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Great Mother Worship considers love, sex and eroticism as something entirely belonging to private life. The former therefore won't interfere and doesn't have any rule, morality let alone restrictions of any kind on it. This doesn't mean of course, that we wouldn't have ideas of our own about the subject. A few things. Deep within men fear the sexuality of women, partly because of the latter's superiority (multiple orgasms), partly because of the loss of ego - "small death" - men experience in sex and probably also because of their "bad memory" of ancient times. For him sex is associated with the fear of being (ritually) killed after his sex with the goddess. A deep hatred may have entered his soul, which could explain part of the violence against women (the other part is inferiority, yes, often - emotional - helplessness from the side of men). Furthermore, in order to secure the passing down of his possessions to his sons, the males had to control the sexuality of the females. It was intolerable, that women could have free contacts (like in matriarchy), with the possibility of having children without a formal or official father. Hence, patriarchy being almost synonymus with the suppression of female sexuality!

"making love"

We live in a time of "sexual liberation", that is what we always hear. However, the truth is that it has become exploited for commercial gains. Superficially one may say, that the "original freedom" of ancient times have returned, for "everything seems to be possible". In reality "love, sex and eroticism" are in a deplorable state. The link with our innermost core has been lost. Hence, it has become totally superficial, missing the depths of feeling, gentleness, true passion, subtlety, awareness and lust for life. In fact, it is the lack of both the spiritual dimension as well as a positive attitude towards the body, which makes life in general so shallow. Hence, the attempts to re-introduce practices like tantra. According to us, this is not enough though. Men and women have to rediscover their common Origin in order to restore a meaningful sex-life.  "Love is the celebration of unity, which is pre-existent". Their House should be the love and security of the Mother. Mother Worship - if asked - is very much prepared to offer some guidance in this regard.     

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