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In ancient times, the moon was associated with a.o. the menstruation, the cycle of life (vegetation) and the tide. These natural phenomena were projected in the moon as a goddess, coming to us in three forms: the crescent moon or maiden, the full moon or mother, and the descent moon as the crone. The maiden is corresponding with birth and new life, the beauty and strength of youth. The mother has come to full ripening, her womb radiating fertility all around. The crone represents the cycle coming to a close, with death as the transition to a new life cycle. At those times, the moon cycle as a symbol of "death and rebirth", used to be a central "object of devotion". It survived in some religions like Buddhism. "Modern" religions like Wicca have restored the Full Moon Celebration as one of their main practises. Mother Worship as the direct representative of the Mother and the Law of the universe (the cycle of birth and death), has also installed it as her monthly celebration.

The Full Moon Celebration contains the following ingredients. First, there is the fasting and purification. Every month, three days before Full Moon, members of the Church (we talk about healthy people) are going to cleanse their bodies and minds. They may do it through a laxative (magnesium sulfate), a herbal tea or an enema.* These laxatives are taken for three subsequent days. The result is diarrhoea and that is what we were aiming at. In these days fruits are eaten in the morning, a small vegetable/rice dish at noon, while nothing is eaten in the evening. During these days people refrain from smoking, alcohol, coffee and tea (all black, green, rooibos varieties). Lots of fluids - water, herbal teas and juices - are taken.

* See: http://welcome.to/FreeWHC/ "Flow System Therapy" book, chapter "Elimination".

At the evening itself, members are coming together. Preferably in small groups, for instance as a home meeting. The program is exclusively depending on the group who celebrates it. It may be the same or different each month. The ingredients of the celebration might be chanting, dancing, a ritual, offering, praying, meditation and sharing. The next day normal food is resumed.*

* For those who would like to follow our two months' "Optimal Vitality Care", please open: www.greatmother.faithweb.com

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