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The Law of the universe is reflecting the Ultimate Reality of the Vacuum or Womb. It may have originated in pre-historic India. There (re)birth, preservation and destruction were the attributes of Deva Matri, the Great Mother*, in a later period "handled over" to patriarchal Gods, like Vishnu, Brahman and Shiva. This idea may have migrated first to Sumer, then to Babylon and Egypt. The Law of the universe includes the ancient notion, that everything is born out of the Womb, is maintained by it, while finally returning to its Origin. The revolutionary thing is, that this is not only true for the visible world - the self-evident fact of the "cycle of birth and death" in nature - but that this is also applicable to the Divine. Not "God created out of nothingness, but Nothingness gave birth to God".

* To HMS' surprise the Law of the universe is complying with his Vision of the Grail with its "awakening, personal integration and selflessness".     

Translated to spiritual life there are three main ingredients: awakening, interconnectedness and destruction. Awakening is not only corresponding with birth, renewal and Enlightenment, but also with lust for life, sexuality and ecstasy. Interconnectedness is corresponding with relationship, love, community, mutuality and solidarity, while destruction corresponds to dying to the old, ego-death, selflessness and regeneration. To live in harmony with the Law of the universe is the aim of Mother Worship.  

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