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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin




Dear Friends,

The origin of evil is astonishingly simple, so simple
that you tend not to believe it

It is the ignorance about the True Nature of the
Ultimate Reality and its Cosmic Law

Our Origin proves to be a Vacuum, a Cosmic Womb,
in ancient times called "Cosmic Mother"

Her Essence is Absolute Nothingness e.g. Emptiness.
It is incomprehensible, unfathomable
and unknowable

In the Depth of Her Bottomlessness two Primordial
Cosmic "Forces" - Birth and Death - are born

These "Forces" - Eternal Light ("Creation") on the one hand
and Eternal Darkness ("Destruction") on the other
- balance each other

Together they maintain Mother's Web of Life, what we
call the universe, space-time, the interconnectedness
of all that exists

God is Mother's Light Body ("first emanation")
while the universe is Mother's Material Body
("second emanation")

Both are uninterruptedly returning to their Origin
also called the "Eternal Cycle of
Birth and Death"*

* Thus the Eternal Light is also constantly "dying". Because it happens
in timelessness, it appears to be unchanging

It means that everything without exception - including
you and me - is subjected to this selfsame
Cosmic Balance

Through it life is optimal, provided we
behave according to its principles: to continuously
let our ego's die while becoming part of
the Whole once again

It is thus all about acknowledging the Cosmic Mother as
the (Non)Ground of Existence while complying
with Her Cosmic Law

For 2000 years Western civilization has been ignorant
about the Ultimate Reality, hence the
necessity of a Turning Point


The root evil is the refusal
to give up your ego
in order to let the latter die
Nothingness - the Mother - is a conditio
sine qua non

It started with archaic times in which the Light
was still considered to be born out of Darkness
the latter being the "Mother" of the former

Patriarchy started to deny its Origin
the Son rejected his Mother
instead Darkness was considered
to be the enemy of Light

Gilgamesh was the first who refused to
"die and resurrect" as the Son/Lover of the Mother/Goddess
he rejected Ishtar while starting his
quest for immortality

Marduk, God of Babylon finished the job
he killed his Mother Tiamat and cut Her into pieces
In the bible "God" curses the Mother of all, Eve

Men thus identified with the Light (male)
while demonizing their Origin (the Mother)
they alone should  rule over the earth (female)

He wasn't prepared to "die" anymore
in order to renew e.g. regenerate himself
instead he tried to "overcome death"
from the first moment he was obsessed by existential Angst

Fearfully he constructed his ego
rejecting everything that could threaten him
Western personality therefore can be compared to
a medieval town
what is "secure" is in, what not, is out

It is corresponding with the development of Western ego
in order "to be somebody" you have to reject
everything else that is "uncomfortable"
to be is to reject......

In Buddhism it was (is) the identification
with Enlightenment while simultaneously
"escaping from the cycle of birth and death"

The consequence: you created a split personality between
that which is accepted and that which is rejected
what you refuse to acknowledge in yourself
is projected into the "other"

A blown-up ego starts fighting what he himself
has projected into the other(s)
at the same time protecting what he has idealized
"me is good, the other is evil"

Ego is the identification with self-image
self-centeredness at the expense of the Whole
unconsciously we run after every impulse
like dogs after the sausage
thus forgetting who we really are

Hence, we are uninterruptedly dominated by our desires
as a junkie being dependent on his/her drugs
ego means being addicted
to have as the inability to Be

The whole of society suffers from collective addiction
accumulation of more, more and more
is bringing us to the verge of self-extinction

Depending on the definition ego is called sin
however, the religious approach failed
or we call it evil
unfortunately humanism failed too
Buddhism called it ignorance, and was defeated by it

Condemning, morality, teaching alone
did not solve the problem 
we desperately need an approach that goes to the core
the most devastating disease on earth

We will never find a way out, unless....
we acknowledge that "normality" is the disease
all big crimes from the past to the present
have been committed by those who pretend
to be the "civilized" ones

Talking about the crimes of Auschwitz people
ask themselves time and again "how could this happen?"
instead of being an isolated phenomenon
Nazi-Germany was perfectly in line
with Western "tradition"

Identification with one's self-image ("Germany")
Excluding everything else
Culminating in hatred (toward the Jews)
In order to bring about "Paradise" - an idealised condition
"all others" had to be destroyed.....

In the Old Testament Jahweh "loves" his own people
while brutally crushing all "enemies"
no-one could escape his "wrath"
"Who isn't for me, is against me"

In their turn Christians did the same with "unbelievers"
jews, pagans, heretics, women, indigenous people....
the latter were treated less than animals, dogs
the inquisition murdering them during many centuries

Still ignorant where the German "Übermensch" originated?
right, in the bosom of judeo-christian "civilization"
the former wasn't a exception but the rule
it was the "Vollstrecker" of all ages before  

If "you" refuse to die, your ego will blow itself further up
sooner or later your start killing others
therefore the NS time wasn't the end of the story
the pattern remained unchanged

Everywhere where people consider themselves as
the superior ones: religiously, racially....
the "chosen ones" so to speak

They automatically start demonizing others
those who suffered only recently
are the oppressors of today

However, the situation nowadays is far worse
the combined effort of science, technology and capitalism...
has organized itself as a collective ego

With one hand accumulating wealth
with the other destroying everything that comes in its way
The ultimate crime against life thus did not diminish

Instead, it is heading toward a global "Endlösung"
To see that this isn't an isolated something but
part of a continuum that started thousands of years ago
is a a very shocking insight, indeed

The globalisation, the expansion of the "markets"
corresponds exactly with the Lebensraum Hitler aimed at
the killing of the Jews has turned into
the destruction of all life on earth
the outside changes, the mechanism is the same

It starting with rejecting the Cosmic Mother
and the refusal to let our ego's die in Her Lap.....
like the "dying and resurrecting Gods" did

Inner renewal and regeneration
to live according the the Law of Birth and Death....
therefore is THE answer to
continuous "growth", expansion, "progress"
e.g. destruction....


Why the Church doesn't dare to talk about resurrection
(Magazine "Die Zeit" 8-4-2012)
not because the latter doesn't exist
isn't the entire universe continuously being reborn?

No, it is because the Church itself is just one
big blown-up ego
to "die" is really the last thing it thinks of
making a mockery out of its founder


As above, so below. Everything on earth is subjected to
"death and rebirth". There is only one faculty that
doesn't want to go along with it: our ego

Our Core Evil thus consists of the refusal to let our ego's
die, through which the latter is constantly blowing
itself up, inflicting unimaginable suffering
upon the world

Closely followed by our refusal to become part of the
Whole - Mother's Web of Life: "Heaven, earth
and the (new) community" - once again

An ego that is unwilling to "die" thus blows itself up.
It starts feeling powerful. Once the situation is
favourable it starts making war

The refusal to die results in killing others. Ultimately
to suicide. A hidden cosmic longing is then
"fulfilled": death and rebirth

But at what expense! Nowadays the future of the entire
planet is at stake. Should the earth die first, just
because of a stubborn ego?

This is ultimate madness. Instead the ego should follow
its destination: to die itself in order for
others to live

What is ego?
It is the (unconscious) identification with your self-image
while excluding everything else
its "exclusivity" at the expense of the entire earth

Indeed a most unfortunate
combination of self-centeredness, together with
alienation from the world around you

Crucial was the destruction of our spiritual foundation -
"Heaven, earth and the community" - by the Inquisition
Being was replaced by having

To have - more, more and more - doesn't bring you
true fulfillment though
ever since a collective addiction dominates our lives

What is even worse is...
- already Goethe had great concerns about it -
the ego continuously identified with thoughts, images,
concepts, ideas, judgements and desires

In practice it means that before having contact with reality
a thought has taken us in tow
the consequence: we are part of the mind rather
than the mind being part of us

Absorbed by our thought-world
we lost contact with our inner observer
(most people even don't know what that is)
and with it the ability to experience the world directly
without interference of our thought-world

Walking through the park we don't have any
real contact with the tree
but only with our thought about the tree
"o, how beautiful this oak is"

LOSS OF SENSE OF REALITY within and without
is the epitome of evil
for without having connection to something
closeness ("Verbundenheit") and compassion
are absent as well

It also means, we have deprived ourselves from the ability
to experience the world without prejudice
because thoughts originate from our past
stuffed with opinions, judgements, unprocessed
emotions e.g. complexes

A thought-world not rooted in reality
no body-contact with immediate surroundings
not with the earth, clear awareness, with the community
is an alien easy to manipulate

For without roots it has lost its orientation
and through it an easy prey by the the addicted society
personal ego and collective ego
have made a devil's pact

How the future will look if city youth
never saw an apple tree
how can she care about something what
she has never learned to appreciate?

It's even much worse, for technology
has definitely alienated us from reality

Are you still amazed that one cannot appreciate the value
of another human being anymore?
from that perspective the "virtual world"
is the prelude to the last act

From youth in the USA was taken away all electronics
for ONE day only
the result: severe withdrawal symptoms
from depression to even a psychose

faster, faster, faster, faster....

Moreover, alienation, loss of contact, created the
Existential Angst for Nothingness
we "solved this" through the flight ahead, through
obsessive "work ethics":
"Profit", "Growth", "Progress"

To NOT understand this as pain e.g. suffering
is the source of evil. (You may prefer to
call this ignorance, for not everybody
is aware of his/her infliction)

All other evils - from small to big - are derivatives
of this Core Evil. How and to what degree this
works out in people depends on various
additional factors

Would there be greed, jealousy, hatred, capitalism,
abuse of power, violence, injustice, destruction
of nature if we would live in according to 
Mother's Cosmic Law?

It's here that the Cosmic Womb reveals Herself as
Savioress. For Her Essence is Bottomless

Instead of identifying yourself with the ego
which, in order to maintain itself has to deny, reject,
oppress the other half of existence....

Original cosmic dynamics is restored
consisting of  continuously giving back our ego
to the Origin

Only Nothingness can destroy the ego. Subsequently,
through surrendering to the Mother the inner Light is born.
With this New Self you become part
of the Whole, once again

The key to survival is the Mother
"dying" into Her, giving up your ego
will save the earth, though

The Mother has revealed Herself to mankind in order
to restore Wholeness e.g. Cosmic Balance. It is the
beginning of a New Era


Therefore, surrender your ego and become part of the Whole
constantly renewing e.g. regenerating yourself
restoring your orginal innocence
it is the basics of New Ethics

Because Mother's Compassion is All-Embracing
Her Emptiness incessantly taking
your ego back*, preventing that it will
ever blow itself up again

* Only Emptiness can neutralize ego. Taking refuge in Saviors or Holy Books
won't do, because from the teachings the ego cunningly just picks what suits him

While Her Web of Life "gladly" integrates you
your Spirit is part of Heaven, your body is part of the earth
while your "soul" is part of the community
restoring Cosmic Balance

With your ego enthrusted to the Mother
and your SpiritBodyMind as part of Her Web of Life
thus interconnected e.g. solidary
with all living and non-living creatures
people, animals, plants, rocks, rivers and oceans alike

wouldn't these two efforts combined
indeed basically abolish evil?


Thus, ethics and morality are just substitutes for the
lack of Cosmic Insight. Once you realize the latter
and start behaving accordingly, no any other
rules would be necessary

With Cosmic Simplicity - difficult enough to many -
entering your being, everything will be put in place
life will regain its original flavor
joy, gratitude!

Living according to Her Law the ego-burden
will be taken away even before it pops up
"am Mutterwesen wird die Welt genesen"*

* Joke. This slogan - ("am deutschen Wesen"....) was used by imperial Germany.
I gave it a humoristic but (very) positive turn, though

The Mother's Lightness of Being is infinite
giving you security, joy, insight
compassion and strength

Recently, the Mother has revealed Herself inviting you
to join Her worldwide effort
it is Her call for A Great Awakening

Cooperate with Her to the benefit of all and everything
healing yourself, healing each other while
simultaneously Healing the Planet

I am dreaming of a New Mother-Loving Community
dedicated to guiding mankind back to
its True Home

Mother's Blessings to you all

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