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Not all books/essays have been translated into English yet.

Help is urgently needed.

Overview of the entire website!

This is a very extensive website. The reason is that it is the start of an entirely New Tradition!

This Universal Teaching aims at "Healing the Planet", that's why all relevant information has been made available to all!

Suggestions to improve the structure of the website are welcome!


In these most critical of times

Cosmic Mother
Healing yourself, Healing each other, Healing the world

men and women who long for a new

(Eco-Spiritual, Cosmo-Political)



We are part of the Earth
The Earth is part of the Universe
The Universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother

Hey, stand up, we are going to save the planet!

The core problem:
Ego alienated from the Whole,
blowing itself up, eventually destroying the entire globe

Only New Men/Women can create A New World!

The Way Out:
To give up your ego in order to become reborn. With your True Self you become part of the Whole - Heaven, Earth and the (New) Community - once again.....

"Stirb und Werde!" (J.W.Goethe)

.....committing yourself to "Healing the Planet", consisting of Spiritual Service, Earth Service, Community Service and Health Service.

Once you dedicate yourself to the Whole, the Whole
will dedicate itself to you!

"Green Men" & "Wise Women" are the New Hopefuls, the Leaders who are taking the initiative in creating a New World

Unless there is a spiritual Renaissance, the world will 
know no peace! (Dag HammarskjŲld)

The Work consists of three steps.
Firstly, the Sermes is making his WorldWide Mission known through talks, teachings and healing.

(Key words: Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet/Travelling Eco-Temple/the Oracle)
See also: Link1, Link2, Link3

Secondly, guidance is given to those who decide to join a "Healing Community", new style "monasteries", based on three pillars: to surrender to the Ultimate, to re-integrate your life, while serving others
See also: Link1, Link2

Thirdly, priority is given to the three months' training of "Green Men & Wise Women". Curriculum: Spiritual Service, Earth Service, Community Service and Health Service
See also: Link1

Link Transformatorium


Based on the Universal (Integral) Way: Awakening, Personal Integration, Rooted in Heaven & Earth, Breakthrough of the Light, Surrender to the Ultimate (Cosmic Mother), Purification and Service

Study material e.g.:
Spiritual Service: Click "Interview"
"My Vision: Book of Renewal"
"The Original Tradition of the Universal Cosmic Mother"
"Mother for Mothers"
"European Green Men & Wise Women Pilgrim Network"
"The New Covenant"
"Great Mother Buddhism"
"Reborn Order"

Click & Search titels in: SourceBooks



Based on Eco-Spirituality, being rooted in Heaven & Earth, including promoting sacred groves, nature conservation, permaculture, organic agriculture, vegetarianism/veganism and sustainable energy.

Study material e.g.:
Earth Service: Click "Interview"
"Rooted in Heaven and Earth"
"Principles of Earth Service"
(formerly "Earth Care")
"To Restore the Wholeness of Life"
"Sacred Heritage"
"Sanctifying Nature"
"Earth Ceremony"

Click & Search titels in: SourceBooks



Based on "As above, so below" and the principle of subsidiarity. It is focussing on A New Society ("Community Democracy"), A New Economy ("Economy of Balance"), New Gender relationships and A New Education.

Study material e.g.:
Community Service: Click "Interview"

"My Vision: Book of Renewal"
"The Self-Sovereign Society"
"Sociocracy" (Kees Boeke)
"De Zijnsrevolutie"
"The Mosuo-Model"

Click & Search titels in: SourceBooks



Based on A New Health Care, consisting of three bottom-up echolons of Self-Help, Holistic and Technological Medicine. Emphasis is laid on the "Integral (Wo)Man, the unity of spirit, mind/"soul" and body in the context of cosmos and nature".

Study material e.g.
Health Service: Click "Interview"
based on natural, integral,
evolutionary medicine,
with special emphasis on the
"post-antibiotic era".
Furthermore, click
with their unique "Integral Guasha
Therapy East-West" 

Click & Search titels in: SourceBooks



Through our main training you become a spiritual guide, a Guasha healer, a community leader and an earth caretaker.

Study material e.g.
The International Training Center
"Healing Communities"

Click & Search titels in: SourceBooks



Your have a balanced character:
sincere, honest, responsible, unselfish, respectful, compassionate.

Addictions of all kinds:
ego, power, money, ideologies, drugs, smoking and alcohol are contra-indications

You should have had some trials in your life, where you have proved to possess these qualities.

Study material e.g.
The International Training Center
"Healing Communities"

Click & Search titels in: SourceBooks



There are two choices: to become a friend or a junior. The former does not aspire a career, but wishes to support our initiative in all kinds of ways.

The latter applies to the training, aiming at committing him or herself as a Green Man or Wise Women.

Apart from that, everybody who dedicates him/herself to the Cosmic Mother as the Origin of all are called "Originals"

Do you long for a life-long spiritual "career?" In that case you may be interested in becoming a "Reborn"

Contact us



And the Cosmic Mother said to the Sermes:
"The ego is the basic problem of (wo)mankind.
Tell the people to give it up in order to be renewed.
Their Divine Self
subsequently becoming part of the Whole:
"Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community",
once again.
Blessed are the Green Men & Wise Women:
Hopefuls to a New World!




Han Marie Stiekema

Universal Wisdom Teacher

Servant/Messenger ("Sermes")

Laughing Buddha

Green Man

Has made himself known to the world

His worldwide mission

Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet

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