Cosmic Mother


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The Way Out from
the Ego-Catastrophy

In the beginning humankind lived
as part of the Web of Life
this Whole was understood as a Cosmic Womb
everything was born out of it
while continuously returning

Then women initiated the agrarian revolution
food production created a surplus
wealth and personal property created division
between people
and with it the sense of mine and thine

However, for a long time there
was still a balance between ego and community
like in traditional societies today
in case of conflict
the individual's interests are always subordinate

The less one has to rely on each other

the more "independent" one becomes though and
with it the identification with a separate self
while women still represented the living Web of Life
men strived for control

Through physical, political and religious power
they dominated the whole of society
violence and war became part of everyday life
self-interest became the highest "value"
elites exploiting common people

Psychologically, the "independent personality" 
became the ideal of Western society
its formation based on the pain-pleasure principle
confirming "me"
while rejecting "the other"

Already in hellenistic times
people (men) became increasingly aware of
the necessity of getting rid of their ego's
in the mystery religions surrender to the Eternal Feminine
guaranteed renewal and rebirth

Then Christianity came
and with it the idea that "Jesus died for us all"
although initially creating a surge of enthusiasm
soon the implications became clear:
people became dependent on a "savior"

One God, one Church and one King
all power in the hands of a few
and the Church doing everything to destroy the
traditional foundation of life:
Heaven, earth and the community

Through "the word and the sword"
people were forced to convert themselves
to the new religion
those who refused were persecuted
exiled, confiscated, tortured and murdered

Especially women as representatives of the Old Mother Religion
and all those who strived for God-Realization
"witches", "pagans" and "heretics"
were the target of centuries of terror
the Divine Spark within eventually got extinguished

With nothing to rely on anymore
people lost the power to regenerate themselves
moreover, because "Jesus" had redeemed them all
everybody got a licence to turn to "business as usual"
it was the beginning of capitalism

In the Middle Ages a last attempt was made to revive
The Orginal Tradition
people massively turned within
to find their lost Divinity through mystical union:
Hadewych, Eckhart, Margarete Porete, the Cathars

People dedicated themselves to serving the Whole
through reverence for the Eternal Feminine
in the name of Notre Dame
Lady Courts, Troubadours, Templars, Grail seekers stood up
the Church, however, brutally crushing them all

At last the people turned to the only area left
that hadn't been affected by persecution: their ego's
it was the beginning of "modernity"
not the Goddess, not God, not nature, not the community but
the ego became the "center of the universe"

The Church thus being responsible
for "secularization", materialism and individualism
its hypocrisy knows no limits
one the one hand destroying people's inherent Divinity
on the other pretending to "save" you

People lost their spirit in exchange for
the superficiality of the mind
God as Reality was replaced by the "image of God"
however, slogans, empty words, meaningless rituals
don't give the fulfillment the soul is longing for

In the course of time people increasingly
took refuge in all kinds of surrogate satisfactions
"to have is the inability to Be"
while perishing within
they accumulated all kinds of useless things

Today we can observe the culmination of all this
the ego has become the main pillar
of a society that has lost all contact with its Source
it is based on collective addiction
unable to help itself out of the mess it itself created

Lacking feedback from within
people started to construct their own kind of "religiosity"
however, they did the same as with material things
extending their ego's rather than
giving up the latter

Nowadays the ego dominates our society as a whole
it is a crime against the earth
our accumulations are threatening its vulnerable balance
disasters of various kinds
lie constantly in wait

This criminal ego-activity knows no limits
culminating in the exploitation of the Third World
exposing mankind to irresponsible risks
a great remorse is needed
followed by immediate action

Today we see the consequences of a worldwide
the whole of society being in the grip of evil
exceeding the limits of tolerance
we are hoping for a way out, but how?

How strong the ego is nowadays is illustrated by
attempts to go spiritual
once "enlightened" the world "automatically"
would become "a better place"
however, the opposite happened

The ego is obsesssed with "making a difference"
it is the only way to give itself a feeling of "value"
So, not surprisingly it took possession of
spiritual realization as well
Enlightenment: a commodity to have

Now we stand here with empty hands
nothing can help us anymore
The miracle: what is causing our deepest despair
proves to be our ultimate redemption:
Absolute Emptiness e.g. Nothingness

In order to find a way out
we first have to understand the structure
and dynamics of the mind
it consists of our self (selves), our reflection ("I")
our self-image and the True Self

Our self includes all spontaneous impulses
which we recognize as "me"
they originate from earliest times
where we still were "innocent" and "whole"
being ourselves this way is liberating

To say what you really feel
was disturbed by mechanisms that had to secure
our survival, though
because we were helpless, we started to meet
the expectations of our environment

Hence a second faculty of the mind
started emerging: that of our self-image
it is the identification with images, ideas and concepts
resulting in an artificial self
its purpose is to facilitate our social roles

The more developed our reflection
the more cunning we became
mind-games started dominating our lives
not realizing that this "me" is a self-created construct
Who you think you are?

Your self is replaced by images about yourself
making you a slave of your roles
the worse thing however is
that it prevents you from knowing your True Self
your Divine Spark within

Ego is to believe that you are your self-image
lucky are those who start suffering from it
because only then longing for Wholeness emerges
what is crucial at this stage is
to find reliable guidance

In our current instrumentalized world
all kinds of tricks are used to exploit "human resource"
one is "how to get rid of your ego"
by painting a picture of "freedom"
one is lured into an even bigger enslavement

The "market" needs "creativity" and "flexibility"
therefore big business is interested in people
who dispose of these qualities
they have to serve the super-ego of the company
"liberated" for profit

Talking about the way how to drop the ego
it is crucial to understand that in most cases it is
the ego who wants to get rid of the ego 
every effort is therefore contra-productive
so, there must be another way

Simply "being yourself" proves to be not enough
you have to turn within
in such a way that you find this inner layer
that is incorruptable
only your True Nature will suffice

The first step toward True Realization is
to relax and consciously feeling the body
the effect on the mind is
that it spontaneously! creates a inner distance between
your observing and the inside of your eyelids

Without any ego! effort you dissociate yourself
from the content of the mind
thoughts, images, emotions and desires 
you are "here" while they are "there"
in front of you

This is the most crucial step in emancipation
because by watching your thinking, images etc.
you have liberated yourself
from the dominance of your belief-systems
ego-dropping through not-dropping

However, this is not the end of the story
in practice it appears that the ego returns
and that is indeed natural, therefore, very few people
manage to be mindful all the time
it creates a new source of inner stress

Most people simply replace one mind-set
by another
your whole life becomes a concern about
your own functioning and wellbeing
however, is that your new purpose of life?

You are lucky when this creates new suffering
it invites you to go deeper
maybe you find your personal practice
of meditation
in order to conclude that nothing really satisfies....

Instead, deep down True Nothingness
is waiting for you
NOTHING IS is the deepest Realization in life
It is the Cauldron of Abundance
in which everything dies and is continuously reborn

What an irony, that which imbued you
with greatest fear: nothingness
appears to be the Ultimate Liberation
because only Nothingness can free you from the ego
everything else is just a prop

Since ancient times this Ultimate Nothingness 
is called the Cosmic Mother
"She" is giving birth to the Light ("God") and the universe
through taking refuge in Her you will be
continuously renewed

The purpose of life is to accept life as it is
that is only possible
if you yourself feels accepted
therefore your attitude shifts from self-effort
to taking refuge in the Greater Whole

Aren't we all part of Mother's Web of Life?
isn't the purpose of life
living this interconnectedness with yourself
and everything (to start with the body) around you?
unhindered by the dominance of the ego?

By surrendering to the Cosmic Mother
She is granting you the Light within
You become the master in your own home again
together with a transformed ego
having changed from tyran to servant

So, it is longing for the Whole
which makes you drop your ego
Love and ego-addiction are excluding each other!
Everything in praise of the Cosmic Mother
(May the Mother prevail)

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