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Seasonal Festivals

Part of our effort is to restore contact with nature is its celebration of the four Seasonal Festivals: Winter (21st e.g. 25st of December), Spring (21st of March), Summer (21st of June) and Autumn (21 of October). It is not only corresponding with ancient matriarchal practices, but also with North European and Roman ("pagan") religions. Later many of them became "christened", like "our" Christmas for instance.

Since Seasonal Festivals are often connected with local custums and folk beliefs - and thus vary according to place and time - Mother Worship is reluctant to prescribe any form of practice here. However, she could imagine, that at least certain things like chanting, music, dancing, a procession (carrying the Magna Mater with us!), a happening in nature, offering, a ritual, eating and drinking, hugging, including a feast for the children, will be a permanent item on the program.


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