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"The Ultimate isn't God, Light, Being or Buddha. There is Something Beyond,
called the Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb or Great Mother".


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Step 1
The "Eternal Feminine" as the Foundation
of Spirituality and Religion


In this period of decay even spirituality has become corrupted. It is serving ego-ambition and greed, rather than sincere longing for true liberation. Spirituality has become a tool to support our addicted lifestyle. It has degenerated into a business aiming at making money. It is purposely being misused to serve the interests of a materialistic society.

It marks the end of a period, in which we tried to pursue "spiritual goals" through self-effort. Individual and collective burn-out prove it. Fear, meaninglessness, confusion, loneliness, anger and depression have penetrated all sections of society. Thus, we have to acknowledge the fact, that all attempts to liberate ourselves have failed. "Those who have eyes to see, see it".

Many are sensing, that a new era - that of a global transformation - is dawning. A "Umwertung aller Werte" is taking place. It is the consequence of the return of the Cosmic Mother as the Ultimate Reality. Not "God created the world out of nothingness", but "Nothingness is giving birth to both God and the universe". From time immemorial people knew themselves embedded in the Cosmic Womb as the primordial Ground of existence.

This is especially relevant in a time, in which things are deteriorating. Aren't we all helpless in saving our planet? It is increasingly clear, that patriarchy is the root of alienation, oppression, exploitation, violence and injustice. We are rapidly moving toward the death pole of existence. Emptiness doesn't tolerate self-centeredness, greed and accumulation though. It is a sin against the Law of the Universe. Hence "everything" will be broken down, sooner or later confronting us with Nothingness. Existential fear seems to be unavoidable.

Only the Mother, the one Who turns death into rebirth (on all levels of society), does what nothing in the world can do: taking our deepest existential fear away. Once we have accepted Her, many things may become clear to us. It is only through continuous "dying to the old" that we can become reborn. We should therefore strive for a new balance. Being limitless compassion, the Mother is taking care of everything. Her revival comes at the right time. Thanks to Her new hope is given to the world.

Thus, love and praise the Mother. We have to become like children. Isn't our deepest desire to be embraced, cared for and protected? If the answer is positive, we will do everything to love and please Her. We will not do anything, that could in any way cause harm on Her. Hence, we will at all cost avoid transgressing Her laws.

The cardinal sins against the Mother are materialism (Her Emptiness doesn't tolerate accumulation, that's why the current time is characterized by destruction) and individualism (with as a consequence disintegration of interconnectedness). Living according to Her Law on the other hand implies continuous regeneration. Obviously, this new insight will have tremendous impact on our culture as a whole.

Q. As we all know, you may be the only one thus far, who from your own experience is giving testimony of the Ultimate as the "Great Mother". What brought you to this very unusual step?

A. It was the Mother Herself Who has revealed Her Presence to me. Which doesn't mean, that this was all clear to me right from the start. The Mother knew my slothfulness (laughter). She therefore step by step granted me more understanding about Her True Nature. Up to this very day I am not sure, if I am worthy enough to be the recipient of this fathomless mystery. On the other hand, I know that without Her I am nothing. Hence, I can only talk "in Her Name".

Q. "In Her Name": does that mean that you claim to know Her?

A. The paradox is this. The only way to truly know Her, is by being destroyed by Her. That sounds very horrible. In practice it isn't. When your entire Being disappears, like in my case*, you don't feel anything terrible. For a very short while your existence is wiped out, that's all (laughter), indeed a Moment of Absolute Nothingness. Immediately followed by dissolving into the Eternal Light.

* See "Threefold Realization".

Q. How can an experience like this lead to the assumption, that this Nothingness is equal to what you call the "Great Mother?"

A. The incredible thing is, that Absolute Nothingness preceded the Light, the latter being born out of the former. Which leads to the only conclusion possible, namely that the Light, the Divine, "God" therefore isn't the Ultimate. There is something Beyond, something I called the "Great Mother".

Q. Please continue.

A. Another word for Nothingness is Vacuum. This in turn corresponds to millennia-old notions of a "Cosmic Womb" or a "Great Mother" as the Ultimate Reality, something that has been confirmed by history, religion, mythology, psychology and modern physics.

Q. What difference does it make, if I call the Ultimate "God" or the "Great Mother?"

A. History has already decided. The concept of "God" has eroded to such an extent, that Nietzsche's "God is dead" has come true, especially in large parts of the civilized West. Obviously, the cause of this is the fact, that the church forced people to identify with the (their) image of God only, rather with the Divine Itself. It is the reason, that after the "death of God", people keep searching for the Ultimate.

Q. Confusion all-around.

A. The problem is, that you cannot fall back on old images. Therefore people started to shop their own religion together. For a short while this may seem quite exciting - "something that is entirely according to your own taste" - however, in the long run, this won't satisfy. Worshipping your own inventions sooner or later will become very boring indeed.

Q. Thus the Mother comes at the right time.

A. When things are at their worst....

Q. Is there a truth in it?

A. You may put it like this. Every era gets what it deserves. Because we have put ourselves - and everything else with us - on the brink of extinction, only the Ultimate beyond Ultimate can save us. The fact, that She revealed Herself is proof of the seriousness of the situation on the one hand and a sign of hope on the other.

Q. What can She do for us what "God" couldn't?

A. The absolutely amazing thing is, that the Mother as the Cosmic Vacuum is reflecting our situation here on earth. By knowing Her, you know yourself, both on the personal as well as on the social level. She confronts you with your behaviour, to such an extent, that inevitably you have no choice but to acknowledge the entire pattern of ignorance, alienation and self-addiction.

Q. How is She doing this?

A. Obviously, She is not doing anything (laughter). Her Nothingness is there from Eternity, "resting in Herself". An Emptiness by the way, that is completed by Fullness, the Eternal Light, the latter as said above, being born out of Her, both being two sides of the same coin. That's why in ancient times the Divine was called the Son/Daughter of the Mother.

Q. Please, continue.

A. Thus the only way to know Her, is to opening up yourself to Her. This not necessarily means that you have to immediately face self-destruction. Rather than total confrontation, She may give you gradual insight. One of the ways She is revealing Herself is though Her Law of the Universe: the dynamic equilibrium between destruction, permanence and creation.

Q. Could you elaborate on the kind of self-knowledge, once you know the Great Mother?

A. There are two main factors involved. One is our behaviour characterized by having, greed and accumulation; the other is the context - Emptiness - against which this is taking place. The Nature of Emptiness is, that everything - nothing excluded - is born out of Her, while continuously returning to the Source. In normal situations this dynamics is following natural law, which means everything takes place within the limits of sustainability of life.

Q. Which isn't the case nowadays.

A. Modernity is the result of a long process, in which "civilization" has been dominated by having rather than Being. The result is that our accumulations have exceeded Emptiness' common levels of tolerance. That's why the Vacuum has started to break these our transgressions down*. On earth this has become visible as a process of decay e.g. disintegration on all levels of society.

* Obviously, the destruction (of the world) is the consequence of our own behaviour in the first place. By going on this way, we will be the next though.

Q. Is this the manifestation of the destructive side of the Great Mother?

A. Her "primary concern" is to restore the Cosmic Balance. Hence, She is destroying our accumulations. By doing this She gives us the opportunity to reflect upon our situation. Something "God" would never have been able to do. It is the Nature of Nothingness, together with Her Law of the Universe, which is decisive here.

Q. In these most desperate of times, what should we do?

A. The situation is this. First of all there is the all-embracing Cosmic Womb containing both the Divine and the world. Everything without exception is ruled by the Law of the Universe, the latter being the expression of Her limitless Love. Realizing this we respond to this Love by living according to Her Law.

Q. Please, continue.

A. Deep within everybody has a deep intuition about "right living". If your lifestyle is in harmony with the Cosmos, you are free. Because of their addictions people only think, that the current situation doesn't "allow" them to change their habits. It is comparable to a "common" addiction. You sense what it is to be free, in fact you long for it every day, yet you don't feel strong enough to kick the habit.

Q. What is the essence of the addiction people are in nowadays?

A. Because of the inability to Be, people have taken "refuge" in having. The latter can never compensate the former though, hence craving for more becomes an obsession.

Q. Masses of addicted people devouring the earth is not an all-together cheerful picture.

A. You will understand, that this is exactly the reason why the Great Mother has intervened. It is because we are unable to liberate ourselves. The problems we have created are overwhelming us. It is getting worse by the day. Hence, out of Her Limitless Compassion, seeing the critical situation we are in, She has decided to come and save us.

Q. To put it in no uncertain terms.

A. The way out is to start cooperating with the Mother in such a way, that further destruction will be unnecessary. By surrendering to Her we will be able to letting go of the ego, to breaking down our accumulations, abandoning every self-addicted behaviour. By dying in Her, She will grant us A New Life. Death and rebirth being two sides of the same coin.They correspond to the principles of "destruction and creation" of  the Law of the Universe. Once freed from our obsessions, by becoming fishes in Her Ocean, we will find our True Home again, restoring our Original Wholeness.

Q. Obviously there have to be people here on earth, who will spread the Message. Without them, how other people will come to know about the Mother's existence in the first place.

A. After Her first Revelation - for which She in Her inconceivable Wisdom has chosen me as Her vehicle - more messengers will be sent. They all will have one Mission: to bring people back to their Original Homeland. People are waiting for this. Their liberation is within reach. The Love of the Mother - I know for certain - is irresistible.

Praise the Mother.

PS. The Mother's Message for Buddhists is The Ultimate Sutra.

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