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Down here you will find the incredible story about my
almost daily kundalini experiences, which happened to me in the early eighties.
They came to me entirely spontaneous, without any effort on my part.

1. It usually happened when in sitting meditation: a shiver of both cold and warmth, an erupting delight, trembles, vibrations and shaking emerged from the base of the spine and made their way upward. It is an orgiastic experience, the discharge of a current of energy which provides infinite delight. There is no telling whether it is hot or cold. It is both. The body is burned up and cleansed at the same time. One's awareness is at the border of blissful downfall. It is sooner accompanied by panting, groaning, calling out and orgiastic screaming.

2. As it rises upward along the spine there is a shaking and shivering and when it reaches the head, which may happen very quickly or even at the same moment, the corners of the mouth and eyes may at first turn completely upward and the latter then open up wide, as much on the left as on the right. The head then joins in waves of violent trembling and shaking, an ecstatic frenzy. Everything has now been turned upside down and nothing remains of the original posture. Once the "typhoon" has passed, complete awareness has usually been reinstated, an awareness which was never entirely gone, a straight back, a relaxed posture with the unfocussed gaze against the back of the eyelids followed by a profound sense of peace and relaxation.

3. When awareness and the straight posture once again completely coincide and one is above all conscious of the centre of the lowermost part of the spine, there often proves to be additional energy which then contracts in a circle on the crown of the head. In this state a contracted, forceful field of energy is sealed off from the rest of the roof of the skull. It is a centre of aware presence from which everything is viewed. All that was beneath it has now been released and has become completely transparent, open and free.

4. Basically, two things may now happen. The complete relaxation of one's body coupled with the intensely clear awareness of the centre of the lowermost part of the spine - the centre of the imaginary axis of the "hollow bamboo" - and the relaxed opening and widening of both eyes whereby the "hollow bamboo" diametrically widens - will once again spark off the fire reflex. The repeating of this a second, third or numerous times may result in such upward vehemence that there is an eruption extending to even above the head of exploding, lightning and totally dissolving ecstatic orgasms, moments in which one ceases to exist.

5. Or else the field of contracted energy and upper awareness may gradually dissolve without the generating of new upward-flowing energy. From clear awareness the ebbing-away yields an extremely subtle inner bliss. At a certain point the head then starts leaning forward and the mouth and eyes become smaller, contracted and slightly pursed. The head together with the shoulders slowly moves forward and the current of energy flows downward from the mouth, throat and chest to the abdomen. The forceful breathing out through the mouth is often accompanied by hissing sounds like those of a snake or "dragon". The hissing is an overall event of enjoying the force available which originates from the abdomen.

6. Once it is over, one is clearly aware of the course of breathing in the abdomen which is deep down, completely relaxed, free and minimal. This then is the end of the kundalini-cycle. In most instances I thankfully fall forward or find myself having spontaneously touched the ground with my forehead.

7. I then experience myself from another center of consciousness. In it there is space coupled with freedom, clarity, equanimity and directness. A state transcending happiness and unhappiness with nothing interfering. Neither thoughts nor feelings ripple the surface of the water. Nothing from either within or without can disturb the inner peace. Everything goes without saying. No need to add to this state, to interpret, comment on it nor judge it. Eventually it is a complete peace free of the urge to do anything. There were daily experiences which lasted at least one and a half years.


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