonderful natural surroundings. The sand, the grass, the trees, the wind, the frangrances, everything reminds me of my roots. Sometimes, I really have to go there. Today, it was very special indeed. While walking in drizzly rain, my mind was exceptionally clear. At one Moment I felt the Cosmos could take me in Her arms. It didn't happen. What happened though was a very intimate contact with the Mother.

I prayed to Her:

"I am so sorry, but I can't resist to ponder about a question I want to ask You. It is a question that comes back all the time. What, when, how, where to begin my mission, if überhaupt? Please, Mother, give me a sign".

Just before actually asking Her, I got overwhelmed by emotion, though.

"O, Mother, how much You granted me, already. Despite that, I still want You to do me a favour. How ungrateful I am. Who on earth has been so privileged? Who else got to know Your Reality? For the first time, because of me, You removed Your Veil. Subsequently, for ten years, You let me realize Your Light Body, followed by fifteen years of the Dark Night of the Soul, in which You gave me the opportunity of integrating my old self into my New Identity. Isn't it this more than enough, already? Isn't it time for true surrender?"

Suddenly, I felt deeply ashamed of myself for still asking favours.True, the question about my future is a most burning one. But isn't it a sign of doubting the wisdom of Her guidance? Yes, it is. Once I realized this to the fullest, I sacrificed my request on the altar of recovered Trust.

The Mother is the Alpha and Omega. 

January 19, 2000  

Part 1

Step 2 "Healing each other"

Let's continue the discussion of January the 17th. First of all, did I get the seriousness of the situation across to you? Especially those who are accustomed to the individualistic lifestyle of the last decades might have a (temporarily) problem here. Hasn't in the mean time the emphasis shifted from "personal happiness" to major concerns for all of us? Our socio-economic system has shown its true face. Many of our difficulties are due to its limitless greed (which is a projection of our own addictions). Even spirituality has become corrupted. Hence, the idea that "if I am happy, everybody will be (automatically) happy" has been unmasked as a naive dream.

The personal crisis proves to be a crisis of the entire culture. A few yoga lessons here, and a course in happiness there, are meaningless when confronted with large scale disasters. This is not a projection of pessimism, but facts of an inescapable future. So, it surely is important to work on your personal wholeness*. But it is not enough. Spirituality itself has to be empowered in order to achieve its actual mission: to provide a new foundation for the entire culture. Its first steps coincide with Step 2 of our Healing the Planet Initiative. If Step 1 "Healing yourself" doesn't run into "Healing each other", then "circumstances" will soon overpower us.

* See: "The Universal Way" as I have elaborated in Blog 2.

Hurry up, we don't have too much time to renew ourselves, anymore. Everywhere in the world, young and old are feverishly committing themselves in getting together. They form all kinds of alliances, aiming at cooperating for a new world. The first steps may seem very unspectacular, though. But they are actually the most significant ones. Aren't they the transition from individualism and materialism to community life? It is all about starting to share your life with others. It may vary from taking care of children together, to setting up an alternative health center. Crucial is, that you break the chain of "being thrown upon yourself".

See my articles "The First Steps" and "Mother Circles"   

Rejoice, you have no choice

Part 2

I want to tell you, that I am the first, who understands the difficulties that have to be overcome in this regard. It is related to my native country. For many years, I try to inspire my fellow country (wo)men. The result is very, very poor. Why? Aren't they open, kind and interested people? O, they definitely are. I believe, the overall atmosphere here is one of the best in Europe. However, if it comes to commitment, then it immediately becomes clear, how casual contacts are. I have lived in many countries, no one has proved to be so individualistic as, indeed, Holland, though.

So, yes, through my suffering I understand your suffering better. I won't underestimate your effort, at all. Is that the reason why the Mother has put me here? Is the pain She is giving me a recipe for developing my strength? Is She forcing me to hold out? Like: "if you manage it here, you manage it everywhere?"

I am not a masochist, though. F.i., like you, I have to make the transition from "Healing myself" to "Healing each other". It means, that I also have to make similar steps. In fact, we are all in the same boat. Thinking of it, the positive aspect of "Holland" becomes clear to me. It is a perfect place for a base.

Practically, it means, that my work will consist of "going in and out", bringing the "Healing the Planet Initiative" to "all corners of the world". Is there any goal more worthwile? I do not know of any. Therefore, let's start today, together!*

* I will be delighted to come to your village, town or city, while being available to you as long as you need me. 

Weaving the Mother's Web of Life.


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