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MatriTalks 67


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Several decades lie behind us, since Franz Fanon wrote his famous book. He looked at the Third World from a political perspective. What is your position in this regard?

A. At that time, the disorder seemed to be limited to one organ - humans - only. Today the disease has become systemic: the whole body is terminally ill, including the climate, the plants and the animals.

Q. The so-called "ecological crisis".

A.  By calling it that way - just like the "poverty, the refugee crisis" etc. - one tries to conceal the true cause. As said earlier, there is nothing wrong with nature. The disaster is inflicted on her by us, humans. It is only us, with whom there is something deeply wrong.

Q. Which, eventually is spiritual.

A. "To have or to be", that is the question; limitless enrichment or quality of life. The problem is, that with regard to the former, you don't talk to normal people. The latter would look at it from an objective point of view. Which is not possible with a group of compulsive, self-addicted and obsessed people.

Q. People, who turn a deaf ear to.....

A. Like "common" addicts, yes. They have no choice, but taking their daily "shots": money, comfort, luxuries, power and influence.

Q. In previous talks, you have emphasized the spiritual dimension of the problem. Would you now elaborate on the political part?

A. The core of the problem is, that some areas of life are split off from the body of society. Especially the trio of science, technology and capitalism have to be mentioned in this regard. These areas (STC-complex: prof. E.Vermeersch) are interwoven like a cancer growth. Science invents, technology applies and capitalism exploits.

Q. Dominating the entire society.

A. Absolutely. The wretched and the parasites of the earth are two sides of the same coin. The effects are disastrous: on the one hand accumulation, on the other exploitation and disintegration.

Q. Culminating in "the poor becoming poorer", "the CO2 levels rising catastrophically", "rainforests disappearing" and "biodiversity destroyed".

A. All presented, as if this were a "natural disaster". Even, if admitted, that we are the main actors in the drama, we call it the "unforeseen" effects of our "economic activities". Nobody talks about the fact, that it is not "the economy", but a very specific economic system, that is causing the misery.

Q. Global capitalism e.g. capitalist globalization.       

A.  My hope is, that the positive side of the crisis will result in a new economic system, one that is based on subsistence, integration with the environment, practicing eco-agriculture, supporting local communities, creating prosperity and promoting health.

Q. In the mean time, the destruction will go on for a while.

A. The idea, that this unbearable suffering would go on, just because a minority of the world population refuses to share its  wealth - a wealth, that doesn't even make them happy - is disgusting. In order to limit the damage, my suggestion for the moment would be: invest in women initiatives!

Q. What is your thinking behind?

A.  Women have proved to be more "constructive" than men. There is a saying, that runs "give a women a sewing machine, and within three months an entire association has emerged". Which reflects the truth. It has nothing to do with discrimination. Everywhere in the "Third World", it is the women, who are keeping the community going, taking care of education, health care, agriculture, social work and the local economy*.

Q. What would you like to say to them?

A.  I acknowledge and honor your unique abilities, indispensable to protecting the "substance of life" in its broadest sense. Hence, I very much would like to dedicate my work to you. Especially in the field of spirituality, community building and health care, I might be of great help. So, don't hesitate to contact me. Our not-for-profit contributions with regard to health care, a.o. consists of the following: the free distribution of the Flow System Workbook; the free training of local Basic Health Consultants; to support Women's Community Health Initiatives worldwide; to support local Organic Agriculture Projects; to support local Environmental and Nature Conservation groups.

* See our "Free World Health Care" in  Step 1-7, especially Step 2, 6 and 7.

Q. I think everybody will appreciate your efforts. Isn't it too "private" though, considering the success of worldwide globalization? Aren't multinationals rule the world with hardly any chance for local initiatives?

A. The situation is very gloomy indeed. The multinational corporations have managed to dominate and exploit the entire globe. Not hindered by any regulation profit, cheap labor and consumer markets are determining their behavior. Accumulation of profit and unlimited growth is the only thing that counts. They don't care about the consequences of their behavior: disintegration of a.o. local cultures, families, communities, religions, economies and eco-systems. However, the system may not be as strong as it looks like. For instance, the networks of computers are so vulnerable, that they may break down any time. The same is true for the "casino-economy", in which money making has become disconnected from any real productivity. Unemployment is rapidly rising. The US military apparatus is overstretched, the former being in decline since 1970. Hence, an increasing number of people starting new initiatives.

One of the best books on globalization: E.Goldsmith & J.Mander "The Case against the Global Economy", 2001 Earthscan.

Q. At last the unavoidable question. In what way is the Great Mother involved in this?

A. The Mother's concern first of all, applies to the weakest chains in Her Web of Life. Be sure, to Her it is of utmost priority. Our proposals for a Self-sovereign Community, in which the people themselves will regain control over religious, cultural and socio-economic activity in the broadest sense, as I have elaborated in other MatriTalks, are at the center of concern. Moreover, the hope is, that by making people aware of the sacredness of existence - being the Mother's Material Body - even people "at the top" will make up their minds. Once the Mother reaches the awareness of people, a new enthusiasm may evolve.

Q. Otherwise the destructive side of the Mother will do its work.

A. There is every reason to fear the Mother. Creation and destruction are in Her hands. It entirely depends on us, though, if or when Her fury will become provoked. I am sure, Her Compassion will still give us a last chance, though.

Open your heart. 

Do what you have to do.

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