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Light comes out of Darkness

In the cosmogonies of many religions "Light is coming out of Darkness". From Africa, ancient Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, even Genesis comes close to it, Hellenism, Gnosticism, the Indian Veda's, Taoism, even Buddhism ("Nirvana"), the Norsk mythology, ancient Mexico, modern Brazil and indigenous cultures around the world, they all in some way or another recognize this primordial lineage.* It was only later, that "Light and Darkness" were separated. In some cultures both became complementary and dynamic opposites (indigenous peoples, Taoism), somehow keeping their relationship with the original Context, while in others they were (are) excluding each other, which was the beginning of dualistic religious and philosophical systems. This development was most prominent in Vedanta, Zoroastricism, Gnosis, Manicheism and Christianity.

* See: Han Marie Stiekema "The Lap of the universe".

Support for this ancient wisdom comes from spiritual Realization and mystical Experience. Some rare reports speak of Darkness which precedes Light. The main (Christian) representatives of this ultimate wisdom are a.o. Dionysios the Areopag, Ruusbroec, St.John of the Cross and recently Han Marie Stiekema. The latter is stating, that after a sudden and unexpected Moment of Absolute Darkness he was dissolved in Infinite Light.*

In the Abyss of Her Emptiness Fullness -
Being, God - is born

* See: www.originaltrad.faithweb.com

Everyday's experience is supporting this. Isn't the universe dark after all? If you look at the sky, you see a black firmament, containing spots of light: stars, the moon and the sun. Darkness proves to be the context of the light. A universe continuously bathing in light would be incompatible with life. Every night we surrender to the darkness in a very natural way. It is astonishing, how natural this process is. You cannot be sure of waking up the next morning and yet you don't feel fear at these moments. Somehow there must be a very deep memory of trusting darkness! It may confirm our descendence from the Womb, not only phylogenetically (our mother's womb), but also ontogenetically (the primordial Womb of the universe). This has been confirmed by modern (vacuum) physics, in which it is stated that "Creation took place out of Nothingness".

The universe is not created. It is the result of
wu-wei, doing out of non-doing

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