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Chapter 6
(“Sermon of the Valley ”)



The beginning
Natural medical doctor

The Great Experiences/Ten years of uniterrupted Bliss
A Dream
Vision of the Grail
Explanation/The Trinity
My Inner Woman
To make love and be free…Tantra
The Master
The Ultimate Sutra
Amsterdam, August 1980
Silent Power
Nothing Is/The Cycle

Personal integration: twenty years of trial and error
Jealous Monologues
The Inner Adversary

Kennemerduinen 1990
Japan and Hong Kong
Tribulations/Escape from
the hell of the future
Final tribulations

(“Sermon of the Valley”)
The Descent
The Depth
The Return

Teresa of Avila
A Miracle/PilgrimCare

Looking back
Divine Wrath

Sovereign Living
The 7 Steps


Great Mother Hymn

Being Available
The Green Grass





The Descent

1. Is your desire awakened prepare yourself well. Map the area and choose your route. Start at the beginning and skip nothing. Don’t try to immediately reach Satori. Go slowly and take it step by step.

2. Feel your feet at every step in contact with the ground. Practice Feeling Awareness. By firmly being rooted in the earth, you reach to Heaven. The body apparently is the vehicle of Spirit.

3. You're two-way part of the Whole. With your Spirit within the Great Spirit and with your body rooted in the earth. You constantly re-tuning is what it boils down too.

4. Each step is meditation. Suddenly you realize it. You are witnessing your body, in connection with your surroundings. The unnameable and the universe are two parallel realities in One. Nature: ‘the body of God’.

5. If you are travelling this path together, remember that people can only see you from their own perspective. Living in images, performances, beliefs, conclusions and judgements, then you're an extension of that.

6. The suffering: loss of contact with reality, are being-cut-off from your deepest Self and your surroundings. It is not easy to admit: you are in fact just a rudderless ship in the ocean of Life.

7. Only through honest self-assessment, being open to your reality as it is, experiencing the pain of alienation – (at certain times) being thrown back onto yourself - is the desire for Wholeness awakened within you.

8. Attention is your gain. Everything which is contained in attention gets extra lustre. How tar are these wide flowers, how fresh is moss between the rocks, and the trees there, they are still so ever beautiful.

9. There are three types of inner peace. Firstly, that What Is was before you were, secondly the sort that arises by unconditional acceptance and thirdly one you create yourself. The first one is Super natural the second is natural and the third is artificial.

10. How easy it is to see that you are not your problems. If you close your eyes you see your problems in front of you. What a discovery: If I am here and my problems are there. Inner freedom is a piece of cake.

11. Having is the inability to Be. Out of fear for the inner emptiness you cling on to it, so much so that it is strengthened a thousand fold. ‘Having as a manner of existence’ is the biggest obstacle in entering the Kingdom.

12. Strive for Enlightenment, restructure your life and serve the other. The trinity of consciousness, personal growth and self rejection are the flipsides of the same coin. There isn’t one without the other.

13. Life is not a quest, it is not an object, and it’s bigger than you. What you are searching for is Eternal Omnipresent. You're in prayer there without knowing it. When the seeker becomes a finder, a whole new world will open before your eyes.

14. Evil: that which is separated living their own lives. However realise that you are part of the Whole, if you do so, your conduct will be accordance with This. 'Reflection' alone is too often an excuse. Doesn’t the desire for unification permeate your whole life?

15. The spiritual path: the restoration of unity with the Ultimate, the earth and the people-community and the clean-up - by love, acceptance or strive - everything that stands in the way.

16. Your ‘negativity’, are those aspects that were excluded at some point in time. By in retrospect still adopting them consciously, to live through them and thus integrating them, you work towards your wholeness. The energy that is released than benefits the whole.

17. Don’t let yourself be dragged along by all that goes on inside you - the well known technique of ‘tracking of thoughts’ - while remaining stationary. With your gaze, calmly and motionlessly ‘stare’ in front of you, The Moment even frees the deepest of thoughts.

18. When you become yourSelf, then there is simultaneously a connection with everything around you. YouSelf turns out to be the Essence of existence - the trees, grass, clouds and wind – all are that. Connectedness therefore is the main criterion for true Self-becoming.

19. If you do what is necessary, you're always on the right track. Don’t let yourSelf be distracted by yourself. The universe has spots open for you, only you can fill them. That’s how everything grows into a larger wholeness.

20. For unity attuneing is needed. Only when you’re on the same wavelength, does it click with one and other. It is not enough that he ‘has’ it, but you must also have it. In order to merge with It, the Divine requires you to become one with It.

21. I feel the contact with my buttocks on the chair, then the chair becomes an extension of my body. What a joy to welcome the seat as part of myself. Before it was simply an object, now I am caressing the chair, so dear it is to me.

22. The personality consists of concentric accumulated layers. The exterior is coarse, the inner subtle. Hence, why people usually resonate with your exterior, children and animals touch you middle layer, while flowers and plants strengthen your inner tranquillity.

23. The most special moments are those when all falls off of you. Nothing then reminds you of yourself, your concerns, problems and your work. This stands in pale contrast with your efforts to draw luck towards you.

24. Unity in diversity. In order to balance Two you a third that transcends this. Diversity without unity leads to decay and degeneration. Does unity exist, then diversity becomes your joyous expression of life.

25. Exploiting the suffering of others to your own benefit: two of those slime balls on TV - the "spiritual" type - the holy then thou mentality. No, rather then I prefer plain egoists at least they don‘t sugar coat anything.

26. Propagating harmony without being it shades the contradictions that would no longer be transcended. Instead of evolution stagnation occurs. While to the outside world a façade is being portrayed the inner turmoil piles up further.

27. You hear the echo still in your ears: "everyone has his or her own truth, right?" Split-faced people with their split truth, that’s how the fragmentation of our present day arises. The Mother probably feels very lonely, one great far and away surreal show. Not very surprising, that once in a while IT firmly grips someone and puts them in their place.

28. The true master does absolutely nothing. Whichever question, problem or issue you bring, he will always say: "good, excellent, fine, continue". He knows that things need space within which to work. That is why he is only to add: "Love yourself, unconditionally accept everything and be a little bit more aware."

The Depth

29. Enlightenment is impersonal; it's the natural state of Being of the universe. Those who place a claim on it, as if it being Something of himself, makes himself look infinitely ridiculous in the eyes of the Divine. The kinsmen of the Ultimate are not special, they are universal.

30. You cannot reach the emptiness; you can only drop into it. Fortunate are those who live on the soil of existence. The more you have ‘fallen’, the closer you are to Her Bottomlessness. And thus it is fulfilled the, "last will be first".

31. Suddenly and unexpectedly I dissolved in the Light, the Divine Substance, pillars of the universe. The triumph was immense. All what was, is and will be is coincided in the One. You're the All that transcends the universe.

32. In a fraction of a second you tune too the unnameable. Being caught in the Eternal is freedom of the temporary, lifting the restrictions on who you thought to be. What an immense gift. O, that I may always be your slave ...

33. In each rise the Light loses more substance. It loses ITSelf in the Nothingness. Ultimately, there is only Transparency. When IT has receded, then everything is again as it is. Nothing sacred and nothing extraordinary.

34. The direct Reality is the One, immediate Ubiquitous. It encompasses the entire existence, while IT is remains unmoved by the phenomena that arise within IT. Everything falls within IT, while simultaneously IT is outside of it.

35. In the State there is only Consciousness - the astral body of the Mother - which coincides with unspeakable love, beauty and joy. There is only That. You do not have to search for paradise you, it is in all eternity you True Nature.

36. Nothingness Is. The Bottomless Ground bares without Her interference in the deepest of Her abyss the Being which in the Ever present Moment returns too it. Being is relatively Absolute. The Divine exists, but is not the Last Reality.

37. In Essence You’re not of this world, the world is within You. It is within rather than outside. You embrace the world as a mother does her child. That is why everything - without distinction – is just as dear to You. You Are the No-thing, and You Are the Everything.

38. In essence we are the same. I know you better than you know yourSelf. Do you know yourSelf than you know me. Not many words are necessary if you came to the Truth. It does not matter what you think. Thinking is just thinking, just the surface, the transitory that passes.

39. Are you part of the Whole then you know you heritage. You're not here for yourself, but for everything and everyone. Your life is a mission, a vocation. Living in Truth and sharing that with others, that is the true life.

40. Time is a feature of a narrowed consciousness. Because your gaze is limited you are unable to see a wide panorama with a single glance. That should happen in chunks, so it takes a natural amount of time. An expanded consciousness however sees everything all at once, in a fraction of a second, timeless.

41. Only if you know how to die, will you be born again. In this life you’ve died countless of times already. Your past lives are all in the Here and Now. You're not this or that, but you are All in all Eternity.

42. Death simply happens. Why does everyone put such a pressure on it? Offering resistance is pointless. Once the process starts to unravel, you end up in timelessness all by itself. Of course you can still get the reckoning of your life in a last fleeting moment before death. But other than that it’s simply child’s play.

43. Everyone without exception Enlightens during his process of dying. Your walk during life doesn’t matter. Even Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were "in heaven". That is the reality of the saying ‘God is Love’. This is unconditional and omnipresent.

44. Not dying, but living must be learned. We are cut for the Life. The loss of contact with reality, and see here the existential suffering of human race. You have turned your back to Life and got into business for yourself. That seemed very adventurous for a time. Until you see Through it.

The Return

45. Everything you see now is as if for the first time. Each step is a step of amazement. O how new and fresh is the world. All graveness, all barriers are dropped off from you. The trees, bushes and grass, they come directly towards you. There is nothing between you and your surroundings.

46. You do not just out of yourself, go into IT. The Reality is a fluidic spaciousness, where you are absorbed into IT. Everything progresses perfectly natural and spontaneous. You are moved by joy: an invisible, extremely subtle frequency of Love, an overwhelming delight of which you are part of.

47. Now that you have been to the Valley, there is Knowing. The Unknowable has revealed ITself to you. You see things as they are. Nothing stands on its own; it is an entity or has its own identity. The world is one coherent whole, borne from the Nothingness.

48. In these desperate times, spirituality is supposed to strengthening the identity instead of dissolving it. Remaining upright in the major degradation is what it’s all about. Only after all attempts have failed, when you're exhausted and burned out, can you come too yourSelf.

49. The world consists of ignorant people, believers, mystics and the Enlightenment few. The first live in innocence, identified with what they are not, the second out of fear for existence cling to a saviour, the third group has appropriated the truth as being their own reality, while they are being in Non-Being.

50. Maliciousness, that's what we miss. Knowing what you stand for and standing for what you know. This is about Being or non-Being. Living life on the razor's edge, as if you can die at any time. The wealth has us lazy and complacent.

51. Life is not a process. You do not go from here to there. Neither is life a learning process, nor do you come back in a next life. "Cause and effect" is far too simple, and ... you're not your karma. You're not even the person who you think you are.

52. I embrace everything and everybody; everything is in me, even the people who ignore me. By doing so, they however cut themselves out. The gate is wide open and they don’t see it. They ask only familiar questions thus taking the familiar road, making them hopelessly lost.

53. Sometimes you are ‘called back’ too Her Reality. If you’re open to it, you realize that you’re being constantly pulled at. Her intervention in human existence puts your life upside down. I Am the living proof.

54. The crowning of Enlightenment is ordinary life. If the sun is shining, its fine, when it rains, it’s just as fine. The unconditional acceptance of life as it is, and not as you want it to be, is the royal road.

55. All those people who in the midst of all the abundance are fighting for their survival. Is the ultimate absurdity. No, than the Japanese holy man, who works from gratitude for what he constantly receives.

56. I miss the impulse "to bring out the Divine." The Nothingness it Self is non-active. It is the cat in me, ostensibly dozed off, but ever so alert to every little sound. The password is your question towards Reality.

57. Disapproving your "bad" properties, such as pleasing and your need for recognition, don’t judge yourself in such a manner. If you submit them to the Ultimate they will function in Its name. Since my rebirth I please only Her and I fight for her recognition.

58. Spirituality connects where religion divides. The first is the common existential context, the inclusive, the second identification with an exclusive doctrine, dogma or Saviour. Not surprising therefore, that religion always has been the source of strife and conflict.

59. The problem is not that Jesus is the Son of God, or that Mohammed is His Prophet. It is the exclusive claim that they are the "only" or respectively the "last". The Reality is a continuous revelation to many men and women through the ages.

60. I'm carefree. It does not matter to me how I feel every day. Whether I am in attention? I even allow myself to get lost in My thoughts. So then I am simply not here for a while. Well, and so what. I add nothing more to life. It is good as it is.

61. We the ‘Dutch’ are a mercantile people. Being Clever has been engrained in us since an early age. That’s why everyone always knows better. Being full of yourself, there is no room for the Truth anymore. While everyone talks about "the spiritual", our spiritual poverty has never been greater.

62. Fit for production: mainstream medicine takes away complicated symptoms, the ‘alternatives’ improve your energy level back to a natural level, psychotherapy enhances your stress tolerance and bring you back, "back into society." Healing what exactly?

63. The creative answers come from you added value, the Self, that which is on the other side of your conditioned brain. The entrance is the feeling awareness in connection with your body. That's why, your best insight always arise during ironing, the dishes or weeding the garden.

64. Had it already accrued to you? There are two ways of life: the insertion of the unknown into the known and vice versa, the surrendering of the familiar to the unknown. The first is the worldly man; the second is the spiritual man.

65. Love is a striptease for the Truth. Hello, you've constantly peel the coverings, so that you come to your bare Self. The divine Spark is in everyone, immanent and identical. You are me, I am you. Love is the celebration of the unity that is already there.

66. Growth, stability and degradation, see here the dynamic equilibrium of the universe. The logic is: the more you accumulate, the more devastating the demolition will be. In older times they called it the "punishment of God." Whatever name you give it, the expected catastrophe will still be there.

67. More of the same: You suffocate in your own accumulations. The sparkling new arises by going back to the source. The old warning of Semitic prophets is therefore highly topical: "Convert, because God's judgement is near".

68. Anyone can find refuge with the Great Mother. Because you're already part of Her. It is the common denominator - regardless your belief, philosophy or religion - which connects everything. I call it The Original Tradition. It is the unity in diversity.

69. Some teachers are caricatures of their teachings. They bring add absolute separation between Enlightenment and the world, and thus between themselves and their followers. These "masters" walk into their own trap: scornful and bored because of so much stupidity around them.

70. Or they argue that the world is an illusion. What an ignorance, misunderstanding, non-acceptance, fear of life and contact neuroses is behind it. Suffering is right now; we are cut off from everything.

71. It is time that we see where our real mission lies: to become rooted in the Self again, nature and the human community. No distant ideals, but the Here and Now close to home. Solidarity with our neighbours, the street, the district and the town we live. Securing a base for ourselves, that’s the issue.

72. We have always confused state and the community. By identifying is with the state, we had missed seeing, that our community was dismantled before our very eyes. Not the state-decree, but the development of the community, the living network of people is the first concern of a healthy society.

73. The mass and the genius form a dynamic balance. One cannot exist without the other. While the mass spreads, distributes and consumes, a few unique individuals are preparing - the new spiritual nobility - a higher stage in evolution.

74. Everything is given, there is nothing that is not given. Or did you create your own heart, eyes or kidneys? Is there anything in this world that you can claim as being of yourself? Nothing belongs to someone, everything belongs to the Whole. The truth is simple, but so difficult to recognize.

75. Feel yourself in touch with your surroundings. Then the trees, shrubs, flowers and grass all come within your space. There is no difference that remains between you and the trees. Everything is part of the One Mother Gods nature. Joy, joy, joy.

76. Being yourself in connectivity, that is the magic formula for the new culture. In order to serve you have to place yourSelf at the centre. If you're the best in you arise, you realize your responsibility.

77. There is only one "God" and there are many prophets. How to distinguish the latter? Commit yourself to him¹, who brings you to yourSelf, give clear insight, brings out the best in you, rejects nothing, points at what is needed for you, promises you nothing and doesn’t have the need to be a someone himself.



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