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MatriTalks 66


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q.  You have talked a lot about becoming A New (Wo)Man. Some people might be interested in how that will work for them. Please, elaborate on the details.

A. Everybody, without exception "is a child of the Mother". Realizing this, you are already reborn. It means, that you made a step from the periphery toward the Center; from isolation toward Wholeness. I call all these our people "Originals".

Q. If the Mother loves everybody, why is it, that not everybody knows Her?

A. Deep within, everybody knows his or her descent from the Mother. This (intuitive) insight had been suppressed for many thousands of years, though. Hence, people lost contact with it.

Q. Is that the explanation for the fact, that some have found the Mother, while others have not?

A. This is a very old discussion in religious circles. How can you reconcile "God's love and justice" with the fact, that "He" apparently let Himself know to some, while hiding Himself from others?

Q. Also leading to a (false) sense of being God's chosen people.

A. Absolutely. The answer to this is both simple and possibly shocking: it is by chance. First of all, the Mother doesn't chose. If She would, She wouldn't be All-Embracing. She is simply There, being available to all. It depends on all kinds of secondary factors - comparable to the probability law of quantum physics - if you come to know Her or not.

Q. Like what?

A. For instance. Giving up your individualism is not always easy. Hence, a learning process often preceding a new step. When I got awakened, I thought, that I immediately would be able to "spreading the message". It took some 25 more years though, that I very reluctantly accepted the idea. So, you simply don't know "what is good for you" e.g. it depends "on the Mother's wisdom" to determine, when you are ready for a next step. Very often "suffering" proves to be a necessary pre-requisite. Only if your alienation becomes too painful, you start longing for Wholeness.

Q. Does that relate to the often incomprehensible saying of Teresa of Avila, while being in a period of intense suffering: "Please, Lord give me more of it?"

A. That's right. She simply had discovered, that Oneness with the Ultimate depends on the intensity of longing. (of which she thought, she had not enough....) This in turn often depending on the intensity of (conscious) suffering.

Q. Why is it, that while the Mother is Omni-Present, She remains invisible?

A. The Essence of the Mother is Absolute Emptiness. By emptying Herself more (which is incomprehensible), Her Light Body is born. The "result" is, that Emptiness and Fullness are two sides of the same coin. These two Realms are "subsequently" canceling each other out. The consequence is, that She cannot be seen, felt or touched. However......

Q. You mean the Moments, that She does reveal Herself?

A. Yes. What is meant above, is that She is invisible for the "common" mind. The secret behind this is, that deep within, we are Her Light Body. So, by "remembering", we may become united with this our Original Nature.

Q. What could possibly contribute to "speeding up" the process?

A. Accept the pain of your alienation, isolation, illusions, addictions, meaninglessness, confusion and frustration. The more you allow it to enter your innermost core, the stronger your longing for Wholeness.

Q. Dying to the old, while becoming reborn.

A. Exactly.

Q. It sounds so simple, but how does this work in practice?

A. From the first moment, that you relax, closing your eyes, while "stepping back" within, seeing that "you are here", while the inner sides of your eyelids "are there", only to discover, that sooner or later "your thoughts appear in front of you", realizing, that there is an inner distance between you (the observer) and your thoughts - thus you are not your thinking - then rebirth has already taken place.

Q. To very soon experiencing setbacks.

A. That's right. This condition is still very unstable. Hence, the necessity to further developing it.

Q. Please, continue.

A. Once you free yourself from your (unconscious) identifications, you may start to become sensitive to "the Mother's calling". That means, that the Cosmic Movement (from the periphery toward the Center) makes itself known to you. You begin to feel the subtlety of being "soaked in". To consciously go with the Cosmic Flow, is what it is all about.

Q. Doesn't this require guidance of somebody, who has preceded you on the Path?

A. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the stage you are in. Especially with regard to situations, in which you are close to the next transition, a guide is often indispensable. Practices like "initiation" or "rites of passage" could be of great help here.

Q. I recently heard about "Vision Quests". Would that be a possibility too?

A. Traditionally, "Vision Quests" are the way North American Indians are taking care of their initiates. They consist of a lonely retreat in the wilderness, fasting and praying, while performing ceremonies. The aim is twofold: confrontation with your inner demons (purification) on the one hand, and receiving a "Vision" on the other.*

* See a.o.

Q. Would you recommend this practice to others?

A. Very much so. To make it more suitable to our purposes, I have called it "Mother Quest" though. Through it, we express our longing for meeting the Mother. The technicalities are largely the same. The only difference is, that we focus more on invocation, inner prayer and meditation.         

Q. What is happening during your stay in the wilderness?

A. First of all, you prepare yourself thoroughly. After that, you actually go on your own, leaving everything behind. You subsequently will stay in a certain area, while fasting. There will be no conveniences, like a tent, just a sleeping bag will do. You will spend four days and nights in Mother Nature, alone. Being confronted with the forces from within and without.

Q. It is not difficult to imagine, that the impact of such an initiation will be quite considerable.

A. Your deepest longing is to "dying to the old", while becoming reborn, praying to the Mother, that Her Grace will be bestowed on you. Since She is the Source of all, She may very well hear your prayer.  

Q. After She has granted you Her gifts, what would be the following step?

A. Vision Quest people distinguish three steps. First of all, the "severance", which includes leaving everything behind; then the "threshold", meaning the actual transition and then the "incorporation", which symbolizes a new beginning. It very much corresponds to the Mother's Principle of "dying and becoming reborn", while subsequently fitting in into "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again.

She Loves You.

Heed Her call. 

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