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MatriTalks 54


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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Young Originals

Q. Obviously, the future of the culture is closely related to the future of our youth. My question: does the latter has a future in the first place?

A. That question is difficult to answer. What I do want to emphasize is, that every generation has the obligation to give the next a future. Because of our self-centeredness, we (this generation) failed to do so, which is unforgivable.

Q. Is it because we only think in terms of money?

A. Our youth has to dance to someone else's tune: ours. We don't ask ourselves what they (will) need, but exclusively, how the former can contribute to our materialistic way of life.

Q. Not without consequences, I assume?

A. The main task of every generation is to offer perspective to the next. Obviously, in the interest of the youth itself. They have to live in that future, after all. What is lacking, is exactly that: perspective. Hence, our youth being deeply frustrated.

Q. Do they feel their lives have been ruined?

A. Of course. If young people don't have a vision, a challenge or an impetus, that can mobilize their idealism, commitment and effort, then young people may easily fall back into indifference, addiction, selfishness, violence or sheer desperation. Fifty years of betrayal have been enough, though.

Q. What about efforts to train young people with the latest technologies. Isn't that future-oriented?

A. I have heard, that even basic schools have been penetrated by big business, brainwashing young children to such an extent, that they will become willing slaves, once they leave school. They will then be incorporated in organizations, whose aims - greed, competition and exploitation - were exactly the causes, why our youth feels alienated. I am not against technology. It is the aim, which decides, if a particular technology will be beneficial or not.

Q. The "what for" question.

A. Absolutely. If scientists now seriously consider the possibility, that our earth may soon enter a "sixth wave of global extinction", and we still remain indifferent about the future of our youth....what kind of human beings are we, actually?

Q. It is good to see, that at least some groups of concerned people are speaking out against an unbearable situation.

A. Obviously, it is of major concern to the Mother, as well. She would like to see a rebirth (which is part of Her Law of the Universe!) in this regard. As long as there remains a suppressive environment, our youth will not be motivated to commit itself in any way. Hence, offering them a new outlook, will be the only possibility. The Mother is offering them the perspective of A New World View, based on "feminine" values. Values that are worth implementing, developing, maintaining, extending and defending, like awakening, wholeness, inclusiveness, cooperation, friendship, commitment, solidarity and justice.

Q. Well, for many of them, this would be a big change indeed.

A. These values are crucial with regard to their survival. Hence, they serve their own interests, to start with. Moreover, they will have a strong appeal, since they correspond with what our youth has been missing.

Q. What would be your suggestion?

Q. It is the first time in history, that a youth has been so isolated, individualized and alienated. It is completely against its nature. Youth want to be together. In togetherness they find the enthusiasm, the inspiration and the strength, needed for shaping their own future. It is corresponding with the necessity of moving from the "me" to the "we", by the way a need being felt in all affluent societies nowadays. What would be thus more natural in this regard, if we would offer our young people the possibility of joining, serving a "new ideal?"

Q. Ideals can be dangerous.

A. Not having any is even more dangerous. This time the great luck is, that instead of patriarchal manipulation, using the youth for its own power, as it has been doing for centuries, the entire context has been turned upside down. Youth's commitment could be exactly the opposite: to defend life-affirmative values against the intrusion of the power of materialism and individualism. Serving the Mother means serving your own future. A possible name for the Youth Movement could be "Young Originals.*

* The Young Originals are part of The New Movement. See also MatriTalks 66.

Q. When are you going to have your first gathering?

A. (Smiling) As you know, like everything else in this website, I am doing suggestions only. Once people seriously pick up one, I certainly will do what I can, to support their initiative.

Q. What will be the program of the movement?

A. First of all, the foundation would be working on your own Wholeness. Hence, the Message of the Mother being the guideline, consisting of "Awaken!, re-structure your life and serve others". The program itself is flexible, depending on the creativity of the people involved. It may vary from body-awareness, meditation, martial arts, study and other spiritual practices to organic gardening, a self-care health program, wilderness experience, IT, intercultural learning and (new style) community work.

Q. There is quite a controversy nowadays - especially through confrontation with Islam - about separation of the sexes. What is your position in this regard?

A.  Because society is mixed, something I agree with, at least there should be one space in which girls and boys can be separate. It serves the necessity of young people to empower themselves. In all traditions: from matriarchy, indigenous peoples to patriarchy the entry into adulthood ("rites of passage"), is through identification with their own gender-role. I would characterize the role of girls building a power base though "subsistence" - preparing themselves for a leading position in the Community - while boys find their mission in serving.

Q.  Some feminists would not agree with you.

A.  It depends, if you identify yourself with the "old society", still being stuck in the existing controversies, or with A New World View. The "struggle against patriarchy", appears to be a passed station. While in the past, "boys could identify with the father", this isn't the case anymore. Their current dominant behavior is characterized by overcompensation for their inner weakness c.q. insecurity about their own identity. It is the behavior of the "mother's child". In order to prove, that they are "really a man", men desperately try to overpower everything e.g. keep their positions. Obviously, with disastrous consequences. 

Q. Thus, the youth movement serves the purpose of balancing society.

A. The paradox is, that in order for men to become re-integrated, they have to become strong. Only those with a mature "I" can surrender themselves to the benefit of the Whole. The same is true for girls. They have to create an entirely new power base. Hence, the emphasis for girls to become "goddesses" and boys to become "knights".*

* Of course, everything on the basis of taking it on voluntarily.

Q. Obviously, the attraction should be - as you said yourself - the perspective. What is the new movement aiming at?

A. Young people are interested in a new foundation of life. A foundation that is giving them hope for a meaningful future, in which they will create their environment, according to their own ideals. The Mother embodies this new perspective. She is giving young people the guidelines, necessary to building a new society.   

Trust the Mother.

She will not let you down.

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