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In the course of time women have sought to liberate themselves from patriarchal oppression. They "wanted to be equal to men". The result of this is emancipation, the acquirement of the same status, appreciation, rights and opportunities in society. Spiritually, they have "become like men", adjusted to the image of the Father God. Women are part of the same Being, possess an ego like men, are able to make free choices and to use their creativity. Although this process is not yet completed - to say the least - a number of women seems to be increasingly frustrated. They discover, that the result of their liberation is an almost complete adjustment to the system of the oppressor. With other words: only their "animus" has emancipated, which in its turn is now suppressing their femininity. Especially the wealthy, intellectual and ambitious women have identified themselves with (the advantages of) patriarchy to such an extent, that they "have forgotten" their original objective: namely not to only emancipate one aspect, but their entire feminine nature.

The female animus has become the strongest supporter of patriarchy. Will the male
anima become the real dissident? 

The are two answers to women oppression. One is to become equal to man, while adjusting to his world, the other is to overthrow the oppressive system. The irony is, that emancipation has empowered patriarchy. Considering the destructiveness of patriarchy there is still a job to be done though. Mother Worship would like to set an example here. It wants to unite all those - men and women alike - who see that patriarchy didn't bring us the "promised land", that the real struggle is still ahead of us, such as to turn global deterioration, injustice, poverty and exploitation into a humane society. You could say it like this: The identification with the "Father God" was necessary, but incomplete. The last step should be "taking refuge in the Source of life", the Matrix, the Great Mother.

From ancient times the Mother and Her Son were the foundation of society. He was Her "executive". The success of Matricentrism will depend on whether women may initiate enough men into the mystery of life, thus creating the necessary
joint power to achieve the objectives 

In ancient times women identified themselves with the Mother. She was the "Queen of Heaven and earth" uniting all aspects of life. Her "Law of the universe" - the perpetual cycle of birth, growth, flowering, ripening, fertility, wilt, decay, death and rebirth was ruling the earth. It is exactly this "cycle of life" which has been suppressed during the last millennia. The next step in emancipation is to restore this life cycle. Women are representing life, hence should take the lead here, reclaiming their original nature. Men should do the same. As "sons of the Mother", their duty is to serve, protect, support and promote life. Rather than pursuing self-centered ambitions, men should "die to the old" in order to continuously being reborn. Women regenerate through their biological/psychological/spiritual nature - the natural cycle of death (menstruation) and rebirth - men through voluntary (ego) "death and rebirth". It is the fulfillment of masculinity: to sacrifice itself for the sake of all, to the benefit of the wholeness of life, saving "all sentient and non-sentient beings" as they say in Buddhism. Those - men and women - who feel a special mission in serving life, may become members of the Reborn Order.

The mission of the hero is unchanged; from the saving of vegetation in ancient times to
the saving of the earth today

In essence human beings are neither female nor male. Hence, femininity and masculinity are not identities, but bio-psychological-social functions. You may play with them. "Gender-studies" are therefore (purposely) putting their focus on irrelevant research areas (as to divert attention from the real thing). Your personal sex is not the issue - whether you are a feminine e.g. masculine man or woman - but the spiritual/cultural/social context in which you are putting yourself is. E.g. are you identifying yourself with patriarchy or with a integrated society? Women are the center of the community. They are weaving the web of relationships. Hence, in the new society women will take the lead ("matricentrism"). The first step is already visible, in a sense that an increasing number of women is raising its own children. Women should organize support groups of male friends, thus laying the foundation of innovative family structures. In the same way, women should present themselves as leaders of street communities, f.i. taking care of health and well-being. Mother Worship is bringing together men and woman - regardless their sexual preferences e.g. inclinations - who strive for a society based on feminine values and in which women will regain their legitimate rights.


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