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(Now changed into the Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine)

1. In these most desperate of times the GREAT MOTHER - the Ultimate Reality - has revealed Herself to the world. Both the Divine and the universe are continuously born out of Her, while returning in the selfsame Eternal Moment. It is a turning point in spirituality and religion. Through the Eternal Feminine a beginning is being made with a new course in history, based on feminine values. First, the MOTHER will make Herself known among all peoples of the world, after which a transformation - a New World View - will evolve, subsequently leading toward a new society, based on unity in diversity.

2. It is becoming increasingly clear, that without interference of the Transcendental mankind will not be able to save itself. Hence, taking refuge in the GREAT MOTHER is of utmost urgency. In a crisis in which everything is rapidly deteriorating, moving toward a zero point - nothingness - She - the Cosmic Vacuum, in Which everything continuously dies and is being reborn - will be the Only One Who will be able to transform (our fear of) nothingness into rebirth. Out of Her All-Embracing Compassion ("Come all ye unto Me") She is calling us to return to the Source, in order to become regenerated.



Great Mother Cosmogony. (Main Sacred Object).
Everything: The Divine (white/yellow) and the universe
(green) is born out of Her (black), while
returning in the self-same Eternal Moment.

3. The Great Mother cannot be visualized. She is the Ultimate Formlessness. Hence, in China the main hall of the Eternal Mother ("Wu-sheng Lao Mu") Temple is empty. One cannot find any image of Her. However, with this in mind attempts can be made, provided there is always awareness of the fact, that an image is only an image. One of the differences between the East and the West is, that the former has a long spiritual tradition with countless movements, sects and schools. People have thus a better sense about symbolism or the abscence of it. In our culture things used to be not so flexible, since everything was dominated by one authoritarian religion. Hence, a new revelation outside "the tradition" will not be easily recognized. In these circumstances a few symbols may very well emphasize the character of a new movement. Additionally, the need for rituals, symbols and ceremonies seems to have increased. The new movements are intensely looking for all kinds of new ways to express themselves. This usually occurs on a very personal basis. People are deriving their objects of inspiration from all kinds of religions and cultures. It is characterizing the search for meaning, something that institutional religion is failing to give to them. We feel to be in a favorable position to hold out a hand to these people. Our initiative isn't based on arbitrary acts. In fact, the Great Mother comes at a time in which the old religion is in decay. She is the next step in evolution. We are therefore happy to be able to present some strong symbols. Inspired by authentic spiritual Realization these objects are as close as an object can be to Ultimate Reality. They consist a.o. of the Cosmic Womb Mandala and the Black Madonna Image.     

(Compassion Body of the Cosmic Mother)

5. The Cosmic Womb Mandala (See picture 1) expresses the Ultimate Truth. Hence, revering this image will bring you many benefits. Provided you always realize the Cosmic Vacuum, the awsome Reality beyond. The same is true about the Black Madonna Image. As you can see, She consists of the same elements. Her black head as the Emptiness beyond Emptiness, the white and yellow halo as Her Light Body (the Divine, "God", Buddhahood), while Her dress is symbolizing the universe, the earth. The red band at the bottom represents the love between the mother and Her children. Reverence, worship, prayer and surrender are the means to get entrance to Her. Both images may play a central role in our daily spiritual practice. First you may put them in your room. Some people are building an entire "home altar" for Her. A bigger size image usually functions as the central icon during the Home Meetings. Sometimes it is fixed, sometimes it has to be brought to the room every time a meeting is held. People who give talks about the Great Mother may also take the image with them. Others put one in their garden. To make it complete, a text may be put under the image. We recommend "Have Mercy Upon Us", both expressing our plea ("in these most desperate of times") as well as the Mother's compassion for Her children. She could be taken in processions or on a pilgrimage to some sanctuary or holy place. Some people like to make the image themselves. It can be a very special act of devotion indeed. Others prefer to acquire one. For the latter we will do our best to make them available in due time. For now the Black Madonna Image can be ordered as a postcard (with our "Prayer For The World" on the backside) (English and German) through our mail order service*.

* See: "Educational material"

Archaic Origins
Some of Her main Appearances


Magna Mater/Great Mother


Queen of Heaven

Prehistoric Primordial Mother


Mother of the Gods


MotherGoddess/Consort of El/Jahweh

Spiritual Reality
The Mother as "She Really Is"

Green Man

The Divine

Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb

Black Goddess

Wise Woman



Everything: The Divine (white/yellow) and the universe (green)
is born out of Her (black), while returning in the self-
same Eternal Moment



Local Manifestations
Representing aspects of the Original Mother
in the various religions

Virgin Mary
Catholic "MotherGoddess" emphasizing patriarchal values like submission, obedience, purity, goodness, compassion and many more. Feminism is rejecting Her

To some equal to the Great Mother, while others define Her as intermediairy between God and the world. She is the main deity of Orthodoxy

She is the consort of Brahma, his "shakti" power. Clear example of "patriarchalization". Goes with countless manifestations

Mother of the Western Kingdom. Evidence of directly originating from Near East. Has been adopted by Taoism, serving its ideal of longvity

Kuan Yin
Buddhist Goddess of compassion. Formerly Avalokitesvara, a male Bodhisattva. Changed into a woman because of people's devotion



Derivatives of the Mother are called Goddesses. They are fragments of the Original Mother, mostly reduced to some special aspects, things that a particular religion or faith considers important


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