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The Objects of Veneration of Mother Worship are representing the Cosmic Mother. The central symbol is the Cosmic Womb, consisting of the Womb (black) and all that is born out of Her: the Light (Divine: white and yellow) and the earth (universe: green). The other symbols represent the various branches of our Worship.

The second important object is the Ark of the Covenant. Just like the Ka'aba (see later) She is called the "House of God", the place where Jaweh is dwelling. The Ark symbolizes the primordial wisdom of "God born out of the Womb". The Tree of Life, the symbol taken by Israel from the Canaanites is universal. In our Tradition it represents the Mother and Her Sons (stem and branches).

The next object is the so-called Shrine Madonna or Vierge Ouvrante. She is most venerated in Mother Worship. Like the Black Virgins, she can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian Isis cult. Gnostic circles have kept her underground, until the Templars brought her back from the holy land. The absolutely unique fact about her is, that she contains both God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, indicating the original cosmogony, in which the Great Mother is the Ultimate Reality, giving birth to the Divine.

* See the special chapter about Her.

Mother Worship also considers Ka'aba, the Holy Shrine of Islam a special object. According to Islamic sources, Ka'aba originates from the era "before time", e.g. the time of the Mother. The Shrine contains a meteorite, a stone coming out of the dark universal Womb and hence considered holy. Mother Worship acknowledges the Ka'aba as the "House of God", respecting the principle of "There is only one God" and even that of "Mohammed being one of God's prophets".

The Holy Grail * is part of the universal vessel/stone mysticism, symbolizing the Mother in Her aspect of continuous regeneration, probably originating from India, where goddesses are revered in their aspects of menstruating Womb. Through very early contacts between India and the Middle East (pilgrims from India visiting the Artemis Sanctuary in Ephese), the Chalice became a vessel symbol, f.e. as part of the Ark of the Covenant. Finally, Templars brought it to W.Europe.

See: The Vision

The Taoist symbol for the original Mother ("Tao") is the Circle. It became the symbol for universal unity, frequently used in other religions as well (Zen). In the West it is represented by the snake, biting his own tale, symbolizing the primordial uroborus.

In Buddhism, the memory of the Great Mother can still be found in the symbol of the Lotus. The Buddha is not only sitting on the Lotus, but also emerging from it/born out of it. In Great Mother Buddhism, the symbol of the Universal Womb is a White Lotus in a Black Circle.

In Hinduism, the original representation for the primordial Great Mother (Matri Devi) is the triangle, symbolizing the Triple Mother, the unity of Kali, Laksmi and Sarasvati, the destruction, preservation and rebirth aspects of the Mother (later to become Shiva, Vishnu and Brahman). The triangle (yoni, vulva) also serves as the central cult symbol - the origin of the universe - as practised in Tantra.

The Womb, the Ark, the Tree of Life, the Shrine Madonna, the Black Virgins, the Ka'aba, the Holy Grail, the Circle, the Lotus and the Triangle are the "officially recognized" Cult Objects of Mother Worship.

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