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From a Cosmic-Evolutionary perspective

The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

Science tries to explain the universe. What always intrigued me, though, was "what is there before the universe?" In 1977 - through "my" unique Threefold Cosmic Realization - I got the definitive answer. Beyond the universe there is Absolute Nothingness. The surprise: in the self-same Eternal Moment Nothingness is giving birth to the Eternal Light. Darkness and Light appear to be two "sides of the same coin". Religion has identified itself with Light only, calling it "God". The relationship with the Bottomless Dark Primordial Maternal (No)Ground got lost.
Link Threefold Cosmic Realization




Back to science. I was very happy to learn that recently it came to a similar conclusion (S.Hawking). Everything "is created" out of Nothingness, the latter says. It postulates a "Cosmic Vacuum", as the Origin of all. It even suggests the existence of a Divine Dimension. The CERN-laboratory in Geneva is obsessed with finding a Divine Field ("Higgs field") or particle. It could lead to a unified world view, in which the Vacuum is the Birthgiver of both "God" and the universe.
Link The Supreme Design

Hinduism postulates that the "Trimurti" is the Origin of the universe. It consists of Creation ("Brahma"), Destruction ("Shiva") and Preservation ("Vishnu"). The key question - once again - is "what is beyond these Cosmic Forces?" Are they just coming "out of the blue?". They do. This Primordial Nothingness is called "Cosmic Womb" or "Mother". Out of Her Bottomlessness "Birth and Death" are originating. Together they constitute a dynamic balance - Her Cosmic "Law" - that rules all levels of existence. It is also called "Mother's Web of Life", corresponding with the Hindu-concept of preservation.
Link Great Night



(Western) religion, through its Creator-God identifies itself with creation-only. The Realm of Destruction is left out or left to the "Devil". This dualistic concept has given rise to the "eternal" struggle between "good and evil". The Reality is different though. Birth and Death are two opposite, yet complimentary Cosmic Forces. Their dynamic balance determine the fate of our universe. Everything is subjected to them: galaxies, stars, the earth, nature, civilizations, societies and people.
Link God is All-Inclusive

Being Nothing, you are everything

One of the most intrigueing research is the relationship between gravity and dark matter. What can help here is the concept of creation expanding itself until it reaches a "turning-point". There, all centrifugal energy/power is exhausted. It thus comes under the influence of the Vacuum's ("Mother's") Destructive Power. The latter being equal to what scientists call "gravity". Matter deprived of its energy becoming dark matter, moving back centripetally from the "periphery" to the "center". It corresponds with the ancient notion of the Cosmic Womb from which everything is born, while at the same time returning to its Origin.
Link The Supreme Design


The processes on earth run parallel to those of the Cosmos. I call this "Cosmic Evolution". At this stage it will be clear already, that the current controversy between science and religion with regard to the origination of the universe is an artificial one. Only Reality - and not a "holy" book -  can determine facts. Religion thus has to be replaced by spirituality, the Way to directly Realize the Divine. By doing so, there appears no any conflict between the outer approach (science) and the inner (spirituality). On the contrary, there appears to be unity between the Cosmic Realm and Evolution: "matter is born out of the Divine, while the Divine is born out of Nothingness".

(Celsus, Roman philosopher, 200 CE).



According to science everything originates from the Cosmic Vacuum. From there steps or emanations occur. The first is the Universal Field ("Higgs"), which is analogue to the religious concept of the Eternal Light ("God"). This Realm includes the potential for the entire universe, it contains all further developments (can be compared to the human egg). The first "emanation" is that of virtual electro-magnetic waves. These waves appear and disappear into the Vacuum, uninterruptedly renewing the Field (The "Law of Birth and Death" being also valid for the Eternal Realm....). Through "spin" and interference energy is powered, through which virtual waves turn into real ones. Resonance between them cause the emergence of photons e.g. quanten. It is the beginning of materialization.   




Resonance creates structures, patterns. New energy flows, through which more complex structures emerge. Feedback systems contribute to the origination of atoms and molecules. It is the beginning of (non-sentient) life. This is how evolution began. It is a proces of materialization out of a Divine Context. The latter can also be called "Cosmic Intelligence". Its discontinuous process....makes, that the further evolution is moved away from the Origin, the more "independent" it becomes. However, the Universal Field remains "in the background". Just like the Cosmic Force of Destruction. It means that life remains subjected to the Law of Birth and Death, a fact that nobody will deny. What is new is, that not "the survival of the fittest" is the main denominator to the fate of the universe (including us), but the interplay of Creation and Destruction is. Evolution is in Essence Cosmic, only on the surface it is co-determined by Darwinistic principles. 
Link The Supreme Design

From Eternity there is the Great Void. It cannot be understood, nor can it be experienced. The best is yet to propose it as Nothingness, a Vacuum, a Bottomless Abyss, where everything constantly disappears and from which everything emanates. In the Depth of the Unknowable Darkness, the Great Oblivion, in the "turning point" - without any active act of creation - Being comes forth, the bearing dimension of all creation. This Great Consciousness pervades all equally and continuously: the rocks, the oceans, the clouds, the grass, the animals and the people with their creations.


Atheists stress the deepest possible Cosmic (religious...) Truth: There is Nothing...

The Eternal Feminine (J.W.Goethe) is the Origin of Eternal Regeneration on all levels of existence 10.
Cosmic: the Divine Light disappearing into Absolute Nothingness
Quantum: waves and particles "dying and being reborn"
Spiritually: the ego surrendering to the Cosmic Mother
Psychologically: thoughts coming and going
Physically: cell-regeneration


Seen from my model of evolution the time is not historical/linear, but "concentric"/cyclic: everything is constantly emerging from the Origin and returns to it. You can compare this with an onion: different skins or spherical layers, one after the other originating from a "center". The first layer or "manifestation" is that of primal energy, immediately transformed into and followed by the four elements: air, fire, earth and water. The next skin is that of the micro-organisms and the plant kingdom. As third, the world of single-celled and animals comes out of the Origin. While the latest manifestation is that of people

Against their Cosmic Background

The development painted here goes along the line of "abrupt gradualness". Each new dimension or manifestation comes from the Source and from the previous result, immediately and simultaneously after its emerging getting a fundamentally different character. The best illustration of this is the quantun leap. Gradual energy is supplied to an atom or molecule until it reaches a certain limit. A tiny little bit more is enough for leaping of one or more electrons, resulting in an entirely different molecule within a fraction.


Simultaneously growing towards more complexity AND more simplicity


The Elements
The first manifestation is that of primal energy and the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. "First manifestation" means: first emerged from Being and as such the concentric layer that is closest to the Source. "Heaven" and "earth" are not opposites such as is often claimed, but instead have the greatest intimacy. Hence, we call the elements "primal forces": they still contain something of the Origin. As first manifestation of Singularity they bear the character of simplicity. They are "raw and indestructible, chaotic and destructive" forming the eternally recurring cycle of the original mass. The Cosmic can still be felt through it, with awe we experience both the beauty and the horror of it. In traditional cultures, they are revered as the basis of existence.



In a process of many hundreds of millions of years, the second leap was prepared: that of the micro-organisms and the plant kingdom. It is the second manifestation. These concentric layers are still close to their Origin. The plant kingdom lives in "original innocence", in a pure and natural state. We are projecting our mystical ideal: a nature without selfishness, without wants, knowing and having (Meister Eckhart). Her silence and beauty are close to the Divine, she is a direct reflection of it. The trees, shrubs and the grass "simply exist." And the flowers "just" spread their fragrance without (selfish) purpose. In nature we feel closest to the mystery of life. Her hidden strength gives us joy, it recovers and heals us. In nature you find yourself. That's why you feel so at home. Fruitful as she is, she takes nothing (of us), she only gives. As the second manifestation of the Divine she is sacred.


Why we regenerate while being in nature?

After the plants comes the third manifestation, that of the animals is coming forth from the Origin. They represent a form of life that has greater individuality and complexity. Opposite the inextricable connection of plants a more or less form of cooperation comes to the fore. Pre-condition is a high degree of sensitivity. Animals also possess (still) something of original innocence, "they just do." Their activity is indeed more "self-centered" as that of plants, but is "holy" compared to the selfish behavior of people. Animals are "endearing", they inspire us to gentleness, playfulness, joy and caring. It is the way through which the Divine reflects itself in animals. In contact with animals - provided we are open - our better self manifests itself, you come closer to your own innocence. This is because animals - like the primal elements and plants - are closer to the Divine as we do.

The fourth and final manifestation is that of humans. Contrary to what we ourselves have always thought - the title "the crown of creation" comes only from ourselves - we turn out to be the furthest away from our Origin. We are located on the periphery of evolution. By identifying with our "I" (ego) each of us lives in his or her own world, cut off not only from the Divine in ourselves, but also from our bodies and as its direct extension: nature. The Western world is paramount. After centuries of hunting down and destroying ("inquisition!) all those who pursued Selfrealization (mystics, "heretics") or/and had a direct relationship with nature ("pagans", "witches", indigenous peoples, traditional cultures), the "way within" was blocked for centuries. There was nothing left but the way without, the intellectual and material expansion which, as we daily experience, leads to alienation, inner despair and destruction of nature.

Our position in the "outer skin" I call evolutionary alienation. Here we experience the distance from our Source, "being thrown on ourselves". This pain of separation can - if recognized, felt and made aware - lead to the way back. The extreme periphery is then an invitation to repentance. To this end, the possibility of Selfremembrance, Self-realization is given to us. ( NB: The previous layers don't need "remembrance", since they continuously Are). To a conscious mind evolution therefore means constantly "going back" to the Depth in order to be reborn into the world, once again. In the Depth all identifications are dissolved. Coming back to the surface, connects you with the things of life. In this sense, life is a discontinuous process.

In Reality, everything is a little bit different...

Only the ignorant are only determined by events - the periphery. To them history is linear. They suffer from being identified with time. Time is, however, coupled to a constricted form of consciousness. It is like watching a vast panorama. With an expanded consciousness you see everything at once and simultaneously. There is no time in between. A limited consciousness, however, can only record fragments, which necessarily must be done sequentially, so time is coming in. While being aware, on the other hand, you function simultaneously on both levels. You see the time elapsing in your own timeless space. The time is there, but it is not determining you. Some "ordinary" experiences come close to that. If you're completely devoted - e.g. in love - then there is no sense of time. "The time flew by." Therefore, those who speak of the "law of cause and effect", as this would determine life, are ignorant by definition.

Just like plants and animals

We therefore don't need the "guidance", rules and morality of the established (patriarchal) religions

The surprise is that zoology confirms the eco-spiritual world view. The instructive books of  Dr F. de Waal are of great help here. In his last* de Waal argues that morality is rooted in our own biological nature, rather than coming from religion. He convincingly proves that primates possess all the basic moral characteristics - like altruism, sense of justice, mutual help, empathy, social behavior, friendship - people also have. In many aspects they even excel us.   Morality is thus much older than religion. We therefore only have to follow our inner wisdom, he says. .

* F. de Waal "The Bonobo and the Atheist", 2013 W.W. Norton

We are part of the earth
The earth is part of the universe
The universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother


The question is: what exactly is our natural self? Is it only a matter of brain function or certain hormones? Eco-spirituality emphasizes the Spirit as the Source of matter. The universe is ruled by Nothingness, giving birth to the Eternal Light, constituting a dynamic balance with the Destruction Force, through which the Web of Life - the universe - came into existence. All life is subjected to this "Cycle of Birth and Death". If this is so, then, aware (people) or pre-aware (animals) have inner knowledge about this. An example: being part of the "Web of Life" causes a deep intuition about the interconnectedness of all and everything. In earthly terms: both animals and people have a deep sense of the value of "community", of which they are a part. It is the source of social behaviour, sense of justice, mutual help and empathy. 

So, how to get out of this mess, while making "a next step in evolution" possible?

This indeed, can be further diversified into all kinds of specific functions of our - animals' and people's - bodymind, e.g. brain functions and hormones. This doesn't mean people and animals are on the same level though. As I stated above, that of animals is higher....One factor has been overlooked. We, people, have an ego. It is the faculty of ours that has placed itself outside the natural order. Because it isn't part of the Whole, natural ethics has no influence on him. This confirms - without de Waal explicitly saying this - that animals are indeed closer to the Origin (of morality) than we do. An entity that has made himself "independent" - "that's nothing to do with ME" - sooner or later becomes destructive. It exists on its own, for its own. It is blowing itself up, at the expense of everything else. It is equal to cancer-growth.
Link Ego Catastrophy



A big surprise. While re-discovering natural ethics for life, the guideline is derived from death. In the death-process the first "layer" (I portay human personality as an onion) that disappears is thinking. Contrary to what we think ("I think, thus I am", R.Descartes) thinking is our most superficial function. "Without any thinking on his part, he jumped into the water and saved the child". F. de Waal, through his research among apes, confirms this. Motivation, morality, decision and behavior come from (intelligent) emotion and intuition, rationalization comes always afterwards. The second layer that is dropped off (by moving spontaneously towards the "center") is that of emotion. One experiences a wonderful inner peace. The third is body-awareness.


Cosmic Mother
The Divine
(Virtual) Addiction

Collective Burn-Out


Cosmic Mother
etc., etc.

De Waal stresses the importance of the body with regard to communication and empathy among primates very much! In the dying process this is also dropped off, though. What is left is pure awareness. In Eastern spiritual tradition this is called "Satori". Finally, the latter is transcended into Full Enlightenment, the Divine, God. (The last Dimension, that of Absolute Nothingness isn't experienced in dying). These stages happen discontinuously, proving the multi-dimensional structure of our Being. In our effort to re- structure our New Ethics, we take this existential hierarchy as our guideline, and indeed in opposite sequence. First there is the Realm of the Divine, then that of our True Self, then of body-awareness, then of (intelligent) emotion, then of thinking....
Link Book of the Dead

In our pursuit to Restore the Wholeness of Life, cosmic (spiritual) insight, history, science, psychology, sociology, ecology and  zoology (primatology according to Dr. F. de Waal) are forming a happy alliance. But before moving to the "grand final" where the pillars of ECO- SPIRITUALITY will be elaborated, an excursion to the historical events, that led to dogmatic religious morality, seems appropriate.
Link The Shattered West

In order to rule the world, the Christian Church destroyed e.g. incorporated all previous spiritual ("pagan") heritage, in order to prove its claim of unique revelation. People's (direct!) link with Heaven, with the earth and with their communities were cut, in favor of the "Good News". Natural morality, values, norms were replaced by Church doctrines. Later on this system of surrogate ethics, coming from above ("God") were completed by rationalizations of social philosophers. The result: a morality not from within - not out of inner wisdom - but an artificial autoritarian one from without, one that only could be maintained by combined Church and State oppression.
Link Existential Consciousness

Religion is the denial of the inherent goodness of people

It uses its concept of God in order to suppress the Living God

Religion (Christianity) is deeply anti-religious

By the way: controverses between morality out of one's own nature or coming from God - hot topics in the USA - are only relevant, with regard to the "Christian God" (or any other patriarchal "God"). From a Cosmic perspective this controversy is artificial e.g. non-sensical, for the whole universe is the content of Divine Space.....  the Divine is the innermost core of every creature. Thus "morality from within" is not contradictory to Divine inspiration. On the contrary, in Essence they are the same.

Frans de Waal emphasizes that humans share personal morality with primates, in such a way, that they are on an equal level....Both are related to community values. This holds only in case of smaller units, like humans had in the beginning of their evolution (and which are still valid). Unfortunately, de Waal stresses, that these original units are patriarchal, which (see below) even goes against his own observations. Male-dominated monogamy, certainly came later in history. It is a pity that scientists like de Waal don't present an unbiased position. With regard to large populations, biological based morality proves to be insufficient, though. That's why we humans need to extend our consciousness, in order to re-create a New Ethics
Link MatriTalks

To separate the earth from Heaven is an error. Spirituality AND science tell us, that these two are intimately interwoven. The medieval saying "As above, so below" is thus fully alive. Provided one understands it the cosmic way! It has to take literally, to an extent, that earthly structures and organizations are in the image of the Cosmos. The former should reflect the latter. It immediately touches the core of morality. One might say that the abandonment of being part of the Whole, is the root cause of all evil. Once being aware of it, the responsibility of Restoring the Wholeness of Life cannot be evaded anymore.



Cosmic Womb
The Divine
Web of Life
Birth and Death
Green Men & Wise Women

Cosmic Womb
Bottomless Abyss
Birthgiver of God and the universe
Origin of Cosmic (Natural) Law
Vessel of Abundance
Is All-Embracing
Fathomless Mystery of Life
Also called "Holy Grail"
We are longing for Her, because She is longing for us
Providing security
Includes birth and death
Eliminates existential Angst
Destroys the ego
Grants us our True Self
Inspiration for a "maternal" (holistic) world view
Inclusivity, peace, justice, love and harmony with nature
Refuge to the deprived, those who suffer, those who are exploited, those who are oppressed
Source of joy and gratitude
Link Black Madonna Shrine

The Divine
Eternal Light
"Son" of the Cosmic Mother
Transcendental AND Immanent
We are in It; It is in us
Our True Nature
Cosmic Space, in which rocks, rivers, clouds, plants, animals and people live on an equal basis
Source of limitless compassion
While Enlightened you love somebody far away the same way as someone next to you
Source of inspiration to mystics of all traditions
The subject of the most beautiful writings ever written
Link Threefold Cosmic Realization

Web of Life
Interconnectedness of all life
Also called the universe
In his latest book F. de Waal elaborates on ethics
What is the goal?
Ethics, as a system in which morals are applied, should reflect the Realm in which it actually is embedded
Everything is part of the Cosmic Whole
Science emphasizes the quanten world
On a social level both primates and humans relate to each other through the community
Animal and human community is a pre-condition for ethics
It is the context for social rules, empathy for others, healing of broken relations, protest against injustice....(De Waal)
On the other hand, if a society is built on the ego - like ours - no ethics can ever be implemented.
Therefore, our main mission is to restore the cosmic inspired, human community. I call this "CommunityDemocracy"
Link The Wholistic Transformation (German)


F. de Waal stresses the central position of women - especially the Mama's - in primate Bonobo society
They are the guardians of peace, harmony, reconciliation, justice, healing, support, proper sharing etc.
(This doesn't mean  men don't have these qualities!)
In human society - within the realm of the household and the community - women (mothers) - fulfil the same role
While De Waal doesn't dare to accept the consequences, stressing that our patriarchal society has no alternative
I, on the other hand, have the opposite view
Apart from the general tendency toward more involvement of women in the workplace
Which unfortunately is based on ego-ambition and not on care for the Whole,
there are plenty examples, where women (mothers) are central in the community.
I support this by proposing a alternative social structure based on matricentrism.
Link The Mosuo

Birth and Death

The universe is ruled by the Cosmic Forces of Birth and Death. The "aim" is to maintain a dynamic BALANCE on all levels of existence. 
Our personal lives are not an exception to this rule. Instead of escaping - indeed a futile attempt - like Buddhism does, we have to fully accept Reality As It Is.
It means applying this Law to our individual AND social lives.
First we should be VERY grateful, that the Cosmos ("Womb") is giving us the chance of getting rid of our ego's.
No any religion in history was able to do this. There was always plenty of opportunity for the ego to identify itself.
E.g. priests pretend to be "men of God", having exchanged their former life through clinging to something new.
The "reborn" of Christian fundamentalism only change identification, like a new coat. The ego within hasn't disappeared.
Only Absolute Nothingness can destroy it. 
On the social level cosmic "Birth and Death" invites us to balance our economies.
Capitalism is based on limitless accumulation at the expense of the Whole.
Our New Ethics considers this a (grave) "sin" against the Cosmos.
Link Birth and Death

Green Men & Wise Women

In ancient times they were the Sons and Daughters of the Original Cosmic Mother
Dying and resurrecting ("vegetation") Gods
Symbol of Renewal and Regeneration (Tammuz, Osiris, Attis, Dionysos)
Lady (Goddess) and Her Beasts
Symbolizing unity with nature
The Divine Immanent
In Hellenistic Mystery Religions
they were the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld
Together with initiates seeking for the Cosmic Mother (Kybele, Isis, Demeter) in order to get rid of their ego's
Christian Church subsequently monopolized spiritual Regeneration by making humanity depending on a single savior (Jesus)
Persecuting everybody ("heretics", "pagans", women) who still strived for personal Renewal
Revival took place in the Middle Ages
Parzival as Green Man
In Islam Green Man is embodied by Al-Khidr, the only saint who equals Mohammed
Shiva, Lao Tze and Maitreya Buddha are Green Men too.
Abundant Green Men carvings you'll find on Gothic churches
Wise Women were demonized by the Church as "Sheela-Na-Gigs", ugly women, displaying their vulvas, symbol of sin and ruin.
Recently, resurrection took place through the Original Tradition.
Both Green Men and Wise Women embodying Divine Incarnation.
They are the hopefuls to the current global crisis
Link European Green Men & Wise Women Network



We are all interconnected, living in the self-same Cosmic Space.
Not surprisingly, thus, that  F. de Waal finds the materialization of this on the bodily level.
The existence of mirroring neurones confirm, that both animals (primates, dolphins, elephants) and humans can feel the pain of others.
De Waal has countless moving examples in his book, proving that  empathy, altruism, mutual help and healing were there long before humanity "invented" its morals.
I myself once experienced a wounded swan, crashed by a car on a busy road, while its partner staying close to him/her.
Healing each other is basic to both animals and humans. Even plants do it. That's why healing is fundamental to ECO-SPIRITUALITY.
On the personal level I (freely) offer a program to optimize health, prevent disease and even (indirectly) curing chronic disorder.
It is called the Personal Health Plan, consisting of 10 self-help steps and can be found in the internet.*
We even offer "Stone Age Therapy for Modern (Wo)man (Chinese Guasha Therapy) proving that even most "primitive" approaches can be very succesful ("The Power lies in the Origin").
On the social level I promote A New Health Care system, consisting of 3 concentric layers: Self Help, Holistic and Technological Medicine (in this sequence) respectively.

* www.vitalworld.org


ECO-SPIRITUALITY is an integrated Whole, based on a meaningful interconnection between all levels of existence.
It reconciles conflicting views, inherent to the dualistic patriarchal religious and social systems.
It is therefore "a New Step in Evolution", based on holistic values, like interconnectedness, solidarity, mutual support, peace, justice and harmony with nature.
Everybody, regardless cultural, religious, gender and social status is invited to share its universal values.

Han Marie Stiekema

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