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Some key questions:

Why, we Western people, after having everything we want, aren't happy?

Are we still missing some essential thing, something "having" cannot provide?

Why, despite our wellness culture, do we
suffer from psychological disorders?
How can it be, that stress, frustration, restlessness, fear, depression and burn-out are dramatically on the rise? 

Why illnesses cannot be prevented, why severe chronic diseases keep increasing, despite our "superior" modern medicine?

Why, on the whole, is our entire "civilization" in decay, while at the same time science and technology are at their heights?






Why are there no satisfying answers to our questions?

Regular medicine only treats symptoms. In case of e.g. hypertension the doctor gives you a pill to suppress it. Not exactly curing you (at all).

Natural medicine is treating the disease. It recommends you to change diet, take some herbs and do more exercise. It certainly helps, but only on the physical level.

Holistic medicine is treating "the whole person". It combines psychological with spiritual therapy to promote inner balance.

Yoga and meditation ("mindfulness") are some of its favorite approaches.

The surprise: you aren't satisfied and happy either. Everything appears to lead to more effort, not leading to true peace of mind.






The trouble is, that even after all these remedies YOU haven't changed.

On the contrary, even "spiritual" therapy only aims at supporting your functioning as an individualistic self

It only helps you to survive as an ego in its self-created egocentric society: reducing stress, promoting self-acceptance (not entirely bad, of course), develop body-awareness (dito), overcoming "negativity"....

It doesn't affect your core-problem: that of being identified with your ego, that of being a self-created isolated entity, cut off from Reality.

The crucial moment in history was the destruction of our existential roots - Heaven ("heretics", gnostics), earth ("pagans", women) and the community - by the Inquisition.

Through centuries of persecution, people had no other choice but to fall back on the only faculty left: the ego. The Church thus being responsible for "secularization", individualism and materialism!

Moreover, it made us depending on a savior. We were degraded to helpless creatures, that became obsessed with "personal salvation" only. Our inherent glory - being in harmony with existence - got lost for many centuries

Wholeness means your Spirit is part of Heaven, the body is part of the earth and your soul is part of the community. The ego, on the other hand, isn't part of anything. It exists by itself and for itself....(at least, that is how he thinks of himself)

Ego is the self deprived of its Context.
That's why the center of our personalities has become deeply pathological. It means that on the existential level something is very, very wrong. It is like a house built on a rotten foundation.






Evolutionary therapy stresses, that "deep in our genes" we are determined by archaic patterns.

Ignoring those patterns means exposing ourselves to disbalances, which, because of their primordial character, could have grave consequences.

One of the most fundamental patterns is that of humans being part of the Whole: spiritually, emotionally, physically and ecologically. It is a new definition of health.

Now, while the rest of nature - plants, animals - are "spontaneously obeying this law", we humans, in the course of time - have developed ourselves in a different direction.

This Law can be defined as the Cosmic Womb - Absolute Nothingness - ruling the universe through "Her" Cosmic Forces of Creation and Destruction. These Forces complement each other, guaranteeing the "Web of Life" or "universe", making life possible.

Science confirms that the entire universe "is born out" of the Cosmic Vacuum. In the future cosmic spirituality (religion) and physics will certainly intimately cooperate. I did a first step in that direction, already.

Link: "The Supreme Design" 






In ancient times humans still lived according the Law of birth and death.

They considered themselves as part of Nature. So-called "Vegetation Gods/Goddesses" ("Green Men" & "Wise Women") embodied this: they "died" every autumn while being reborn in spring.

By submitting themselves to this Law, inner balance was guaranteed. Until the moment men refused to serve the Great Mother......

Echnaton and Gilgamesh were the first, who went on the quest for immortality. Rather than being part of the (natural) Whole, they started claiming exclusivity.

To "Escape from the Law of Birth and Death" became the aim of all patriarchal religions.
This Quest is the cause of dualism: God vs the world; good vs evil, Light vs Dark; masculinity vs femininity....

Men increasingly identified with the former while rejecting, denying, demonizing,
oppressing, destroying the latter. This "me against the other" was the birth of the (male) ego.






Psychology confirms this. It shows that ego-formation is based on exclusivity. During our upgrowing we identify ourselves with those things that please us, while rejecting what we don't like. A split is created between "me" and "not-me"

In the course of time it became "me against everything else". "Escaping from birth and death", after all, is escaping from life (which Buddhists call "samsara"), the latter symbolized - how can it be otherwise - by the maternal, the feminine. 

Its "positive" side is emancipation from the undefined Whole, to create the possibility to function socially, its "negative" side, however, was its isolation from Reality, its being cut off from "Heaven, earth and the community.

Lacking a context, the ego faced no boundaries for its ongoing expansion. Its refusal to "die" led to ego-inflation, a bubble that - through the lack of Being - became addicted to having, expressing itself through lust, greed, status and power.

As an isolated entity - "being thrown upon yourself" - existential Angst arises (fear of nothingness). To overcompensate this, the ego blows itself up, becoming obsessed with growth, profit, "progress", expansion, exploitation....

In the "virtual world" ego-expansion found its ultimate goal. A bubble blowing itself up infinitely, will one day collapse, though. It's like Lucifer flying high, eventually falling down to earth.

In the mean time, accumulating more and more things without, the ego becomes increasingly more desperate within.

To the ego, the gap between itself and "Heaven, earth and the community" is unbearable. "What you cannot get, you start to hate". The ego thus made one further step: from an isolated entity to a destructive one.

Through the capitalism, science and technology complex (CST-complex prof.dr. E.Vermeersch) it viciously started to exploit and destroy its natural environment

2000 years of "Christian civilization" have shown, that religion wasn't able to curb the ego. On the contrary, Jesus death on the cross had a totally adverse effect.

Instead of redeeming us from our ego's, his "dying for our sins" gave us a free hand to continue "business as usual". It is the final echec of Christianity as a religion.

Neither brought the "Quest for immortality" (Enlightenment) the long awaited liberation. Nowadays it has degenerated into a commodity: something to have

Here the same ego-pattern: "liberation" as a personal ambition/enterprise, instead of fitting yourself in in the Greater Whole.

We humans have thus to face the fact, that the "center of our personality", our self-acclaimed "crown of creation" is indeed utterly pathological. "Curing" the periphery (as described above) will not heal it.

As long as the ego has the chance of identifying itself with "something", being it a new car or "God", it - like a 1000-head hydra - will continue to ravage individual and collective life.

Only "dying to our own ego's" can liberate us, something nobody, not even Jesus, can do for us. It is an old Truth: "Die (the ego) voluntary and you will live (True Self) or live (your ego life) and you will die involuntary.

We have to totally re-define ourselves in relationship to our environment. A healthy humanity is one which is part of the Whole. The ego isn't the master, but a servant, not harming, but protecting the Whole.

Unless the ego has found its place in the Context of the Whole (once again), there will be no way out of our collective self-created ordeal. It is the reason why the "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine" is the center of my "efforts".

Only Absolute Nothingness can curb, destroy and transform the ego. It is because "She" doesn't offer any possibility whatsoever for the ego to cling to. It is the final Triumph of the Mother, the latter truly being the Beginning of a New Era.

Cooperate with the Mother - give up your ego - and through Her you will be reborn. Refusing to do so, you (your ego) will be destroyed. Creation and Destruction thus working in favor or against you. It all depends on you!

The irony: the "object" of your (your ego's) greatest fear - Nothingness - appears to be your ultimate "redeemer".

The function of the Shrine is to invite you to come and "give back" your ego to the Bottomless Depth of the Cosmic Womb. "In return" She grants you the birth of your True Self. With your True Self you become part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community"*, once again.

* I have called the latter "Existential Consciousness"

Eventually, being part of the Whole raises deep joy and gratitude. You have found your True Home. They are the incentives for your subsequent compassion for the earth and her inhabitants, leading to your commitment to "Healing the Planet".

(May the Mother prevail!)

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Green Man ist Back
His WorldWide Mission

Please come to the "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine",
and I will teach you the Way

We are part of the earth
The earth is part of the universe
The universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother



Of my Travelling Hermitage

It means that I am settling down for a limited period of time in a certain area, town, city, country..

During my stay you may join my daily (contemplative) schedule, including the possiblity of personal guidance

Europa, Israel, Australien, NeuSeeland, Taiwan, S.Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Chile.....

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"Klösterliche" Tagesordnung Öko-spirituelle Erfahrung

Kosmische Mutter
Mutter Heilung
Himmel & Erde Übungen
("Die Natur Heiligen")
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2013/14 World Tour




Grüner Mann behauptet er hat die Lösung für die Weltkrise

Kosmische Mutter
Sie heilt uns, sie heilt die Gesellschaft,
sie heilt die Erde

In dieser überaus kritischen Zeit
Sind wir noch zu retten?
Die Offenbarung der Kosmischen Mutter
Was/Wer ist sie?
Wie heilt sie die Welt?

Ihre Hoffnungsträger:
Grüne Männer & Weise Frauen
Fragen & Antworten

2013/14 World Tour

Einführung in die Öko-Spiritualität, Treffen,
Vorträge, Teachings



2013/14 World Tour

Das Orakel ist eine Antwort auf unserer kritischen Zeit mit seiner Angst,
Verunsicherungen, Verwirrung, Verzweiflung.....Hoffnung, Einsicht,
Unterstützung und Kraft schenkend



Alle die an Schmerzen leiden sind eingeladen

Spirituell, emotional, körperlich

Zuflucht nehmen durch Muttergebet, Körperbewußtsein, Kosmisches Atmen, Mantra

Kostenlose Sessions

2013/14 World Tour



Zu meiner Einsiedelei

Hast Du eine Sehnsucht nach spirituellem Leben?
Betrachtest Du heilen als eine Berufung?
Möchtest Du das Ganze dienen?
Bist Du bereit das Ego aufzugeben?
Akzeptierst Du eine tägliche "klösterliche" Tagesordnung?
Möchtest Du in einer Gemeinschaft leben?
Wenn ja, könnte Dein Leben nicht erfüllender sein

In diesem Fall bist Du sehr willkommen
Beratung, Teaching, Begleitung
Nur nach Vereinbarung

Einsiedelei "Madre de Dios" bei Utrecht, Niederlande
Verschiedene Orte weltweit






I am addressing myself to all hopefuls
of this world
Those who are longing for A New Heaven
& A New Earth
Who are fed up with ego and its destructive effect on the world
Solidarizing themselves with the poor and the deprived
The unemployed, the sick and the suffering
People that are desperately longing for a new perspective
Transforming Self and Society

I therefore want to call on those who are longing for Renewal
Those who want to live in harmony with nature
Who want to live a life of enough
All people with holistic, life-affirming values

In short...YOU!




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