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Mother Worship considers children's education as a major concern. Because both parents, schools and society fail to observe their responsibilities, Mother Worship has no choice but to be involved. Especially the spiritual, emotional and physical education is neglected. Children are increasingly exposed to the forces of the "market-economy", with large-scale deterioration and character distortion as a result. Education more and more seems to be a breeding place for superficiality, vulgarization, addiction and even self-destruction. To set up new schools is not within our possibilities. However, through offering consultation hours to the parents (a.o. also about nutrition, a healthy lifestyle), organizing "children workshops" and maybe a small scale youth organization, Mother Worship is hoping to somehow limit the damage. The Community Service of the Reborn Order has a major responsibility here.

The aim of Mother Worship is to create an environment, in which children feel at home. At a very young age children may be taught relaxation and body-awareness exercises. Autogenic training and yoga for instance have developed special children's programmes. Introduction of sensory awareness - the heaven & earth exercises*, feldenkrais, haptonomy, eutonie - would be an excellent idea. All kinds of massage techniques would be very helpful, also to be taught to parents. Once children are "back in their bodies" - grounded, centered - the next step is to develop contact games. They are taught to feel, touch, smell, push and fight with each other. NB. We could very much learn from wild animals. Look how f.e. monkeys, lions or hyenadog puppies "educate each other" though playing!

* See: The Heaven & earth exercises

In between self-help techniques are taught to manage small emotional problems.* The secrets of personal growth will be part of the teaching as well, like the characteristics of various stages (childhood, pubery, adolescence etc.) of life. The next curriculum could be the development of creativity through painting, writing, modelling, "fashion", technical tools etc. A class about the meaning of life should not be omitted. Last but not least the "stories of mankind" - the myths of the Great Mother (and Her Sons) - have to be told.

* See: Emotional self-integration

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* Playing yourself


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